Atlantic Cape Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at ACCC are hard-workers who just want to earn a degree. The students are unique and they range in age, the oldest is probably seventy-years old and the youngest has to be 16-years old at most. Everyone has an amazing mind and they can work together very well.


The students at this school are just awful. Take the campus library for example, every day a horde of students flood the computers and every day they leave piles of garbage behind. No matter how frequently the Library is cleaned, the students find themselves compelled to trash it. The general consensus of the students is, leaving trash, food, bottles, etc, anywhere on campus is acceptable. While there is a no food and drink rule, students love to smuggle these things into the library and hide them under keyboards or in various nooks and crannies.


Fun and easy to get among with.


My classmates are really Intelligent, kind, and helpful.


some quiet and shy but others outgoing and out of their way friendly