Alvernia University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I beleive the worst thing at my school is the housing department. They are not caring or understand of situations with students whose parents live far away. They are run very poorly, and are very unprofessional. I cannot make meetings with people who work in housing. Every person that works there is very young, maybe in their thirties or younger, and have absolutely no idea what they are doing. I will be writing a letter to the president of residence life after I move out next year. Hopefully, things will be changed for the new students coming in on campus.


I wouldn't know, because I'm not very involved and I only commute for to go to class or ask for help


I think the worst thing about my school is it's placement. Often times when hearing it is Reading people are turned away. However, it is not in center city Reading and is a very safe campus.


Residence Life! They choose favorites! If you apply for an RA position, unless you kiss their butts you won't get it! THE END!


The worst thing about Alvernia is the cost. I will be in debt for the rest of my life because of this decision I made. I know that teachers don't get paid much, but I am fine with that, I will just be working the rest of my life to pay off my college expirence. It is so costly that I feel as though I will never make it out of debt.


As of today I am very happy with Alvernia College. The gymnasium is very small for my liking but useful and I understand that they are remodeling and growing the gymnasium so I can not wait until its ready for use.


The shuttle service that they provide because it is not efficient. The shuttle does not rotate constantly therefore the students are waiting for at least ten to fifteen minutes.


Some classes are very challenging depending on the professor you get. The food isn't very good.




The worst thing about Alvernia is the overwhelming number of commuting students that can lead to little activities over the weekends.


The cafeteria. The variety of food leaves alot to be desired. The food is very bland. I understand they are cooking for many, but be creative.


Takes too long and elective classess takes my time.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the lack of parking around campus. It is really inconvenient because all students, whether a freshman or senior are permitted to have cars, but there are definitely not enough parking spaces on campus to accomodate all of the students.


This school needs to work on 1) PARKING! (although we are under construction right now) 2) 24 hour facilities including study areas and places to get food on campus 3) Either better food for the same price, or crappier food with a lowered price. the cafeteria food is not something to be excited about.


I would say the diversity needs a lot of work at Alvernia.


The professors are rarely available. The parking is horrible, there is never enough parking for all the students that attend.