Academy of Art University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Expensive, but you get what you pay for.


Located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, the Academy of Art University is the school where students are free to express themselves and persue the career of their dreams.


innovation leads to sucess.


A institute will lots of opportunites and advantages.


Academy of art university is a school that is providing me with skillsets I need to not only succeed, but be the absolute best in my field of Visual Development.


I have not actually attended my school yet but what I can tell you is that everyone I have spoken to has made it known that my success is their goal. The staff have been helpful, kind and encouraging. In the short time I have been in contact with them they have made me feel relaxed as I navigate going back to school after so many years away.


AAU is a professional school and is great for those who are serious about pursuing their art careers.


My school is a profit school that has a great ciriculumn.


Academy of Art Univeristy is a high tech school which focuses on the future


Academy of Art University is definitely an ideal school if you have a passion for art, and you are willing to achieve success in the art world.


The Academy of Art university is a very masterly apprenticeship, all while being helpful in assistanting students in the maximum level of skill in degree.


A school made up and ran by artist like myself.


You get the best of both worlds, disipline and creativity!


The Academy of Art University is an on-site/online school that provides libral/visual arts programs.


Academy of Arts University is very social. The teachers are really helpful and so are the stuedents. With living in a big city like San Francisco you seem to get lost but not when they have a nice organize traveling station where students can come from the dorm to college in a short amount of time.


The Academy of Art University is a well rounded art school that offers a high quality education within obtainable means.


The Academy of Art University is the best school to get an education that will last with you.


Challenging, ambitious, driven and a will to keep moving forward.


A place to pursue a dream.


If I had to describe my school in one sentence I would say my college is educational. It's a very free willed school. That inspirers and prepares you for greatness.


Academy of Art University is a very serious and focused college thats you improve in your artistic skills and as a person.


Expensive, hands-on and, competitive environment that cannot be take lightly.


Academy of Art University is an institution dedicated to serving artists, so, if you do not passionately love your art, you will not passionately love this school.


Very helpful and well rounded in the educational/arts department.


The Academy of Art is a fast paced school focussed on providing art students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the field that a student chooses.


I attend a very diverse university; the Academy of Art University allows me to interact with people from very different cultures and backgrounds. By attending this university I have learned many things, because I have been given the opportunity to get points of views from very different people. Since being at AAU I have become more open minded to issues that I believed only had one side - mine - and have been forced to gather more information about an issue before I create an opinion. Academy of Art University has found a way to make everyone feel that their opinion counts.


Expensive, but worth it if you focus on your goals, stay creative, and soak up all the information given to you.


Creativity is art and The Academy of Art University gives us all an imagination.


The best Art school in the United States of America giving their students the support and confidence that they need in order to have a great clledge experience and the class instructors and sensational!


AAU is really a really hard school, the professors are fun, smart, and working professionals. The class load for artist is what you can excpect in the real world. It is very hard for those who cant time manage. This makes art classes not just an easy A. Overall, Its worth it.


My school is a very large and diverse but when it comes down to the education of the students its very close and focused on the future of the students. Every teacher and counsler is helpful and wanting their students to succeed in the career they choose. Every semester there is a survey on your classes so that next semester the school can make the classes better for every student, present and future students of Academy of Art Uuniversity.


The best school I ever attended or could attend.


The Academy of Art is a great place for me to further my education in Animation because of its teachers, courses, and labs available for the students.


Academy of Art University is a creative and challenging environment that pushes students who are passionate about learning.


The Academy of Art University is a large and well known school throughout the industries.


I can go to school at any hour of any day.


It's time consuming and extremely expensive but I get a good education, learn things I need to know for my degree, and meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world.


The fashion department is awesome.


My school is Inspirational, and the students are passionate about what they do.


Academy of Art is overpriced, yet filthy rich of dreams and aspirations.


My school is a very creative, artist school focused on having their students succeed.


Open to all types artists, photographers, graphic designers, multi medians, fashion designers, and now athletes regardless of level of skill but who have a passion and drive for the "arts".


My schol provides a fantastic artistic experience.


Very career specific and field orreinted learning.


They grade at a professional level and offers workshops and tutoring for free if you need help; there goal is to push students to sucess.


Your typical liberal art school, except that the classes are intense, graded realisticly & harshly, and very focused on industry standards.


The Academy of Art is big, spread out in throughout San Francisco, and has a lot of people attending it


My school gives me the tools and resources I need to express my creativity and release my ambition.


if you have the money, and the drive, youll get alot out of it as long as you put in an enormous amount of EFFORT!!


The school is more interested in money than quality of education.