Arizona State University-West Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


ASU West is a little different from the big campus of Arizona State, the one that people hear crazy party stories and such. West campus is like a private school version, smaller classes, helpful staff, and small on-campus living population. I love to brag to my friends about how my classes usually dont exceed 20 people, and how the professors all know my name (as a good thing). Its relaxed here, but i am getting some of the best education i have ever had.


I like to brag that my school is very diverse and unique. We have so much spirit. Our football student section had to be enlarged so all the students attending games could fit and enjoy their schools game with their priors. It's just a very great experince that everyone should go through.


Our Football TEAM:) and our awsome programs that help us achieve our goals way faster.


Well i dont brag that much about my school, but i do like to make it know that my school is like living high school all over again, we the freshmens know each other since we live together in the dorms. Also, i like to say that our dorms are the best of the best and that i do make it know.


I brag about how much I learn and how challenging the classes are, that is if you take hard classes and take them seriously.


I can custom make the most awesome chicken sandwich at lunchtime. There's not too much bragging going on.


It's a really popular and a great environment school.


I brag about the great opportunities I have had volunteering as a research assistant for four different Doctoral Professors! This is an amazing opportunity that will look great on my Grad School Application! I have also learned a lot about my field of psychology and have even been to a conference as an undergrad! This is typically unheard of... While I was recruited based off of my grades and papers to join, by the professors themselves, I feel that not everyone gets this blessed opportunity! All of my friends at larger universities are jealous of my grad-student like opportunities!


I honestly do not brag about ASU West as I am not impressed or satisfied with this school.