Arizona Christian University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


ACU is a close-knit community, the class sizes are small allowing you to know your peers and help eachother. It is a positive environment geared towards your success. They don't just focus on grades and jobs, but your life quality as a whole.


A diverse pool of unique stories and backgrounds with the common desire to invent, discover, and challenge onself in the pursuit of fulfilling one's dreams.


The small campus encourages a close knit community of friends, and the faculty:student ratio allows personalized teaching in an involved environment.


It is a small school but it fits the people here just right. The professors are very engaging and are very helpful with each student. The campus is not too big and it is in great shape.


I'm eternally grateful for all the opportunties and experiences I'm learned while being at school.


Getting an education, and a purpose driven future.


The most positive environment you could have been placed in.