Alvernia University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person should not attend Alvernia if they are not willing to get along with others and are not willing to try and make friends with the other students on campus.


People who want to do nothing but party shouldn't come to Alvernia. Alvernia is very focused on academics and extra curricular activities. As a university they are preparing you for your life after college and they don't want people to come here and just waste these four years.


People who are not serious about their education and only want to party.


A person that should not attend Alvernia is someone who does not like a small class room setting. So far, none of my classes have had more than thirty people enrolled in them. This aspect is great for students that want or need one on one attention from the professors. Some college students prefer to have a larger class room setting to do the work themselves or work in study groups. Alvernia allows students to decide how they prefer to work with or without the professor's help.


Anyone that likes small class sizes an giving back.


Someone that is unsure of their major should not go to Alvernia University because a community college would be much more practical. However, if they are considering a major such as nursing, physical therapy or pre-med, they will be able to succeed with hard work.


A slacker


Someone that is coming to only drink and party and not really pay attention the learning that is going on around them


The kind of person who wants to be able to skip class and get away with it.