Ball State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Self, Make sure you take advantage of every single opportunity presented to you. Don't let the incidents that happened in your life stop you from applying to every college possible and applying for as many scholarships and financial assistance as you qualify for. Don't let Mom and Dad discourage you from reaching your full potential by telling you a college degree is worthless. Follow your instincts and work hard to make your dreams come true. Don't give up when the going gets tough. Work hard but also play hard. Allow yourself to relax every once in a while instead of just focusing on work, work and more work. Most of all, live life to the fullest and enjoy the hell out of it.


I would go back an tell myself to work more on time management. To think more about what I am doing and to use what I have learned in the pas to help me in the furture.


If I was given the opportunity to go back in time, I would tell myself that college is nothing to be scared about. I should enjoy as much of my last year as possible and to begin to prepare myself for the independence and self-motivation that is essential to succeding in college. I would encourage myself to remember everything that I was told in high school in order to use that information in college. Also, I would order myself to get past my disdain for writing essays because that makes up the majority of college assignments. Although, I know as a high school senior I would be most worried about losing most of my friends after graduation. But, I would tell myself that the friends I will meet in college are what make the experience worthwhile. I would assure myself that there are so many fun experiences that occur when a group of people are working towards the common goal of passing a class. Lastly, I would express to myself that college is an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life and that I should be looking at it with excitement, not fear.


Get to know all of your professors. Join a few clubs the first year so you can make friends. Study a lot! Take the work a lot more seriously than you did in high school.


If I could go back in time to my high school days I would explain to my self the importance of visualizing the future and picturing where I would like to be in 5 or 10 years. I would also help myself to write down a career path, goal and dead lines to meet those goals. Ultimately go as far as seeing my self as a senior and plan how I would like to spend my retirement. It is important to have a mentor in our lives specially at a young age. My advice would also be to find a person that have or are accomplishing their life career goals. Seeing how all the discipline, organization, and time management required from making the transition from high school to college student pays off would encourage me more to pursue my studies. The rewards for such effort as a college student are numerous. Being able to financially support yourself as a young adult, just because your where smart enough to plan your future, is a blessing. A major reward would if you can lend a hand to the next generation of students especially in your family. Thank you.


The best advice I could give myself would be to make sure to focus on my school work right away and not procrastinate or wait until the last minute to study and complete projects. However, at the same time, make sure to balance your school work with your social life and meeting new people. School and social interactions at college are equally important because every person and friend you meet and every class you take will teach you something about yourself and influence your life in some way. In real life, interacting and building relationships with people are essential to a successful career and life.


I would advise myself to apply for as much scholarships as I can.


If I could back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to start school at Ball State in the fall and not in the spring, because I took an extended seven-month vacation, and transitioning from that to going back to school was difficult. I would also tell myself to get all my fIinancial paperwork done before I started college, becuase that was nothing but a pain to have to work around during mid-terms. Another thing I would mention is for me to apply early for jobs on campus so that I would have money to pay for emergency expences. Finally, I would tell myself to fill out scholarships, because college isn't cheap.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to try to get the best grades possible, apply for all scholarships in which I qualify, and to do everything possible to get more background in my area of interest. I would tell my high school self not to belittle myself. I would say to stop thinking that I cannot achieve my goals, but instead tell myself that I have the ability to succeed. I have come to learn that as long as I try my best, I have achieved success because I have faced life’s challenges instead of turning away from them. I would tell myself that failure is a new beginning; a chance to learn from mistakes and try again with more force than before. Most of all, I would tell myself never to give up, and never to run away from difficult choices. All things are possible, and a challenge makes everything more worthwhile in the end.


Education is not about memorization of what your teacher says to read in some textbook... it is about applying it to your life. True learning is realizing that you could be a better person with the knowlege that is shared with each other. I love learning because the world is full of endless information that facinates me. If only I knew back then what I know now, I could have been further on my path to discovery.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are a couple things that I would definitely tell myself. The first thing is that I made the right decision. Yes, i went back and forth on whether I should attend an out of state university, and had numerous people tell me that I wouldn't last, I can proudly say that I would be able to tell myself that I will do amazing in the choice I want to make. Another thing that I would tell myself is that all of my hard work is going to pay off. Throughout all of high school, I worked hard in AP classes and in extra curricular activites and it will all pay off. By doing all of these things I was able to prepare myself for college life, and the work load that comes with it. Finally I would tell myself to listen to my parents when they said not to worry about the money issue, that if BSU was really where I wanted to go they would find a way to pay; and that is exactly what they did.


The most important thing that I've gotten out of this college experience is that I'm the adult now. I am the one controlling of how I live when I don't go home on the weekends. I have my own bedtime, and I make myself eat healthy. It's like I am my own Mom and Dad. When I want to go out and have fun, I am myself. College helps you grow up and mature. It's a responsibility to do homework, get to bed at a right time, and get food for oneself. There are no parents here to tell you what to do anymore. You are in control of yourself. I have become more mature just after the 1st semester here.


I have learned some valuable life lessons and how to live on my own. I have also come to realize how hard it is to succeed in the world if you don't have friends in high places.


College is an incredibly valuable experience that is necessary for students to participate in today. I've gained knowledge, confidence, and great connections while attending college. Knowledge is something that no one can ever get enough of, and college is a great place to attain a good amount of it. At South Plains College, the professors are very intelligent, and the one thing they want most is to pass their knowledge on to the students. This great attitude that the instructors carry is contagious to all of the students. Everbody just wants to learn! It's such an awesome atmosphere. Confidence is really important to be successful in the world we live in today. No one knows how to communicate with socially awkward people that have no confidence in themselves. I've done some self discovery at colllege, and in result of that, I'm very confident in who I am, what I stand for, and who I'm representing. This is especially beneficial to everyday life. It is also very important to make connections with people. Part of the college experience is meeting tons of people, and expanding your network. I think college is an amazing, valuable experience.


So far, I have learned how to use Photo shop. I work at my church and I have use Photo shop all the time. I learned how to do a few new things with photo shop and I have applied it to the things I do at church. The more I stay in school the more I learn and I excited to see what else I get out of school.


From college, I have gotten such a strong education about journalism and have gained so much experience in a real newsroom. Attending college has helped me gain real expereince that I can use while searching for a job. Because I have a strong work ethic, I have impressed various people in the journalism department, and I have even more people helping me gain expereience as they look forward to what my future brings me.


My college experience has been enlightening so far. Attending college has (and is) teaching me the benefits of diligence. Success in everything is contingent upon how thorough an individual is; or in other words, diligence. Diligence by definition means "constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind." In order to attain and maintain sufficient and or/outstanding grades, one must be diligent and disciplined enough to complete their work in a timely and thorough manner; all the while traversing through adverse perplexities. in order to insure that one's school is properly financed, one must apply the due diligence to attain scholarships, grants, etc. In order to maintain one's job, one must have the diligence to continue working in a thorough fashion. If it were not for college, this knowledge that I have of being diligent may have remained just that, knowledge. However, now that I am in college, I can apply this knowledge and therefore utilize it as practical wisdom.


Cleveland State Community College is a great school. I feel that i will be very successful in life after College. After i finish my degree at Cleveland i plan on going to a four year school.


I have ascertained many things from my college experience. One thing that I have learned is the appreciation of education. I have become more open-minded to other cultures and have made many connections between my beliefs and those of other cultures. It has been valuable to attend because I am a more knowledgable person who can make smart, informed decisions. My goal is to take my understanding and pass it on to the generations that will be in my classroom one day. I have a depth of appreciation for all of my professors that took time and compassion in teaching me their area of study and wisdom to take with me for the rest of my life.


I have learned to be independent and self-sufficient at Ball State University. They enforce self-determination which means when you encounter a problem they won't fix it for you but will guide and teach you how to do so. This is very important to me now even though it previously irritated me. I have gained irreplaceable hands-on and professional knowledge that I will carry onto graduate school. Not only are the academics phenomenal but the campus life is tremendous. There are activities, friends, clubs, teams, etc for each and every person. I have found my true self and my passion at Ball State and to me that is most valuable.


My college experience has been very interesting because before going to college, I thought I knew for sure what I wanted to do with my life. I had a career picked out and everything. But once I got to college and started my classes, I realized it wasn't what I wanted to do at all. I panicked, but then realized that in college your allowed to change majors and it was about what I wanted and what I needed. Now that Interior Design is my major, I feel even better about my decision to attend college because I've seen so many people with jobs they don't like because they didn't attend college and I didn't want to be like that. I know from my college experience that I will have the Career that I want in my future and I'm enjoying every class I've had for my major. Attending college gets you that much closer to your dreams and your dream career and I believe that if anyone wants to do great things with their life and enjoy life, then they will go to college and start from there.


I have been able to become my own person and grow up. Going away and depending on myself to make things happen has been a positive expirence in the long run. I am glad I went away because had I not I feel like I would be stuck depending on my parents for the rest of my life.


My college experience set the stage for an awesome career path which has led me to a position as an associate dean for a private college. My educational experience taught me to project positivity, exhibit flexibility and confidence, set high expectations, and demonstrate fairness and consistency. One vitally important skill that I learned was to build a solid communication among fellow employees and how it directly affects how we continue to develop the craft of educating and give the best education possible to our students. In addition to the development of good communication skills, I learned a lot about myself, a lot about the world, a lot about business and a lot about people. What is on my belief window is extremely important. I must constantly analyze critically what is most important to me and the fact that life goes on. I can look into the future with the belief that I can succeed no matter what rocks in the road I may be presented. I learned to adapt in new situations and to venture out in advantageous ways beyond my comfort zone. Having an understanding of myself has enabled me to motivate and influence others to strive for excellence.


I 've gotten wisdom from my freshman year college experience. Its more than acting as an adult should; its taking care of your self, and fulfilling all of your commitments.


My college experience as made me come out of my shell. I used to be just so caught up in my work that I didn't even do anything other than my school work, or extracurricular activities. But now I have learned that I can kepp up my grades and have fun. I am no longer hanging onto my dad to help me with everything. I learned to stand on my own two feet. To me that is the most important thing anyone needs to learn, is to stand on your own two feet, and not have to 'need' someone right next to every step you take.


In my college experience, I have gotten many life changing lessons out of it. I have met many people of all races. This is something I did not do in high school; therefore, I am giving people a chance. Everyone is nice and willing to be your friend as long as you are nice in return. I also have gotten out of this experience that I need to work hard for what I want. There is no longer a chance of me getting further in my career without studying hard, and trying in all of my classes. If I give 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, then I will be able to achieve any goal I have at this university. In the first semester at Ball State, it has shown me what it is like to be on my own and how I have to deal with life decisions on my own. There are no longer parents there to back me up every step of the way. College is there to show people the need to grow up, and start their lives.


College is the best thing that ever happened to me. Coming to college has made me understand my values more and realize what I want to do with my life. I have also required a lot of self confidence while coming to college. Not only have my grades been up to par, I have recieved jobs as an Orientation Leader and as a Resident Assistant. These experiences have made me a better leader and a much better person. Those two jobs also have made me excel in academics. College also has made me look at my values. Coming to a very diverse campus such as Ball State University, I have found out what I agree with and what I do not agree with. I have had to make very tough decisions that many people did not like socially, but I became the person I am today by those decisions. I would not change a thing that I have done. Ball State University has given me the opportunity to evolve into the person that I want to be and I love the way I am. If it were not for college, this growth in myself would not have happened.


I learned fairly quickly in college that it was all about the experience. The experience of being completely free and on my own for the first time in my life. The experience of meeting new people, people that were completely different than me and the small town that I came from. The experience of choosing my own classes and, for once, actually being interested in what a teacher was saying. I came to Ball State with no expectations, and I think that was the best experience of all. I had goals and dreams for myself, but I made myself open to all other ideas involving college life. I found myself in those 5 years that I attended this medium sized school, smack dab in the middle of the midwest. I grew more than I could have ever imagined, and I am still growing because of those experiences. I'm still growing because I made myself open to everything, from kooky professors to becoming friends with those that were so different from me. College created me, and college is still helping me become the person I know I can be.


My college experience at Ball State University has been extremely valuable to many aspects of my life. I have gained an immense amount of knowledge from the wide-range of academic areas of the university. Additionally, I have gained many valuable connections to professors and professionals in the Biological and Healthcare fields. These connections will prove to be extremely important in my allowing my to achieve my career aspiration of becoming a medical doctor. My time at Ball State has also taught me a great deal about myself, including my personal strengths and weaknesses.


Creating value within a university and finding your niche can be difficult. The experiences I have gained on a campus that has both a high-tech hub of innovation and a strong connection to the flora and fauna of the natural sciences has allowed me to gain great insight into deciding to move into Field Botany. With this, I have had the opportunity to travel Europe and experience several cultures, coming from a financially lower income background. I am able to meditate on the idea of a valuable education while walking through the campus horticulture center or have a spirited debate in an anthropology class. To me, this makes the person whole.


As I am only a senior in highschool taking dual enrollment classes at my community college, I have learned an abundance of information about college and careers. I have noticed that many of the adults attending my community college look back and regret not going to college fresh out of highschool. Seeing these adults struggle has encouraged me to go for my highest goals and pursue my greatest dreams. My college experience has also shaped my personality, causing myself to be more open-minded to other students' ideas and techniques. I am very excited to complete my doctorates degree within the next five or six years. I already have a two-year headstart, so nothing can stop me!


I have learned how to live with someone else, and that my needs don't always come first.


I have learned a lot about my self and i have grown a lot as an idividual through my experiences. My education here will give me an advantage when i earn my degree and nter the job market because of these experiences.


During my journey through college I have experienced many great opportunities. I have received many new qualities in my life, such as becoming more intellectual and focused on my priorities. I have also gained better organizing skills. Not only have I grown more focused, but I have received an astounding amount of knew knowledge. This knowledge will help me pursue my future goals. This experience has been valuable to me because, I have received the opportunity to become a better person. My l life is physically changing for the better, as I progress through my college career. My faith for others and myself are getting stronger and my courage is building as I progress. This is why I believe college can be valuable to attend.


I have learned from my college experience that if you set your mind to going to college you can do it! My experience has been very valuable because I have learned how to be a better student and how to be a better parent.


I chose to go away to college to get the full experience and learn who I am as a person with out being the son of someone or brother of someone. So far, my college experience has been great! I joined the Hockey Club and made a lot of new friends. If I have any problems or questions, the teachers and administration have been easy to talk to. I am glad I went to college. It is something I will remember the rest of my life!


My college experience has serviced as the tool to make me realize what I really want to do with my life: teach. Going through a variety of classes and seeing what I liked and didn't like, as well as doing two internships, I was able to get excited about my future and my new path. Ultimately, it's been valuable because I don't think I would've come to these realizations had I not been forced to do an internship.


I think that it has been a very great experience for me. I am alot more social now. I think it has taught me more responsibility and that you have to do your homework and balance work. I really think that it will help me in the future with finding a job with my degree.


From my college experience I have acquired valuable traits that I did not possess prior to this year. Time-management, responsibility, and hard work are just a few of these traits. After graduation, I was unsure whether or not to attend college because I thought I was grown-up enough to take on the world. After my first year, however, I have come to realize that I still have a lot to learn and that I will never stop learning. I am glad I am attending college because it forces me to grow and a person and constantly make personal improvements. I have also learned a lot about priorities. My experience with college has taught me what is important in my life and what can wait until the important things, such as family, schoolwork, and commitments, have been taken care of. My high school experienced quenched the thirst for knowledge that I had developed as a child, but college has brought all of this back. I cannot wait for next year's classes to begin because I cannot wait to continue learning new things. In fact, I'm taking summer classes so I can continue to learn over the summer.


From being a college student, I know that I need to manage my time wisely and how I also need to do the work myself in order to make sure I'm on the right track to a good job after graduation. Over the course of my first year at Ball State, I found that without some sort of time management plan, I found that I would spend most of my time on Facebook rather than on my studies. As for the second point, I have found that I am the one, not my parents or anyone else, that needs to go to the Career Center to see about Internships and other opportunities to make sure I am on my way to getting a decent job after graduation.


Ball State has allowed me to grow and become a stronger individual. I have worked as a group fitness instructor, an assistant to the associate athletic director, and a community aide for the university apartments. All experiences were different and I was able to gain confidence in myself and can work in a variety of environments. I also have had the opportunity to have leadership roles within a sorority (Alpha Gamma Delta), the Panhellenic Council (governing body for all sororities), and serve as President for the Ball State Dietetic Association. I feel like I have been able to provide learning opportunities for my classmates and have served as a role model to those around. Upon completing my undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology, I had the opportunity to complete and internship in Melbourne, Florida in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. This experience was one of the best experiences of my life and will always cherish the education and friendships that I gained during the semester. Because of Ball State, I have been fortunate to have taken advantage of all the opportunities that were presented and did things I never thought I could or would!


So far my college experience has been great! I love being independent and on my own, it has helped me do a lot of growing up. It has helped me become more responsible for my classes, my homework, my work schedule. I am very self relient. This has been extremely valuable to me because it shows me that I have started to not rely on my parents as much as I did when I lived at home. One of the best things I have gotten out of my college experience is new friends. Going away to school was fresh start and I have definitely made new friends that will be around for a long time. These friends are valuable because they help me out with school, work, and problems. They are exremely vauluable because they serve as my support system. What I've learned from my college experience is that I have grown into a confident, self relient, independent young woman, and I could not be more proud of myself.


I have gotten more friends, a broader world view. The experience has been very pleasant. I have learned alot from the profesors and folow students.


Out of the college experience I have gotten so many things. I have grown into the person that I think I am meant to be. I have also learned so much about myself and other people through living on campus and being in close quarters with so many different types of people. I have also found out what it is going to take for me to excel in the major I have choosen and how to manage my time to still have fun but get everything that needs to be done. It has been valuable because without this experience it would have been hard for me to find myself and make the adjustments needed to make it in the real world.


So far, my college education has been an overall beneficial experience in several aspects of my life. Going to college has made me a more independent, confident, and open-minded person. Although I face challenges and stress in several areas of the experience, it helps prepare me for "the real world" by presenting me with decision-making duties and multiple responsibilities. I can express myself creatively through my major, while still learning a great deal about my own abilities and the subjects I'm interested in. I'm also able to expose myself to types of knowledge that are un-specific to my major - things that I wouldn't be able to experience without attending college. Also, getting to know professors and classmates, as well as getting involved with campus greek life, has proved to be an overall positive way of enjoying my time here. It's been a very valuable change in my life, with both positive and negative aspects to it, to pursue a college education. However, I am fully confident that I will gain life-long memories, the necessary knowledge and experience towards an exciting career, and a degree that can carry me to success in life.


More than anything else, college has taught me a lot about myself. It gives a good sense of independence and. I think school has been great for my confidence.


I am enjoying learning there is alot of things that I feel I didnt learn in school. This is an opportunity for me to get a job I like to do. I feel like no matter who you are you can go back to schools and better yourself. Its valuable to me to attend because it will benefit my family, kids especially.


I only go online but this enables me to work and study without having to show up at class since having to have 2 job to survive. Going to college will make it possible to get a higher paying job so that now that I am 51and divorced, working two jobs will not be a necessity. More money for any one is a great thing and being able to breathe in between paychecks will be up there on a greater plane. Going to college gives me self- esteem that no one could give me. I was told when I was growing up that I couldn't go, there was no reason for me to go, I couldn't pass even if I did attend. So having passed my first semester with my online college I can say all those relatives were wrong. College to me is the ultimate goal that I can do for myself, to improve myself, to complete the next 3 semesters and graduate with my Associate's degree will be just what I've been dreaming of for so long.


I have learned from my college experience about myself. I have found my true self in the few months of being in school and am happy to be learning about what I want in life, my strenghts and weaknesses and about where I am going. It has been great to meet new friends and to be encouraged by them to grow and to be the best that I can be in every situation. Although my academics are difficult, I am finding strength through my friends and motivation through their support.


Don?t sweat it, kid. College is nothing like what you might expect. In high school, you look at logistics and memorize random subjects that you think will never pertain to your future. The thing is?they just might. In high school, you live by the book, in college you have to relearn how to learn. Your study habits and life as a bookworm are over. The majority of professors don?t even use the book. You can?t enjoy sleeping in and skipping classes and think that you will get any education. College is all about interactive learning and attending classes to do it. Don?t think bringing your cell phone or computer is entertainment to survive. And although solitaire might be a bit more entertaining than your monotonous professor, you are wasting money with every click. Just relax and have fun! Don?t take college as the basis of the rest of your life, because quite frankly, if you graduate as an artist and end up as an engineer, it?s okay. You won?t have wasted your life, but rather you?ll have built on your experience for the future with great knowledge and life experiences.