Ave Maria University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Ave Maria University gives all students the oppurtunity to encounter Christ through the academics, the extra-curricular activites, and through the sports' programs. The University shows the student body how to live joyfully and gratefully in the present and in their futures. The small size of the student body makes that lifestyle possible through the small classes and the personal relationships with the professors. Professors are more than teachers here, they are mentors in other areas of life besides the academics.

John Paul

I think the best thing about my school is the entire atmostphere. The students, professors, and university employees are very polite, welcoming people. Everyone smiles and asks how you're doing as you walk to and from class or the cafeteria. Being located in Florida is very nice, as well. The weather is always warm and inviting, and the sun is always shining. Finally, the classes and professors are amazing. The professors offer a wealth of knowledge, and the classes challenge the students to think deeply about what is being taught and to relate it to their own lives.


The friendly environment and the heartwarming staff and faculty.


It's small, everyone knows everyone and you don't get lost in the crowd.