American Musical and Dramatic Academy Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates at AMDA are probably the best people so far that ive known going into this professional career of being a performer. I consider them to be very close and dear to me because i absolutely love being with a group of hardworking individuals who have bright dreams in their head. They all know what it means to be focused and to come into class and be ready for what is going to come at them, which i love even more about them, their preparation and dedication. Im going to be right by their side pushing forward with them.


My classmates are a group of people, all coming from different backgrounds, who come together to celebrate the opportunity that we've been given by this school and strive toward a common goal of artistic greatness.


My classmates are very talented individuals each and every one of them have the potiential to do very well in the area they are working to get a degree in.