Academy of Art University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its art programs.


The Academy of Art University is best know for artists, actors, and desinger that went there.


Academy of Art University is known for visual arts, design arts, and computer design. I've yet to attend the Academy, my 1sy semester will be in the fall of 2013 hopefully so I do not know much yet.


School is best known for fashion and digital arts.


My school is know as being one of the best art schools in the country.


My school is best known for making sure you are able to pay for your classes, that you have register , and that you are set up to receive help from your coach, help desk, student services, they call and check on you from time to time to see if everything is ok.


This school is known for it's connections in the industry. We have many guest speakers that come and help students get a feel for their careers in the field. Most, if not all, of the teachers are currently working in the field so that students can learn from instructers that are current with the fast-changing industry. If they don't currently work in the industry, then they have extensive experience in the area. This school is also, known for it's urban life. Located in the big city of San Francisco, it is something that we appreciate.


Artistic focus


The Academy of Art is best known for the art program that is offerend to prospective students.


its an art school so within the art community people recognize us in different areas. fashion, film etc. so i really can't say.


They are one of the top ten art schools. They are nationally certified and they were created for artists by artists.


gaurentee housing for all students. and networking.


Flexibility! AAU is the largest private accredited art university in the country. The physical campus is in the heart of downtown San Francisco, but the majority of its students are online, including me. Because we have students in online classes literally from all over the world, the school is, by happy accident, fostering an artistic aesthetic that is truly a global, communal one, because of the rich cultural exchange between all of its students. My personal photography style has been directly influenced by the weekly image assignments submitted by classmates from the likes of Sweden, New Zealand and China.


my school is best known for fine art, especially in animation and visual art.


AAU's online program is taught by industry professionals who bring their knowledge into the virtual classroom, and use it to push the limits of the student work. Their feedback is also more in line with what a boss would tell you, rather than a teacher. Which, when you're certain of your field of study, helps to make the experience more true-to-life.


It is best known for its illustration department.


My school is best known for their faculty, facilities and offering international campus activities to further student's campus experience.


It is one of the best schools in the specialized art setting. The teachers are well known art people specializing in their field. They are expensive but well worth it they are very credible in the working field .


The school is best recognized for animation, fine art, and architechture programs. It has some of the best teachers that have been in the field. while i have not yet attended the school from my research of art schools the academy of art in san francisco was the one i choose because of its teachers.


One of the things the Academy of Art University is know for, is getting students prepared for there career. For example; Chris Milk. Chris is a graduate of my school, and he was named Director if the year in the Music Video Production Association Awards. The Academy of Art University is also known for there professional instructors who have experience in there major of teaching.


Career focused learning with industry skills and classical techniques.


Open admissions, easy to get into, but also easy to flunk out if you don't take your studies seriously. Encourages commitment, discourages procrastination. It's really industry oriented but still nourishes the individual artism in students. It is a very large school spread in downtown San Francisco. There's always a lot going on. What I like about it the most is that it really is what you make out of it, and the teachers might not spoonfeed you the knowledge, but they definitely help a lot. All the teachers have accomplished a lot in the industry.


My school is best known for our talent. We have some of the most talented students from around the world attending our school. We all are strictly focused on our career and nothing that i unnecessary for us. Most of us don't take math science or english classes because they don't add to our education of our art/ craft.


I feel that that the academey is best known for producing young professional artists that are ready to enter the commercial industry and thrive. The academy does this by hirinig an aray of industry professional to pass on their knowledge and experiances to the current student.


Academy of Art is well know for generating the best portfolios for students.


It has a wide range of good programs for the artist in all of us and is abel to show anyone how to become good at any art.


art programs


Our cheezy commercials and owning the most amount of property in San Francisco.


taking over down town san francisco and its fashion program.


Great Curriculum and Job Placement- School by artists for artists


taking your money


Its focus on the arts. Its fabulous location smack dab in the middle of San Francisco. It is a very reputable art school