Arizona State University-West Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe anyone can benefit from this school.


Arizona State University at the West Campus is not for students who are not eager to learn, and be a part of an exciting atmosphere. ASU West is also not for students who don't like awesome professors and friendly classmates; but who wouldn't want a school like that?


If you want to go to college to just party, do not attend this school. This is more if you take college life serious. This does not mean you need to be boring, but you have your mind set on what you want to do.


First of all I believe everyone should attend school to have a better chance in life, for example to get a job that pays well. However, the person who shouldn't attend are the ones who are just going because their parents are making them. In order to go to college you have to be willing to want to go because you won't get a teacher who tells you to come to class or to turn in your homework. You have to do that yourself.


Someone looking for an "authentic" college experience. This school is geared toward older adults returning to college after many years.


Why shouldn't someone attend?


A person that is not serious about school, and wants to party all the time should not attend this school. Also, a person who would prefer to be alone and lack interaction with other students.


A person looking to party. For that you need to go down to Main campus