Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


people who party a lot.. it is very true. very very true.


Multiple cultures and ethnicities ae a big art of what makes ASU great. People from all over the world end up somehow at ASU it feels like.


The school is so diverse, that there are not specific or targeted stereotypes. Because everyone has a different personality, ethnicity and way of thinking.


Since I will be transferring there, I am currently unaware of any stereotypes there.


Everyone drinks


Since I go to school online, these stereotypes are different. There are all types of people who take the online courses at Arizona State University. So far, I've noticed that they are all very interested in the course work, and when it comes to peer review, they are honest and sincere in their responses.


I suppose that one of the main stereotypes of ASU is that the students are drunk, promiscuous frat boys and sorority girls. Like all stereotypes, there are exceptions. I would not say that the majority of ASU students are partygoers (at least from my experience), but it was ranked as one of the tpo party schools for a reaon.


The stereotype of ASU students is that they love to party. Everyone is either a sorority girl or a the typical Frat guy. Though ASU is a great school if you want to join a Frat or Sorority but ASU is also a very diverse campus and so much more than people think it is.


Party loving students. ASU is called Party School. But to be honest, neither it is a party school, nor the students do party all the time. It is a tier one research university in USA which includes a lot of intense research and development which are globally recognized


The most common stereotypes at ASU consist of Frat guys, Sorority girls, and Jocks. However, there are many students here that do not fall under those categories! Some stereotypes may be true, but there is much more to the ASU student population than frats and sororities.


There are stereotypes of a party school. This may be true for some but a lot like me would like to learn as well.


Common stereotypes of students at ASU is that all we want to do is party; that is totally inaccurate. People think that students just come here to go to parties and drink all the time, which is really not the case! I know many ASU undergrads who are completely focused on their studies, pulling all-nighters to get As on their exams, and cramming at the library all afternoon. ASU isn't as much of a party school as most people think it is... there are so many of us who just want good grades!


The common stereotype of ASU is that it is a party school. That isn't entirely true because the people I associate myself with are solely focused on getting good grades at school.


People say we are always partying but that isn't true. There are a ton of people who, obviously, do party and that is alright as long as it doesn't go overboard but it still happens because that is life. And then there are some who go to ASU to get an education and don't necessarily like to party hard but I think that everyone deserves to get distracted and have some free time once in a while.


It is safe to say that a general stereotype of Arizona State University is that the University is a "Party School." This is an inaccurate general stereotype that gives ASU a bad reputation. Of course, if you are looking for the party life, you will have plenty of opportunities to find that, however, if you aren't interested, in no way do you have to par-take in that life style. There are plenty of other amazing things about ASU that are sometimes looked past, which is unfortunate and no student looking into ASU should stop their interest due to this stereotype.


At ASU the students are considered to all be partiers, and drink a lot and are not very smart. Although there is plenty of partying here, that is not all ASU is about for all the students. There are plenty of intelligent students that go here.


Asu has a reputation of having a lot of frat kids. This is true, but there are a wide variety of different personalities all over campus. An advantage this school has is that there are so many students, so the people on campus are incredibly diverse.


Arizona State is definitely known as a "party school", however the second I got here I was pleasantly surprised with what I was encountering. Arizona State definitely has so much more to offer and slowly but surely I truly believe we are being recognized for all of the hard work our students and staff put into our education and their jobs as professionals. Though you will be able to find parties to attend by Arizona State students, you will more likely be able to find students who truly care about their education, enjoy working hard, and receive recognition where it is due.


A major stereotype about Arizona State University is that it's a "party school". I think any institution of higher education can be whatever a student is searching for regardless of its preceding reputation. We are a top school for engineering, design, business, and a myriad more. Your experience here is what you shape it to be. Greek life is definitely present on campus but you don't have to join a sorority or fraternity in order to "fit in" or "make friends". Just get involved, delve and seek out what interests you whether or not those interests correlate with your chosen major(s).


Students at Arizona State are stereotyped as party people. For awhile ASU was the number one party school in the nation. Honestly, it depends on the campus. The Phoenix campus students are very school focused and professional. The Tempe campus is a plethora of parties from Thursday - Sunday.


The sterotype of our school, from what I've heard, is that we're a party school. However I can assure you that is not the case, at least not at Barrett. As a friend of mine put it on facebook: "At any other college, it would be considered weird to turn down a alcohol-filled party for a Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate. At Barrett, it's normal." At Barrett, we're all very dedicated students. Howeve, that does not mean you won't find us goofing off in the lounge: we're dedicated to that as well.


The "Honor student",, sorority girls, the hermit, the jocks, the fan girls, the longboarders, the Frat boys, the partiers, the stoners.


The first thing most people think of when they hear ASU is "party school". Yes, there are parties here, as there are at every college. A common stereotype is that everyone that goes here is a partier. While some people are, I think only a minority of students live up to the expectations outsiders put on us- like partying every single night and never going to class. My classes are usually full everyday, and most of my friends occasionally will go to a party, but it is not a daily thing.


The first thing most people think of when they hear ASU is "party school". Yes, there are parties here, as there are at every college. A common stereotype is that everyone that goes here is a partier. While some people are, I think only a minority of students live up to the expectations outsiders put on us- like partying every single night and never going to class. My classes are usually full everyday, and most of my friends occasionally will go to a party, but it is not a daily thing.


Arizona State definitely has the reputation of being a party school. I think ASU is all about what you make of it. With 60,000 students, there are so many different scenes and opportunities to participate in.


There are a lot of stereotypes about Arizona State students. Of those, the "party animal" reputation is most prevalent. This rumor does hold some truth, but shouldn't define the school. ASU students definitely like to party, and it's easy to have a good time. That doesn't mean that there aren't people who don't take academics seriously. The university is extremely large, so you can basically hang out with any type of person you'd like to.


Arizona State University definitely has a reputation as a party school. While it's true that the students like to have fun with weekly pool parties, barbecues, trips to the Salt River, and Mill Avenue right next to the Tempe campus, the school has a lot more to offer academically. The business school and the design school have some of the top ranked programs in the country. Also, the variety of clubs on campus provides students with plenty of opportunities to get involved and enhance their resumes.


That they dont do any school work and all they do it party. No this is not true at all.


that students party all the time, it's partly accurate but there's a lot of students who don't party


ASU is notoriously known for being a party school. People stereotype ASU as being the school where everyone drinks and girls wear very little clothing. First, the clothing thing is pretty darn accurate considering it is over 100 degrees in the summer. As far as the drinking goes, that is going to be on every college campus. If that is what your in to, great, you will find it. If not, there are tons of people on campus who don't drink and choose to do other things instead.


Arizona State is believed to be home to the very "bro" stereotype and the plastic, sorority girl stereotype. There are definitely these types of students here, but it's not the whole story. This school is so big that you can find whatever you would want to get involved in. Barrett, the Honors College is wonderful, and the students who are in it are amazing. It also to find normal, non-"frat bro" or non-plastic students in other residential halls, but I really cannot speak for their experience. Quality of life fluctuates from student to student, even in the Honors college.


ASU is an incredibly large university - the largest in the world. Therefore, we have many different students that represent many different cultures, backgrounds, and ideas. Are there jocks? Sure. Are there frat rats? Sure. Are there dedicated intellectuals? Expressive artists? Music junkies? Yes, we have all of that. And that is the beauty of our school. At the end of the day, there is a social environment here for everyone. With four different campuses, a prestigious honors program and over 600 organizations, the possibilities are endless. The stereotype of students here at ASU? I think the reference by Alec Baldwin's character, Jack Donagy, on an episode of 30rock sums it up best. He says, "A parent is the one person who is supposed to make their kid think they can do anything. Says they’re beautiful, even when they’re ugly. Thinks they're smart even when they go to Arizona State." Although I laughed heartily when he said this, the stereotype is inaccurate. Unlike Harvard or Stanford, ASU accepts a large number of students. We strive for equal opportunity education, which is to say that not every student accepted was a high school valedictorian or top SAT scorer who attended private school. Indeed, a large number of ASU students do meet that criteria and those high achieving Merit Scholars are saving thousands of dollars. I might have been a naive high school senior, but saving money during my undergraduate education seemed like an intelligent decision to me…I have yet to decide otherwise. Choosing the right school and learning environment is important and different for each individual. However, if you are looking for a static or homogenous environment that could be easily stereotyped or defined, you simply won’t find it at ASU.


The stereotype of students at ASU is that all we do is party. Hearing this stereotype before I came here was scary for me, because I knew I was coming here for school. I do think the stereotype is accurate for some people here, but it's like that at every college. Socialization is a huge and exciting part of college and I completely encourage it. However, going out every night of the week is obviously not the best way to socialize. There are so many opportunities on campus like clubs and greek life to get involved and meet a ton of people!


The stereotype would be that we're party animals. This is totally inaccurate; of course, nearly every college university will have that. But I guess some feel that they have to live up to expectations and end up in a cycle of behavioral confirmation/self-fulfillment. College is simply what you make of it.


The kids at ASU are stereotyped as "partiers." Students that go out every weekend, forget about homework, and do the bare minimum. As ASU progresses as a top school at an international level, we prove this stereotype wrong. Student work hard, devote their time to their education, and earn their degree, leaving the fun for later. Most of the students I know are always hard at work, proving to be individuals who have high GPAs and support their school through excellence in academics and community bonding activities. We do tend to have fun once in a while, but what school doesn't? We make sure the work is done first. Prospective students should not underestimate ASU- we are a powerful group of students ready to take on the world and make changes for the better.


Giant party School, everyone is there to party. This is not the case, college it what you make of it regardless of the campus you are on. The ASU tempe campus offers many wonderful opportunities and has many great professors. I am by no means a party person and I believe i got the most I could out of my college experience.


The stereotype at Arizona State is party-hardy frat kids. I'll admit, I know a fair amount of people who spend half their week drunk and abusing alcohol. This stereotype is somewhat accurate, but mainly because of the enormous population of ASU. With over 30,000 students enrolled, the number of partying students is probably higher than the population of some smaller schools.


I would say that the main stereotype of students that go here is the party kid. There are a lot of students who come here from out of state to just party all of the time. However, there are a lot of very intelligent, nerd-type students here as well. I happen to be one and know that there are lots of us!


All of the kids in Greek life are a bunch of party people who never go to class and drink all the time. The jocks are guys who are too cool for most of the campus and never really come around the general student body too often. The geeks are all from China or other countries and don't really socialize with any of the other students on campus.


The most common stereotype of students at ASU are the frat kids and jocks. There are indeed many fraternities and sororities but most students are really laid back and friendly.


Arizona State University students are typically stereotyped as Partiers and Drinkers. As usual, these stereotypes are accurate for a few students, but not the entire population. Arizona State University is a very large university and has a group of people that fit every description. Regardless of your interests, you will meet other students that share them and there will be a group of people that you enjoy spending time with.


A major stereotype that people have about Arizona State University students is that we aren't as educationally adequate as students of other schools. It is said that we go to ASU because it is the only place that we could get accepted. This is completely inaccurate. We have one of the top business schools and great programs. I have met so many people from all kinds of majors with great aspirations who are dedicated to school and who work very hard. Any college you go to is going to have students who don't set high goals for themselves or care about school as much as others.


The stereotype of students at Arizona State varies from person to person. The party kid aspect is fading slightly but is still present. The great aspect of ASU and its HUGE campus is that is comes with a HUGE student body. ASU has every stereotype you could imagine but it breaks all of them as well. No matter where you think you fit in you will find it on campus.


There are many stereotypes and it all depends on which "clique" you hang out with. If you are surrounded with greeks, then that stereotype is that you party too much; however, many greek organizations focus on academics and community service. The overall stereotype of Arizona State University students are of "party animals". ASU is attached to this label of being a party school, therefore, all students love to party. I think otherwise and surround my people with the same goals as mine which is to graduate and help my community. Furthermore, this stereotype is not accurate and all stereotypes about jocks, frat kids, stoners, geeks, are false. There is more to people than that.


This is a reputation that seems to be the only thing anyone knows about Arizona State univerity, or at least the only thing they are talking about. It is true, like with any college, if all you want out of your education at ASU is a good party you can find it but there really is so much more to find here on this huge beautiful campus! Not only are there HUNDREDS of opportunities to get involved, but W.P. Carey is one of the top ranked business programs and ASU is actually a research 1 university with highly competitive graduate school opportunities! ASU really is the best of ALL worlds!


If you want to party, you will find a large amount of people who regularly do. But if you don't, there are also plenty of people who don't. It just depends on what sub college you are in and who you find to hang out with. I've been going there for almost 3 years now, and not once have I heard of crazy parties, or anyone being pushed into going to one, and I am an art major. Also, though we are a dry campus, that still hasn't stopped some people from bringing alcohol into their dorms. Just know if you do decide to do that, your CA's will catch you and suspension or even being asked to leave the University is a common punishment. Overall, ASU hasn't lived up to the high stakes party school stereotype I've constantly heard/read about before enrolling. But if that's you, you will find it. Just depends on how much you want to party, I suppose. The college demographic is hugely diverse, and each campus will have a larger concentration of certain groups of people, though I'd never say they're stereotypes. Because Tempe campus in the main and largest campus, you'll get the wider variety of people attending. The fraternities and sororities are all based down there. West (Glendale) campus is fairly small, but is still diverse enough for most people. Polytech (Mesa) is also small, but I've never been there, so can't say much about the students there. Downtown is the smallest, and is located right in Downtown Phoenix, so there is a definitely an urban vibe,


Most students here are thought of as stupid and good looking and to be honest the majority fit this stereotype.


EVERYONE thinks that ASU is a massive party school, and that all the girls are "sluts" and the guys are "fratty"; NOT true. The only reason ASU was given the title of the #2 party school in the nation is because it is such a large school. I know many people who DO party, but I know a lot more who do not. Many people here are committed to their passions and their schoolwork.


I think people think about ASU as a "Party School". In fact in most colleges there are many students who party, it just so happens we are a large college. This means there are more students so the ones people see partying automatically gives this large group of people that name. It is completely not true.


I don't agree with this stereo-type at all, and I know that some of the work of President Michael Crow is helping dispel this myth. I think that there is so many students on campus that to label the student body as any one stereo-type would be impossible. We are diverse, and we are large. I feel that you could find any group of kids you wanted to here, and that is why I love ASU.