Academy of Art University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how AAU has the best teachers to prepare you for any industry you are wanting to get in to. The teachers knows all the ins and outs of the indsutry becouse they actually work in it. When you graduate you will have a boost to actually optain a job in your major.


I mainly brag about industries like Dreamworks or Pixar coming to visit the campus.


I try not to brag.


I would tell them that I like that the school is made up of old victorian building in downtown San Francisco. Its eclectic and artistic even in the way it designed. You also get to work with professional throughout your schooling. And due to the contact with professionals in the industry, its possible to be hired right out of school. Other art schools are theory heavy without emphasis on entering the profession after your college career, but the Academy prepares students well. Even though its an art school, it has an amazing sports program.


Although Academy of Art has open enrollment, they have vigorous academics. They provide us with the best tools in the industry and treat you as if you are working in the industry. The annual Spring Show gives us the opportunity to get experience in exhibiting our work. The biggest names in all industries send representatives to interview and even hire students that show potential of become part of their team. Some students graduate with a job waiting for them after graduation.


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I brag most about the fact that the school as excellent intern and work programs.


I tell my friends that I go to a very big art school in a totally awesome city! I tell them that my teachers are working artists who know what they're talking about and can give advice based on real world experiences.


I brag about most with my friends that i am doing something to achieve my dream. I brag about how it is so cool in which all of my homework and project are just about drawing, which is somethingthat i like to do. I brag aboout how i don't have to take unnecessary class that doesn't revolve around my major. Overall i just brag on how cool my school is compared to every other school.


It's wonderful being able to sit through the class whenever I have time to do so - night or day. The education is a great one and I have recommended it to several people.


The school I'm attending in the fall is located in Paris, France. There really is no need to elaborate.


When talking to my friends about their colleges, mine always stands out for two simple reasons. First, being the location, in San Francisco. All the different buildings and dorms littered throughout Montgomery St. is a beautiful sight (and completely different then say, WSU or EWU back home). Secondly, the fact that I am attending the largest private art college in the country is always a high point because how many students do you hear chatting about how much they love their classes and what their learning? Learning in a creative field is being able to spend every learning your passion.


when i tell people about my school one thing that i brag about is that the teachers at our school are people who work in the industry. people who you read in books and magazines or see on tv.


Even though I haven't started school yet- I've had a chance to look at the curriculum at the school and I believe that it is absolutely drool-worthy. I also really appreciate that 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the staff that is working at the school also works in the field that they teach. I think that?s important because they?re out there doing the job and can give up great insight as artist and future professionals.


First off, accredidation. AAU has it, places like the Art Institues don't, (transferrable credits). Secondly, the entire program is geared towards the working artist, for example; the English classes have assignments that are specific to the arts. Third; they have a tremendous support system in place. If I'm having difficulties with a class, there is tutoring available, as well as solid interaction with the instructors. Fourth; the flexibilty of an all online learning experience is fantastic. Students are encouraged to interact with each other as if in a real classroom.


The thing I brag most about is "I'm going to a private art school in San Francisco". That is more than enough to brag about. Another thing I always bring up is they have a really great connection with Pixar and ILM; top notch places for all animators.


How amazing the profs are, the unbelievable work load, and that all the profs are working professionals with realy ad work, and print work.


When I tell my friends about my school, I tell them that I take online classes. The thing that I brag about most is the fact that I can pause a lecture right in the middle if I get inspired or if I just have to go to the bathroom. I think that is the coolest thing ever. I don't have to miss a moment, and I can re-watch lectures anytime. I think the best thing about the lectures is the fact that I?m learning from the top photographers in the business, now that rocks!


I say that it is the best school for my field of study.


I really love my school, it has wonderful people and instructors that truly amaze me. When I am in class I get so excited sometimes, like moments of clarity when I desire to start my career so badly. I gernerally just tell people how much I love it and how proud I am of myself that I am doing it all on my own.


The school teaches you to become the better artist. They bring out the artist in you. This school is very competitive, your work must be outstanding in order to be recognized. But it can also be stressful beacuse of the work load. The professors here expects a lot out of you. Overall, this is a good school for designers.


It is one of the best Art schools in the country!


Surrounded by very creative, intresting, and inspiring students


I mostly brag about the equiptment I get to use when making class projects and short student films. I also get to brag about how the majority of my classes are based around my major.


I am going back to college! Yea! I am excited about going back to school and have a burning desire to learn more about Interior Design/Architecture. I have a natural 6th sense about Interior Designing and Architecture and I wish to go "green" with my designs. My Design capabilities are limitless.


What I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school is that this prestigious school has been around for 80+ years and they will put me in touch with all the best corporations that will hire me for my art talent. They will train me better than your average university because art is what they do and they will build my capabilities to my highest quality.


I love it so much that it doesn't seem like work at all. My homework is stuff that I would spend my time doing even if it wasn't assigned to me.


I tell them about either the location (lets admit it, San Francisco is one of the funnest places in California), about my many new countless friends, or about how I'm in one of the top schools for my major.


That I have full flexibility with my schedule because I live in Southern California, studying online so I can stay at home and save money. It is also very challenging, and your work tells you more about what you study than just words. And because I love my oncampus classes so much, I actually enjoyed all my work w/o complaining (just the fact that I procrastinated for some of them). I really enjoy what I do.


I tell them there is bunch of diverse people, whichj makes you feel at home. You get your money's worth, and that I enjoy the school so much.


Very flexible. I work on my own time.


class projects


Teachers, assignments


I usually say i've got a lot of homework...


Being that I am from Miami, FL. most of my friends and I had dreamt about what California would be like, to go from coast to coast. Now that I live in San Francisco as well as in the heart of downtown San Francisco I don't pass up the chance to tell my friends where I live and that my school is all around me. The Academy of Art has campuses all over the city and I don't pass up the chace to mention some of the places where the campuses are located.


How much I am learning, how cool and fun the entire experience is and how far my skills have developed in just 2 years time, as well as how lucky I am to be pursuing a career path that is truly fulfilling to me.