Arizona State University-West Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My experience students are friendly I have not meet someone who is rude on purpose.


The students at the West Campus are very diverse and friendly, as long as you treat them the same way. Since the campus is on the smaller side, many faces will seem familiar, especially if you live in the dorms. All in all, it isn't difficult to make friends here as long you reach out a hand because most people are accepting of others.


My classmates have always been friendly, out going, fun and very helpful.


My classmates are very interested in what they're learning and always want to learn more. They want to understand what they're learning and work hard to help them understand the topics they struggle with.


Many of them are in their early twenties and are looking forward to finishing school and beginning their careers. They are intelligent, eager to learn and like most people, are looking to better their lives. There was one woman in my last class that has her Masters in education but has decided to receive a certificate in special education. I think she is quite driven and very admirable. I believe that most of my classmates, although younger than I, have much to offer their fellow classmates in terms of ideas and what it means to have an open mind.


Classmates in Arizona State Universiy are always willing to help


My classmates are dedicated and hard-working.


I tend to see many goal oriented individuals who all have aspirations of attending grad school in the near future.


Very active, helpful, understanding peers. When one person does not understand the person that really understands will expains the problem over and over until that person understands it. Peers are very friendly and welcoming. The professors are understanding and willing to accomidate with students needs.


Intelligent and diverse group of people who are looking to advance themselves in life throught education.


They are young, naive, racist, conservative Republicans, who hate me because I am a lesbian Asian.


My classmates are hardworking, determined individuals that are eager to succeed in their classes and their future.