Baker College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


So far, I have had a great experience. I would say the most frustruating thing about being enrolled in Baker College Online would be the fact that I can't buy books at the local campuses. Being able to buy at local campuses would allow me to buy used books instead of being forced to pay a lot more for new books.


The only frustration I have faced with Baker College would be at my time of registration for Summer Classes. There was some miscommunication with myself and the Registration Department. It was more on my part than theirs! This conflict caused more of a gap in classes than I had anticipated. Overall, I have had a very pleasant experience with Baker College and would recommend their programs to family and friends.


The most frustrating thing about my school, just like any other school, is probably money. Money is the hardest thing to deal with along with school work. I do have a job, but thats not enough to cover my loans and tuition. It is hard enough dealing with school and work put together, but it is even harder struggling with money. I am paying for my own tuition and books. I have no help from parents or friends. Im not in too much debt yet, but I still have many years to go.


There isn't anything frustrating about Baker College. The instructors and students are so helpful which makes it fun and motivating to give it all you have to pass with honors.


I really did not have any frustrations. Everything at Baker College seamed logical and timed properly. When assignments were given they had to be done. When classes were scheduled they were running smooth.