Ball State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who has a sense of direction in what they want to do with their life. As much as people say that "you can figure out what you want to do later" or "its okay you don't know what you want to do", I don't want to say they are wrong, but college will be more difficult if you do not know what you want to do.


You should attend this school if you like the feelinbg of small classes while still getting the big campus feel. Also if you enjoy more hands on learning and involved proffesors this is the school for you!


To attend Ball State University one must have a desire to succeed and to expand their own horizons. To achieve a student's maximum potential, one must be prepared to put in the extra work outside of the classroom and to put their studies before anything else.


I chose Ball State University because I wanted the bigger school experience without going to a huge school. Additionally, I wanted to go away to college without being too far away. While going on college visits I was told that I would be able to "see myself" at the right school. This is what I did and I feel like it helped me to make the correct decision for me. Ball State has been the right fit for me and many of the friends I have made while at school.


Anyone who wants to extend their horizons should attend this school. You can meet a variety of people and communicate with ones you possibly even figure you would.


To attend Ball State you need to be willing to work and accept a diversity of students. Classes are lecuture based and require attendence as well as work outside of class. There are oppertunities for any type of student from Qudich to Econ, everything is reperensented.


A prospective Ball State student should be a self-motivated person, one who will pursue success on his or her own and is self empowering. Ball State has a great deal of opportunity for challenge and experience in many fields, and anyone will excel as much he or she chooses. However, Ball State will not push their students to greatness. It provides opportunity, but puts the onus on the students to step up.


Any one could attend this school who wanted to and they would not have a problem feeling like they belong. Everyone is so caring and willing to help out new students. Going to a new school at first is always scary, but this school will feel like your home away from home in no time.


Ball State University is a great place looking for anyone who is serious about continuing their education, who is interested in getting involved in extracurricular events and activities, and who is looking for a rather small college where students are able to get to know their professors on a personal basis.


The kind of person that should attend Ball State University should be a person who is ready to grow and thrive, not only through academic standards but as a person. Ball State is for someone who seeks oppurtunity, also someone who is excited to begin a new chapter in their life.


Ball State University is a school for a variety of different people. The social student would defintiely fit in, with a variety of clubs to join and events to attend. The layed back student, is able to receive a degree in a low stress enviroment, well enjoying there time on campus. The student who is solely focused on their education would also fit in here, based on the amazing education resources that BSU has to offer.


There are different times of people that go here. All different varieties of people are welcome here. There's something for everybody to do. It doesn't matter what type of personality you have or anything. I advertise this school to my younger friends. Next year I already have 2 people planning on coming here. One is in the army. He's excited. The other is in band. Our band would be a good place for her to go! Anybody that you can think of is able to go to school at Ball State University. Simple and accepts anybody.


Someone who wants to do something in communications or with technology, who also would like a smaller campus in a medium sized city.


This schoool its perfect for any one who is looking for a normal college expreicence. The food and dorms are great.


Any person should attend Ball State. This college accomadates all students. All students meaning any race, any religion, any capability. There are programs here for all sorts of majors, even the most random ones.


The kind of person that should attend Ball State University is someone who is able to work hard and give their all. If you have a good mind set on what you want your future to look like, then you should do great. Ball State has a wide variety of people who attend the University. People of all races are able to attend. It does not matter what major a person has, they are still ablet to achieve that degree at Ball State.


There is not a certain kind of person that needs to attend Ball State. Ball State is a very diverse school that has all kinds of people. Our school has many different majors that can meet the needs of anyone. Our school is also very diverse in social aspects as well. Ball State has many different clubs and groups that can account from any time of need such as race, sexual orientation, or religion!


Ball State University would be a great school for those looking for a great mixture of the academic and social aspects of a campus life. The intermediate size the univeristy allows for the thriving atmosphere of a large, social campus, with the academic attention provided at much smaller universities.


Someone who wants to get a great education and who will put forth effort in reaching their goals.


I believe that many different types of students should attend this school, such as students with different ethnic backgrounds, those who are diligent and are hardworking, students that are involved in activities and have school spirit, and those who have faith in themselves as a student. I believe that the student should obtain many of these qualities in order to be perpared for this opportunity to be apart of Ball State University.


A person who enjoys having bigger class sizes, someone who wants to meet a lot of people and enjoys a smaller cozy campus.


I think that a person who goes to school should want to go and not because they are forced. I believe that the only way to succeed in school is to want your education and have the confindence in yourself to to good. The determination to work for success is the most important thing a person should have going to college.


any one really! this school has something for everyone


This school will benefit people who are interested in the field of education and business in particular. This institution has served me well over time and has provided me with the necessary skills to enter graduate work. I do not have regrets in terms of the path that I have chosen, as I have had continuous employment and have earned a decent salary.


I think that Ball State is a school open to a variety of people and that anyone can attend. I do think that to attend the university you have to be willing to work hard and excel in the classroom but there is also a lot of time for activities. I think someone who attends Ball State has to be open to diversity and willing to work hard because this is a school where everyone gets along and works together.


Someone who's looking to make a difference. Someone who doesn't want to be overwhelmed by size, and doesn't mind seeing the same people every once in a while. Someone who's career-driven, fun, and outgoing.


Anybody ready to focus, and take full advantage of their learning opportunities, would be perfect for Ball State. Ball State offers a variety of programs, groups, and help for all kinds of students with different backgrounds. I think the majority of people would fit in, and enjoy their years on campus. The teachers and students are accepting of all people, and are more than willing to help when asked.


A person who is very comfortable with themselves and anyone who wants to learn and get a good job. Anyone who is friendly and good at academics should attend this school. Ball state is very diverse and secure. Noone should feel left out for any particular reason. At this school we encourage freshmen, and upperclassmen to get involved and to stay involved with something on campus.


Ball State is a medium sized state school with lots of majors ranging from aquatics to zoology. It is also very accessible for all needs. Ball State is a school that is a good choice for anyone no matter, race, disabilities, background, or major.


A person who is ready to work harder than she has ever worked in life in order to achieve greatness should attend this school. Those that know what they want out of life or have an idea need to attend this school. This school makes you work for what you want.


A person who is looking for a decent size university with plenty of friendly people and who are also looking to make the best out of their college experience.


Ball State University is an extremely diverse and accepting institution, and for that reason I say all types of people should attend BSU. Although the university has a student body ppopulation of more than 20,000, the class sizes and departments are quite small and close knit, which accomidates students who like smaller schools, as well as those who would like to be a part of a larger univeristy. In addition to the amazingly diverse academic nature of BSU, the university also many extracurricular activities, ranging from athletics and greek life, to academic clubs and artisitc organizations.


Whoever attends this school should be dedicated to their work and willing to learn. It is not a elite school, but it is noted for being technologically advanced and accommodating to the needs of every student. This makes it easy to succeed as long as one is studious and open to new ideas.


The type of person that should attend this school would have to be a person who is outgoing and likes to interact with all different kinds of people but at the same time doesn't mind small nor large classes.


an outgoing, dedicated, and determined person should attend this college


A person who is academically minded who likes a good atmosphere and a nice, clean campus.


Any person who wants to accel in life goals.


Any type. Someone who is willing to reach out and find a place to fit in.


There isn't really any specific person that should attend Ball State. The school is very open to all different kinds of people!


Anyone should attend this school, there is no one kind of person that should attend.


Ball State is medium size school so someone who doesnt mind semi-large class sizes would enjoy BSU. Ball State has a very outgoing school spirit and a rural/small campus.


I think an average, middle-class, American kid who is looking for a great education in a middle-sized college environment


I think that a person that can balance their social life and their education will thrive at this school. There aren't any specific stereotypes that would do better than others, because campus is so diverse. There are many different opportunites both academic and non for students attending ball state.


Someone who knows what they want to do because the advisors will not help you to decide they only know what classes you can and cannot take.


anybody; those who like medium sized schools; balance between school & social life


Some who is social and dedicated to putting in effort towards his/her major, even in the end when you may feel like giving up because that is usually when it gets the hardest. Most every major has some type of internship that s/he will have to complete to be able to get his/her degree.


Someone who is movtivated and ready to work hard. College isn't easy, but the work put in at this university can be very rewarding in the end.


someone that wants a campus that is mid-sized. someone that wants to be sure there will be something to do one weekends. i would describe my time there as being very involved in school during the week and party on the weekends. always something to do!


A student that would like a quality education but also able to make new friends.


Students who can balance a healthy social life and school should attend Ball State