Baker College of Muskegon Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Baker college of Muskegon is a career college. It is based on the degree/field you are going in and makes sure you get everything you need out of an education. All the classes are strictly for your major. There are no useless classes that they make you take. The teachers they have actually worked in the field that they teach so they help a lot. For example, I had an Architecture class and the teacher is an actual Architect that also teaches.


The best thing about my school is the diverse student body that we have. Not only do we have students like me just starting out, but we also have because of the no worker left behind act, an extremely diverse population of older students too. It is so nice to have new perspectives and views that I may not have seen otherwise.


Its a really small school because its affordable, and has different programs. You can tell the counselors care and want you to succeed. Get to know most of the people.


Its a great Technical College, some degrees not offered at other schools nearby.


The best thing about Baker College of Muskegon, are the small class sizes, and how knowledgeable the teachers are. Baker requires that they have experience in the field they are teaching. They bring real life scenarios, which make the lectures that much easier to understand.


I believe the best thing about baker is its focus on getting you prepared for you're career. Baker College finds out what employers are looking for in new employees and impliments those suggestions into class. The professors and teachers at Baker have and/or still are invloved in the work that they are teaching. I love being able to talk about their real-life experience with the career they have chosen and how I could learn from them.