Arizona State University-West Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known the classes that were really needed for my degree requirements as I completed classes that were unnecessary due to bad advice from my academic advisor. Fortunatley, I was able to figure out what classes I needed based on my intelligence, age, and life experience so I did not have to rely on the advisement office very often.


To start preparing for graduate school my junior year instead of my senior year.


I would have pushed to continue schooling right away, rather, than taking a break.


I would have liked to have known that there were many resources available to me. Many of the resources on campus were not initially brought to my attention. It took some discovering to see all that the campus had to offer. I feel that the resources that are offered should be disclosed up front making it easier for the student to take advantage of them.


ASU west sadly does not offer the full catalog of classes unlike tempe. There are many necessary classes that aren't offered at west campus, forcing most students to travel to tempe campus at their last two years, becoming a transit student. Fortunately, there is an easy bus service between campuses that is free and convient. It comes every half hour to pick up students.


Before i came to this school, i wish i would have known about that lackluster party atmosphere that surrounds the campus. Without having such a party-like aura, the school seems to be on the boring side of the 4 ASU campuses. Also, i wish i had known about the lack of majors the school has.


Before coming to ASU as an undergraduate freshman, I wish that I had been made aware of the amount of freedom you have as a college student and how much of your success is based on you and your level of resposibility. There is no one there to make sure that what you need to do gets done, this is something that you have to learn to do for yourself. It is nice to explore and make friends and have an active social life, but you need to keep in mind that school is the main reason you're there.


The down sizing that is occuring due to budget cuts. My depeartment has taken a great deal of hits from it, less and less classes are being offered to finish degrees on time.


I wish I knew how kind and helpful the teachers were so that I did not have to worry and stress about classes during the summer before I began my classes. I did not know how they were going t be or if they were going to be helpful, but they are actually very encouraging and helpful.