Academy of Art University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Off campus housing can be very expensive.


The worst thing is probably the cost of tuition in addition to the standard cost of living in San Francisco. It is tough primarily if you are supporting yourself financially.


The school is incredibly expensive and having to pay for that every couple of months has put a huge strain on my father's finances and that in turn has put strain on me. My father has been especially hard on me to do especially well in my classes because of the large amount of money he has to pay to have me attend classes at the university. I have greatly enjoyed my classes, but my father's lack of faith in my ability to do well, stems from the amount of money he has to pay for my classes.


The price per unit at Academy of Art university is farely high.


I don't consider anything to be bad about my school but the price of tuition..


I think that the worst thing about the Academy of Art University is that there are not enough scholarship opportunities given by the school for its current and upcoming students. Many artistic and creative people would love to have the chance to attend this school but unfortunately, because of financial reasons, they are not able too.


The prices for tuition, supplies and cost of living is high for any low to middle income families. If students do not have a strong finiancial background or have not been informed about outside sources to help pay for college other than loans, they may end up accumulating high levels of students loans.


The only negative thing I have to say is that their online e-mail system can suffer from a glitch every now and then, which can be an issue when attempting to communicate with instructors.


Nothing! I love how responsive everyone is and how great my advisors have been. I couldn't ask for a better situation honestly and I love the online program.


too many non-serious students


Besides being really expensive, the shuttle bus system. The school is spread out in different parts of the city. Although there is an extensive shuttle system in place for students, there still aren't enough shuttle buses to accomodate the increasing number of students each semester. Oftentimes I have to wait for a second or third bus, and when I do get on, students are standing shoulder to shoulder. Because some required classes are in different buildings, it is important to improve the shuttle system for students.


The worst thing about my school is worrying about how to pay for it. It is not the most expensive school out there, but if you aren't willing to give it your all, don't waste the money. AAU will get you to where you want to go and beyond ( I have seen the proof), but you must work hard and really want it. If you are passionate and hard working, you can make it, as long as you can financially keep yourself there., and if you love what you do, you will find a way.


the worst would be money, some fees are so much and unnecessary.


This school is very expensive and will try to squeeze any money that they possibly can out of you.


The online classes arew not the bert choice, I had an extremely hard time, becuase I simply was on my own with everything. I recamend you stay on-campus.


It's a business. San Francisco is one of most expensive places to live, but the owners of the school are taking advantages. Room, board and tuition fees pile up and then they add on random expences that aren't nessary. They have a 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} enrollment rate, whcich allows for anyone interested in the shcool to attend, as long as they have the money. I'm all for giving everyone getting an opportunity but increased attendance (most students stay only a few semesters) cause crowed classes and uneducated teachers being brought in. They treat as like customers, not students.


THe worst thing about my school is how expensive it is. It's really hard to afford even one semester based on my budget. I think it's worth it, though. I've taken a few classes so far and they were really great.


I have not yet attended The Academy of Art University, I am enrolled for the summer session.


The only bad thing is the obvious language barrier. In time, however, I am sure I will adjust.


The Financial aspect of the school. It is really hard to get payment plans or arrangements. It's a private school, so it is also a business. They are very stern about how they run the school financially.


The only thing about my school that I would change is the prices for tuition. It is insane to pay over $2000 for one class; and that doesn't include supplies which can add another $500. It's worth it for my amazing education, but some of us are in the lower income range and there aren't many scholarships offered by the school; in fact there's just one.


The worst thing about AAU in my opinion is that because of the weak acceptance policy, there is no form of selection of students into the school. In my short time there I have noticed many students straight out of high school are there because of the fact that there was no portfolio or essay needed to be considered for acecptance and their parents could mierly pay their way into colloege. While I am fully supportive of the "Everyone deserves an opportunity to be creative" theory, I believe AAU could change their policy and strengthen their student body.


It is very expensive and I can't afford to go full time because my finanical aid don't cover it.


Honestly, the expense. I knew that art school was going to be more expensive than a traditional school, but I really wasn't quite ready for it to cost three times as much as a traditional school. Aside from this, however, I've no complaints!


I have not found anything yet, everyone has been extremely helpful.


I don't think there is anything wrong with my school because I love it. I only wish it was free because I could barely afforded it.


The only bad thing about the Academy of Art University is how big the campus is. Also the transportaion makes you get up earlier just to be on time for your classes and is always changing after you get used to the original schedule.


I'd say the worst thing about my school is the bus and shuttle schedule. The buses and shuttles are always too crowded, too few and often not timely.


The worst thing about the school is that there is only one school located in San Francisco, California so students from other states would have a longer distance to travel from home to go to school but the good thing about the location of the school is that San Francisco is a very artsy city so its a good environment for artists to be in.


So far the only drawback to the school that I see is that it is so spread out around the city of San Francisco. That said, the school provides a pretty great shuttle service between the various campus buildings comprised of a fleet of over forty busses.


Compared to the other schools I've been or heard about, Academy of Art is the best. My one and only complaint is that there seems to be no one person in particular a student can reach for help with any administrative problem.


It is a private for profit school. So, when the government increased the grant money available to college students, the Academy of Art increased their tuition rates.


The worst thing about school would have to be some of the students there. The faculty and teachers all seem to be very good at what they do, very professional and motivated to teach us about the subjects they love, but it's some students there that make the learning environment less alive, less enjoyable. I just wish that some people who go to classes, would get out of the mindset of a highschooler and transition into an adult.


I consider the tuition rates at my school the worst thing. Beacuse tuition is so high student's are unable to support themselves without worring about paying back high loans after graduating.


I have studied my school for the last year and I can't find anything wrong with the school. The admitting staff has been there for me any time I had a question, they have inspired me that I can do it. I have spent a whole year looking at online schools and this school has been the most attentive to my needs. I value that a whole lot because I went to a school before where I was just another number on there books. This school is private and does not advertise a whole lot. That makes a difference.


The worst thing about my school of choice is the fact that it is in downtown San Francisco and it is very expensive for me to be able to attend campus classes physically. Living expenses are very high and it is difficult to find funding to be able to just live while going to school to get the degree I have always wanted. It's unfortunate that it is so hard for someone to just be able to get the degree of their own choice instead of just a business degree to get by in their career.


There aren't many opportunities for students with other majors to meet and collaborate. There should be more classes offered where different majors can get together and create work.


The time you spend getting to know the school. There are soo many departments and people that you need to keep in contact with to have a full idea of whats going on at the school. Once you have your "hold" on a few good people in the school, you can get any of your questions answered, or get directed to the right person.




I don't. I like the area and the people.


I think that the worse thing about this school is the cost. Since I have started at the academy the cost has gone up fifty dollars a course at the beginning of every fall semester for thee past 3 years. They do not offer much financial help or any scholarships. This has become very frustrating.


school is growing too fast and too big, the education and equipment available can only take so much.


I suppose the worse thing about my school would be registration, mainly becuase they've been trying to change it the last 3 years I've been here. once that's over though I don't think anything about the school is worse than any other school out there.


Similar as above, it's very expensive and most students will have to take out loans through the school.


While the Academy of Art has its flaws and may not be perfect, the worst thing about this school is probably the president. Right now she is not running this school so well for so many things. One is not paying the faculty enough which can resort to them leaving for a better paying job or not caring for students, it happens. That is only one of many things that make our president not good and were paying good money to attend this school.


The amount of homework


I think the one thing I consider the worst about my school is how difficult it is to maintain studies for just one major. With other classes that are just as appealing for a possible minor, it's disappointing that time and money hinder that ability.


The worst thing about my school is just getting information at times. A case in point is when one of the leading teachers for my major left and just trying to find out when a new person would take over the department was daunting. Students were given different stories and we began to worry that the job would not be filled and that we were falling behind with the substitute teacher they had. Schools should always remember that the students are paying to be there and that they are very concerned about what's happening in their department.


Lack of social networking, drinking and drugs


I cannot just name one worst thing. There are many. But I will say this, the housing SUCKS. The cost is INSANE. The rules are a bit ridiculous. The campus SUCKS. Its not even a real campus, the city of San Francisco is the campus. Its too spread out...and WAY TOO BIG!!!