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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would for one tell myself to get a job a whole lot sooner and to start saving money because college is not free! But more importantly I'd tell myself to have confidence in myself instead of doubting myself. I spent to much time thinking well I wasted too much time my gpa is too low now I won't ever get in to a college. I would just let myself know that I can accomplish anything i set my mind on but I have to be willing to work for it. I would tell myself dreams are possible but you have to work for them. Oh and I’d make sure I don't spend my graduation money on those delicious chipolte burritos!


I would tell myself that your cant controll everything that goes on in your life but you do have controll over is the out come of your life and where you will be in the next 5-10 years stay postive and focused despite all the adversity and to be comfortable with your self and who you are stop worrying about being tough and fitting in and that you have your whole life to find love so put your dreams first and love yourself in order for you to help any of your friends or family you have to help your self first so walk with forgivness and dont live in your past you dont want to let it hold you back


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self about going to college, I would first start by saying to just go. For a long time one of the biggest things keeping me from college was the thought that I had to know what I wanted to do. I would tell myself to at least work on a simple associate of arts in general education. This would have had the double effect of making me a more valuable employee for the jobs I held anyway as well as fast tracking any decisions I made at a later time. I would also tell myself to try more things and get involved. While I have done all this now, I would have had a greater breadth of experiences on which to draw on and make decisions.


There are so many things you could have done, you could have accomplished, and that you could have been able to do. The courage is there, the personality is there, and you as a person are perfectly capable. Don’t be so confused or scared of what’s to come because you can do it, you’ll push through and you'll be able to do it. Remember those two guys you turned down? You had the guts to date them. You will and always have had that confidence to take control. Never be afraid of yourself. Remember all those people you talked to or tried to talk to you, all those people you refused to talk to? You could’ve kept them. You could've had more people in your tiny social network. I wish you could have realized that. I wish you could have been stronger and more confident. Remember the impending doom of the word college and continued education? You can take control of that. You could be more strategic. Apply for scholarships, be productive, and plan on top of planning. Don’t be afraid to grow up just be ready. Prepare yourself. You are amazing.


I would tell myself to be fearless. Don't hold anything back and take risks. Maybe it's okay to take a fun elective or try something you have never done before. It's okay if you mess up, that's how you learn. Remember that you don't need to know all the answers now, it's okay to ask for help. You can't expect to know everything and it is okay to feel vulerable sometimes. Keep going, follow what you know is right, and don't ever be afraid.


To my highschool self, I know that you feel overwhelmed and stressed about graduating and about college. Take a deep breath and take one step at a time. Don't hold back anything. Continue with taking college classes and study hard. Even though it may be hard have faith in yourself that you can acheive anything. College is stressful, hard, and amazing. You meet new people and learn new things. College assignments and projects are a lot more harder than high school. As long as you give yourself time to study and to enjoy life you will succeed no matter how many people try to put you down. To my highschool self, enjoy your last year in highschool. Have fun and create many memories, you will look back at them in college and smile. Always remember even though your life as being in high school is coming to an end just think of college as a new adventure, a new learning expieriance, and a place where you can start anew. Good Luck and see you soon!


If I could go back in time and give my younger self some advice about what lie ahead, it would be this: don't be afraid. I was unbelievably terrified to travel all the way from Cape Coral, Florida to Los Angeles California. I was soon going to be living on my own, in a city that I only seen in the pictures, going to a school I had never laid eyes on before. The only thing that was certain was that I was going to a school to do what I love. I was litterally making myself sick worrying about going away from home, my family, and everything that was familiar to me. It turned out it was significantly easier to make the transition than I thought it would be. So for my younger self out there who so desperately wants to pursure her dreams but thinks the distance is standing in her way, don't ever let something like that keep your from your goals. Don't ever give up your dreams because your scared. Be brave and shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll land among the Hollywood stars.


i wish i could have taken my education more seriously. I was more worried about how people thought about me and worried the partying sence rather then my education. i f i could have put more effort and focuse on my education i beileve i could have recieved a lot more help and i could of recieved more scholarships. I have 2 younger siblings and i make sure that i tell them that there education is important and that they are needed to do well so that different schools can give them a free ride.


I would say that there's a lifetime to have fun and play around even though that seems like the best time to do it. I would emphasize that the perfect time to give your absolute best would be then, because that's the foundation of the future of my family and myself. Also to be persistent with study habits and grades, and no matter how hard it would seem to fight through, because at the end of the road you will find a great reward. Exceed teachers expectations of you and your expectations of learning. But most of all be happy and gratefull about having the opportunity of education by making the best of it.


College has allowed me to mature more than I ever have in my entire twenty years of existence (that may sound dramatic, but it's true). I had to grow up and make difficult decisions, provide for myself and manage my finances. Now granted, my father was a phone call away and I could still turn to him for advice (I think he would be offended if I didn't), but I was technically on my own. I had to move to an unfamiliar place filled with unfamiliar faces and try to make something of myself. It was terrifying and absolutely exhilarating. I wouldn't trade this learning experience for anything in the world.


I would tell myself to save money and not spend it on new clothes, or to instead spend it on the plays you would be reading there. I would tell myself to start working out and eating healthier so that you could be in better shape for dancxe class and not be huffing and puffing through it. I would tell myself to relax abot meeting new people and making friends, all of the people at the school are absolutly amazing and wonderful people and they will accept you for who you are. I wold tell myself nto to go through the housing service provided because it costs way too much and to get an apartment elsewhere that's cheaper. I would tell myself to call my family more often because they mimss you and dven though you will try and be independant and strong you miss them too, and that's not a sign of weakness, it's a sign that you are human. I would also tell myself to prepare for an emotional roller coaster, that will change the way you look at life.


The college you want to go to is the best dessition you will ever made. You will finaly find yourself, your purouse and you will be very happy and sucssesfull. You will learn great things and meat great people. Just don?t forget first day you will sit near to one blond guy with glasses, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE he is really boring and it will be the longest 2 hours of your life...SO NOW GO FOR IT :))