Academy of Art University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That you don't necessarily make friends unless your going out of your way to find people to talk to or play sports. There is no real campus life so most people stick to themselves or have exclusive friend groups made from playing sports.


That you don't necessarily make friends unless your going out of your way to find people to talk to or play sports. There is no real campus life so most people stick to themselves or have exclusive friend groups made from playing sports.


How expensive the city and tuition is, how expensive printing can become; I wish I knew some of my graphic tools a little more proficiently so I could work more expediently, networking is the most important tool you'll ever need to find opportunities.


if you think open admission equals not studying hard, dont come to this school because you might drop out during the semster.


I am in the process of applying, I would have liked to known how many hours per week would be part time student and how many hours would be considered full time. I would also like to know if I am able to choose a minor along side of my major.


The one thing I wish I had known before I came to this school was that I should have applied for scholarships and financial aid sooner. It is somewhat of an expensive school, but it is worth it once you are financially ready.


I wish I had known more about scholarships.


I'm not attending the shool yet, I am hoping to. It seems like a great school.


I wish I had known this school exsisted. It offers online education with video and the majors are BA. One of the schools I had thought about attending for Graphic Arts and Illustration offers only BS degrees. I am not a wiz at math so that had stopped me from my education. If I had known about this school I would of started here a long time ago. Perhaps it was not online as of yet. So I am grateful for the technology we have.


The school was very good at letting me know about everything before I got there. I highly reccommend taking their pre-colledge summer program. It really helped me decide what I wanted to do. It helped me see if art was really for me and most importantly, it opened my eyes to just how many careers you can persue through the majors they offered. I wish they told me they didn't accept credits from other colledges and universities after you started attending their though, or else I may have taken a few course at comunity college.


My major is Fashion Design, and i wish i learned to sew before i came here. I had a sewing class this past semester and it was a real challenge. I do like a challenge, i only wish i knew more technique, so i can be ahead of the game and be able to follow really easily. I will just have to keep practicing for next year.


I came to this school as a transfer student. I'm actually very glad that I did, because my previous school was film based and the Academy is digital based. I am really glad that I had the traditional base for my photography education before jumping right into the digital world.


How expensive it was.


I have not been there yet.


This School is well acredited and as a perspective student I am very pleased with what I have seen so far.


I wish I had known about the time wasted on the shuttle between classes at different sites.


I wish that I can learn more about art, and I want to be a great animator.


I wish I knew how the online teachers? prior employment motivated them to become teachers.


I wish I had known how much time and money were required.


I wish I had known how to be more sociable before I entered college. When you're in a new city, in a new school, in a new place to call home it gets lonely without friends to spend time with, to call up, to lean on. If I could I would have told myself to open up a little, and perhaps learn to shut my mouth before anything innapropriate fell out.


I wish I had known of other ways to pay for school besides taking out a lot of loans, but my education is worth it, and Academy of Art University is a great school.


First of all, I wish I knew how fast each semester would go before I knew that I would be graduating. I wish I knew how valuable everything the school had was, and that I should have taken advantage of it sooner. I also wish I had a better academic plan and knew more of what type of field I wanted to major in, and of how much research of my field I would need to do to fully understand more of what is going on in the field that I choose.


Truth be told, I didn't have any surprises coming to the Academy. They do a pretty great job making sure that every student knows everything they need to know before the day that classes start.


I wish I had known the financial burden this school would be. I barely managed to pay my tuition for the fall semester, hence my scholarship hunt!


I wish I had known that the things you do today can make your tomorrow much easier.


I have to known before i came to this university is that they have a bachellor of interior design because is my dream and i want to make come true.


Just more about the city itself. This school offers great options to futher yourself in the city (and out) weither you are in the dorms or not the school offers transportation from school building to school buildings so its not so easy to get lost in the city.


Nothing. I already knew everything.


The only thing I wish I would have known prior to enrolling at AAU is that there credits are non-transferable.


I wish I had known that I needed more experience to help me get a job faster after school. I wish I had also prepared myself more to live in a big city..


That I would not be able to complete my courses without going back to work because of financial aid or lack of.


I wished I had known how expensive housing was going to be and how financial aid really works.


The it is a very hard school where on must be focused in the area they have chosen to be eduacted in unlike most general education colleges the first year.


More about financial aid and the exact sources and how they work.


I wish I knew that tuition fee would slowly go up.


I wish I knew that there was not a campus and the university wasn't eactly normal compared to other schools.


How commercial art it is.


The the president of the school was a rude dictator that knew nothing about art or college students.


That it was probably the best art school in the nation for Graphic Design. If I had known that, I would have never gone to my other college for 3 years, waste all that money, then transfer.


more artistic mediums


I wish I knew that there wasn't student parking available! However, it is a rumor that, that is to change in the near future.


How much bullshit it really is.


That this school is set up to take many classes that students don't actually need, and it is rare for a student to graduate within four years.


that i can transfer credits to this college, GE credits


I wish I knew that the school was very disorganized and that credits can not be transferred to another school ever.


better breakdown of the academic schedule and the actual time it takes to graduate from here.


I wish I had known about the fact that once you get into this school you can't get credit from community college or any other college to add as your credit. I was hoping to take some classes in a community college to add some credits and save money but ones I found out that it doesn't work that way it just made me mad. Also I wish I knew how to pick my classes in the being, the school isn't very helpful to new comers.


art scholarships are not as available and offered as much as they are promoted.


Exactly how many years it would really take to graduate with a BFA.


That it would cost so much to go here. After paying for books, materials and tuition there's no money left! You're going to be pretty broke if you go here!