Asbury University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Asbury University?


Asbury College is a great school for persons who want to attend a faith based institution. Chapel is required 3 times per week and is very focused on Christ centered gatherings, ballgames and functions.


Every kind of person. There is something for everyone at Asbury!


someone focused on their schoolwork and spiritual life


Someone who is academically as well as spiritually motivated. It is also helpful to be willing to get involved in the campus community.


Asbury College stresses the importance of life in community. A person considering this school should be willing to embrace the people around them. The Christian faith is intrinsic to the campus culture. and students will be asked about faith issues during the application process. A person should also be self-motivated and willing to work hard. If you are looking for a city lifestyle, I would not chose Asbury College. If you like the small-town atmosphere, small class size, and a personal relationship with your professors, chose Asbury.


Christian background, or interested in a Christian education (Wiccans often are) who are willing to work hard to get what they want without being back handed.


A person who is committed to their education, a Christian who wants to grow and somone who want close personal interaction with other students, faculty and staff.


A student who is academically inclined, Christian, and of the type that wants to conform to the things around them and not be to controversial in any way!


Someone who wants to learn more about the Christian life and how to live it, someone who loves God and loves learning, and wants a great Christian Liberal Arts education.