Arizona State University-West Top Questions

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Arizona State University is a very diverse school. You will meet kids all around the world in your class. Most of friends aren't from Arizona like I am. I also enjoy my teachers at this campus, the classesare smaller than other colleges so we get that 1-on-1 with our professors. It's a great learning enviroment and everyones nice to everyone. All other schools i've considered have a teacher student ratio that's too big.


At Arizon State University they give you life skills from the moment you walk in. They train you to think and act as if youve already achieved what you could only imagine. Most colleges will give you the learning tools and all the knowledge, but no experience in your field. Here at Arizona State they give both the experience and the knowledge all in one. They want you to do great things now while youre still learning and not later.


I like the small, intimate feel of the campus.


ASU West is so much different from the other campuses I was considering, because of the environment it offers it's students. Very few campus have an average class size of 33. Also the resources the campus offers to the students allow for the greatest success rate among ASU's four campuses. The smaller campus population allows students more engagement between their professors and tutors. Besides school, ASU West offers plenty of after-school activities such as movie nights, games, festivals, and my favortie, Humans vs. Zombies! This campus truly was the best of any other school I considered.


It is a large campus without being too large. I really only considered this one school.


Location, location, location. ASU West is conviniently located through out the valley. The West campus is centrally located and allows a great number of students of all levels and professions to continue thier pursue of higher education. ASU west is large enough to provide an exellent univerity experience, yet small enough to receive individual attention from most porfessors.


It's a community of students that are dedicated to helping and guiding all students to do their best in their classes. The professors take their time to teach and aide the students to completely understand the material and teach students how to apply it. Everyone is there to help; no one is turned away. All students have access to a variety of clubs. Fellow students also make an effort to mentor others. They offer ample scholarship money to make it possible for yearning students to attend.


I enjoy the West Campus' size. It is relatively small which allows for a tighter group of friends. Also the size makes studying easier.


It is a small campus, and the average age of the students at this campus would be 26 years old.


ASU west is smaller than most other campuses. Thus, it has a tight knit community, allowing a better transition from high school to college. For those who enjoy smaller classes and a community feeling, come to west campus at ASU. To illustrate, a chemistry class at tempe has about 300 people while a chemistry class at west has only 100 people. You really get the feeling of an excellent, small liberal arts style college here.


Attending a university that has four campuses is amazing. It leaves room for so many options and a whole lot of diversity. I attend the west campus, which is one of the smaller campuses. I chose to go to that campus in order to keep my job. If ASU did not have four campuses, I would not have had that option.


Arizona State University is the second largest school in the nation, but ASU West Campus offers you a college experience similar to that of a small, local college.


There's a more intimate setting in classes than most auditorium filled classes on other campuses.


the uniqueness from the asu west campus from other schools, is that its so diverse and people are really friendly.