Arizona State University-West Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Arizona State University is like a familly, No matter where you come from, You will always be treated like a long lost relative.


ASU West is a very helpful providing school which may give you a bright future.


ASU West is laid-back, more focused, less skanky.


ASU West can only be described as a campus that strives for their students to exceed in skills and knowledge that is needed to succeed.


West Campus is the perfect size campus that is packed with clubs, great study partners, teachers and support staff that will allow you to find and enhance your strengths to become who you were made to be!


This school is small and simple but somehow has just enough to provide for the students.


Arizona State University at the West Campus can be summed up in one word: inclusive. The great variety of students attending there have created a diverse atmosphere for cultural experience. All persons are welcome!


My school is academically and socially inviting, friendly, helpful, and motivates students to succeed in and out of school.


ASUW has the most friendliest proffesors and students that are willing to work together.


Food, but sometimes difficult, especially enrolling in classes, but it is fun and worth the hard work.


My school was the perfect size that allowed students to get to know all of their classmates as well as their professors but large enough to still get involved in extra curricular activities and clubs/organizations.


a great place to learn and connect to students as you prepare for your future


Active school with a variety of daily activities. Encourages students to get involved with the school and gives students a chance to interact together. Large enough campus to get to know many people and interact with those you feel confortable with as well as those you are starting to meet.


ASU is a melting pot of students filled with a wide range of activities to participate in , careers to choose from, and well educated professors to learn from.