Ball State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person that should attend this school should be interested in gaining a hands-on experience and doing less research and reading-based work to learn. Ball State focuses on giving the students the chance to learn not by reading, but by doing it.


The ideal student seems to be a self-motivated, intelligent athlete. There is a strong emphasis here on athletics, but also a strong emphasis on academics. If you are smart, hard-working, and you excel in sports, then this school will carry you to your dreams.


Someone willing to work hard for a future that they wish to have.


Anyone who wants to attend a school where it is big enough to feel important but not too big that it makes you feel small should attend this school. Also people who want to feel at home and like they fit in.


Anyone can attend this college. I think that, for the most part, the student body as a whole is pretty open minded. There is someone for everyone as far as friends go.


One that wishes to learn.


A person who is open-minded and is accepting of others; someone who doesn't want to go to a too big or too small campus who is looking for a variety of major options.


If you're looking for some place affordable, Ball State is it. The social life on campus isn't amazing (many people go home on the weekends) but you get a good education relatively cheap.


This school best suits those that are not sure what they want to do when entering as a freshman. As a freshman I wanted to be a telecommuncations major but, am now planning to graduate with a degree in biology! Through a combination of very different core classes, BSU helps students explore their interests and exposes students to new options that can open unexpected doors. The diverse classes gave me the chance to try on different professions and interests, which is something I feel every student should experience!


This school is available to all types of people. Most of the people who attend Ball State are architecture or education majors because Ball State is known for these, but there are many other majors that are prestigious and can get you a wonderful job after graduation.