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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that high school is no place to take lightly just because im in high school and its a bit more lenient than college. High school is the REAL prepping gate for college and you cant let a single moment pass you by in high school and you have no time to slack off. Every thing that high school throws at you is the most valuable learning lessons youll ever be taught because college kind of just goes straight through. Knowing that i would be going into a profession that requires a heavily active mind, it would be best to study up as much as you can now while your still a senior in high school so that when you get to AMDA itll be a softer landing than having to start from square 1 and climbing all the way back up. You will have known a bit about your field and youll be off at a great pace and you can keep up with the work. Finally and ultimatley, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, in the performing buisness and at AMDA it will KILL you if you fall behind because cathcing up wont be so easy over there.


I would advise myself to study hard and apply yourself more. Also dont get involved with boys, they are a distraction and a waste of time at this point in your life, and you will spare youself alot of heart break. Focus on yourself more and dont try and please people becasue it only takes away from who you are and what you have to offer, just be yourself. Take more risks, dont play it safe. You will be fine and will probably figure out sooner that you are tougher and stronger than you think you are. Believe in yourself! Love yourself! The people who bully you and make you feel bad about yourself, dont matter. You are beautiful person and if they cant see that then they arent worth your time or energy. Listen to your parents more they actually know what they are talking about. And contiune being a genuinly nice person because dont let what people say get you down. Stay positive. Keep singing and persuing what you love to do. Be fearless. Cherish your friendships. Focus on what you came to school for and put 100% in everything you do regardless if its boreing! Love Life!


One advice START EARLY. I wish I could of started the ACT at the beginning of my junior year instead of the end. I wish I took the SAT too. I wished I had 5 colleges picked out at the beginning of my junior year instead of waiting until my senior year of high school. I wished I was on top of things about colleges if I was, then I could of qualified for institutional scholarships if I knew what they were looking for in the beginning.


Lauren, your going to do great thing in life. You need to start thinking about college and scholarship money. Mom and Dad are going to struggle throughout your college career when it comes to money. Mom and dad dont make alot of money i know, a baker and a carpenter. I guess struggleing and living pay check to pay check is "rich" according to FASFA. Dont count on government money because they are just as broke as mom and dad. You need to help mom and dad anyway you can. Good luck Lauren :)


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would know exactly what to say. I would tell myself that the ones who doubt you should not determin how you live your life. All of the negative energy should be converted to a positive so you can focus on your goals. Making the transition can be scary but it is a part of grownig up. Things are going to seem as if the world flipped upside down. It is important to stay open minded to the situation and try new things. dont block out the experience. Take it in and learn from it. The world will continue to move on with or without you. You can either go with it and pave the road, or you can sit back and follow. You wont make history following society is easy. Make your life and fight for it. Though you may get cut or beaten on the way, but its worth knowing that you are making your own way.


You are going to school in the theater capital of the world. Your days will be spent working your voice, body, and mind to their hardest. Sometimes, you will wonder if going here is the right choice. It is. You have the talent, dedication, and passion to get through this program and excel farther than you ever could have dreamed of. You have the opportunity to do what you love every moment of every day. Take the opportunity and run with it! It is going to be a lot of hard work. Having AMDA and this brilliant faculty at you fingertips does not guarantee a Broadway career. You get out of the program what you put into it. Rehearsal and studying outside of the classroom is essential. Your teachers and classmates can see your dedication. Some days, you feel as though you hit a wall. Keep going. Push through everything because you are stronger than all of those obstacles. Finally, enjoy this amazing city that you live in. New York is an education in itself, and there is so much to explore. Soak it all in. Learn from the people and places here. The things you experience are invaluable.


Prepare for the ride of your life. Thus far, I've done so many things that I never even dreamed I could do. I've met hundreds of new people and I've made so many new friends. Just don't lose sight of your goals and ambitions. If you stray from the path, you never know exactly where you'll end up. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically. Don't sweat the small stuff and take care of the big stuff sooner rather than later. Be diligent with your work. Your teachers may not ask for it right away, but they can tell whether or not you've done the work. Be kind to people. You never know whose help you will need down the line. Budget wisely; food is a lot more expensive than we like to think. Absorb the culture of the city that you attend college in. You will learn so many life lessons just by looking around you. Take chances and defy the odds. You only live once and you're only a young adult for so long. Also, call your mom as often as you can. She misses you more than you know.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to apply for all the scholarships open to me. I would tell myself to take advantage of the oppurtunity because once you get into college, it only becomes so much harder to find funds for your education. I would also advise myself to souly concentrate on my studies. There are alot of distractions in college, and it's smart to just keep your eye on the prize (that degree and career you've always dreamed about.) Being ahead of the crowd and working hard only puts you in a better position to jump start your career. The best way to remember this is pretty simple, "what you put into it, is what you get out of it." Sure, you can have fun in college but there is absolutly nothing more important than getting the most out of your education. So take advantage of it and let the oppurtunities roll in. You'll be glad you did.


Learn to do everything yourself, no matter what. I had a great time at Community College, but I still wouldn't have done it again. I would have spent this previous year really harnessing my craft, which I did, but in a more professional work space. The college handed me good people, but each of them had other ventures he or she had to work on. My high school counselor did nothing to help me, and I trully can never forgive her, but I can thank her for teaching me a tough lesson: do it all yourself or else it will never get done. Have someone who I can depend on is great, but when it boils down to tough times, I can only be promised the work I put in. The stern look on my face would hopefully force the "past" me to learn quick and do what the future me says.


It takes alot of work to get thru High school and trying to transition between both worlds is double the amount of work. i would continue to push myself and do what I have to do make it thru that milestone in life.


Dear senior Sydney, Wow so much to tell you about what is to come in your future. Yes you will get into AMDA so do not stress about any other schools. Make sure you answer the phone when your financal advisor calls, Hayes is amazing and he is only there to help you. Do not wait until the week before to sign your loan paperwork because then you will end up in a room full of people you do not know. Make sure you buy only the things you need for school because I know I love to over spend. When going into the dorm room with un known roommates, be pleasent and optimistic, yes you will not like them at first but it will get better. Do not let anyone and I mean anyone walk all over you up there! Dance everytime as if no one is watching you. I promise you will find friends up there so do not worry! Some of them will come and go but at the end of the day, you will be able to tell who you need to kepp around. Good luck Syd you will do amazing!


As a young female persuing a career that holds no guarentees it is great to experience and find a school that helps me on my way to living my dreams while still allowing me to get a college degree! I want to be happy and content with my life, but stability is a huge and necessary factor! College is necessary no matter who you are or what you want to be, it never hurts to have something to fall back on! i have enjoyed my time and i have a lot more time to enjoy and take advantage of!


Please, for the love of everything, don't rush this decision. I know it seems thrilling beyond belief that you've been accepted to an acting school in New York, but take a step back to see the full picture. You already know that being an actor is not your final goal in life, and you don't want to be busy applying to colleges for a second time when you should be focused on classwork. It's exhausting. Your need for a broader, more rounded curriculum than is offered at a conservatory is greater than the excitement you are feeling now. Realize this now, and you will be saved from immense heartache later. It's miraculous the things you will learn about theater and performing. That said, you will learn even more about yourself.


As a highschool senior i was just ready to get out and move on i did not take the classes i should have and i did not apply to any colleges because of the fear i would not get accepted. If i had the ability to go back in time i would tell myself to take more challenging classes such as honor/AP classes and be a little more involved with school activities. I would tell myself to search for universities that would offer a degree program in the areas i am interested in or to search for performing arts schools that focus on my intrests. I would also tell myself to take my future seriously, there are so many opportunities for success but i need to be willing to work hard and chase after them.