Ball State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Look for the college that you dream of going to and then look into what kind of financial aid is available to you and your family. Make sure that you always have back up schools in mind and do the same for those. Go to your dream school if you can. Make sure you look into all the facilities such as: on or off campus living, dining, availiability of resources, and extracurricular activities. Make sure you visit your prospective schools! Something might sound nice on paper but visiting the school can really give you a different perspective. To make the most of your college experience, go to class and work hard. You can still have fun by joining clubs and going to activities. Live on campus if you have the chance to. Living in the dorms you make many friends and connections all over campus.


The first thing for students to do, is to find out what it is that they want to do with their life, not what mom and dad, friends and family, want them to do. That is also the hardest thing, because everone wants to make those people happy. For parents, its important, to not laugh, or tell their child, "you cant do that" or "why would you ever want to do that". Once you know what you want to do, chosing is much less difficult. Schools all feel a little different, so visit the campus, but more importantly, find the people you will be spending time with, visit the department youll be in, and, if you think you want to be in a club other activity, make an effort to visit that as well. If you really enjoy fencing... see if they have a fencing club, and check it out, if they don't and another school does, well that will help you make your decission. 1: figure out what your plans/goals are. 2: talk to the people in your department, and intrest groups.


What will make or break the college experience in terms of building a future, the extra-curricular activities are key. Find a school that has a focus on your major, has decent funding for that major, and has a variety of extra-curricular groups involved in that major that will give outside-of-the-classroom hands-on experience on whatever it is that you dream about doing. If you are a telecommunications major, find a school that has a radio/TV station and/or an active film making organization. If you are doing social work, find a school that has organizations that get actively involved in the community. The degree will be great, but nothing can beat having the hands-on experience that people will want once you get out of school and are looking for a real job. Get up, get into it, and get involved!


Research exactly what you want out of a university. Make sure you're following what you want and not what you think you want. I had the vision of attending a Big 10 school. I was looking forward to the football games and millions of fans. I never took in account that classes would be hundreds of students and teachers would be hard to interact with. Ball State has offered me that perfect size and communication with faculty. I suggest analyzing how you spent your time in high school and apply that to your college experience, if you want to continue that. I was very involved in high school and had good relationships with my teachers. A small school can give you the same experience while still posting a challenge. It took me a year to realize that I craved connection and thats something you can get at a smaller university. Think big. Think hard. Love your life.


I would advise parents and students to look at what the student wants to do with his or her life and pick a college that specializes in that field. That seems to be the best way to find an academic match. I would also tell parents not to push their children into going to college right after high school. If a child wants to go, he or she will take the step to apply to a college on his or her own. Parents should not tell their children that they favor a particular school either. Students often feel like the main reason they came to college was to appease their parents. This makes it very hard to decide on a career field that would make the student happy, and it makes for a rough first year at college not knowing what you want to do or if you want to be there. Parents need to talk to their children, and vice versa, before deciding on a college and a major. Communication is key when it comes to having a fun and rewarding college experience.


It is most important that the student set himself/herself up for success. Pick a college that most closely matches who you are, not necessarily who you want to be. If you put yourself completely out of your element, you are more likely to fail. Be realistic about your expectations in your new world. Don't be afraid to call your mom every time you miss her. It's okay to be home sick. It'll be much easier on you when you look around and realize there are 20,000 kids missing home too. Don't forget to thank your aunt the first time she sends you cookies. If you show gratitude, the much coveted home cooked goodies will keep coming. If you're confused, meet with your professor. They are incredibly willing to go above and beyond to help you. Your success is a reflection on their teaching. They like you succeeding. If you hear an upper classmen say "don't take a class with Prof. so and so." LISTEN. Mediocre professors don't get talked about, only the really good or really bad. Really bad=unfair expectations/grading. Most importantly, save time to HAVE FUN! :)


My advice to students is to shop around for a college. Go with your gut! Go on campus visits and dont let anyone hold you back. Many college students let their friends (and especially high school sweet hearts) determine where they go to school for college. Do NOT do this. Head off to what best fits you individually because you will be a much happier person. Once you are at college, dont huddle up in your dorm room all by yourself. I came to Ball State knowing absolutley no one. I was no longer the big fish in the pond. I was now the little fish in the ocean. I was nervous but I took advantage of Ball States freshmen connections (a way of getting us to make friends). I have made life long friends and found two majors and a minor that I look forward to doing my homework for because i love them so much. Dont be a hermit, college is a time to find who you truly are inside. Become the adult you want to be in college and dont let anyone hold you back. College is the place to make your dream happen. Go fot it!


As senior at Ball State University, I would advice parents and students to research any and all colleges that would meet both parents' and students' needs. Students must take time to critically think about what they want to do with their lives and decide early in the decision process. One should not choose a college just because they are forced to, thought and considerations should make a difference in the selection. I personally wish I had considered my true passions in life before deciding my major. I did not have the choice to change my major throughout the years. Time and money are, and still are, major factors in my decisions. Taking the time as a junior or senior in high school to decide where I wanted to be in 10 years would have saved me a lot of wasted time. I feel that parents and educators should be the ones to inform the students of what is expected and required. Providing students with resources and information to succeed can be beneficial and rewarding. Parents should encourage their children to start early research to give them plenty of time to rethink decisions. A four-year degree can change a life.


I would let people know to really look deep within themselves to determine what they want to get out of college. The bigger the school the more social events that will be going on. If you are not into partying then you are better off at a smaller school. Remember though that any where you go you will find people that you get along with and can have the time of your life. The one thing you have to do though is get out there and meet people. Do not let money stop you from where you want to go because there is financial aid and scholarships out there to help.


The college experience has the potential to mold a student in ways that can affect their entire outlook on society and how they make their mark in the world. It is absolutely vital that students and their parents choose a college where there are numerous opportunities for the student to gain real-world leadership experience through the classroom, internships, campus organizations, and extracurricular activities. The chosen college will be the student?s home for the next four years so it is also important that both the student and parents are comfortable with the campus culture. Every college campus has a unique feel and no campus is exactly the same. It is important to visit multiple campuses, small and large, public and private, to determine what would be the best fit for achieving academic and social excellence. One more point to touch upon is the cost of education, which can add up quickly. No student can truly succeed in any academic environment if under the constant pressure to work a full-time job to pay off their schooling or take out multiple student loans to finance their education. Choosing a college is an exciting process so take time and enjoy it!


I would say check out lots of schools, then go where ever you feel the most comfortable. Parents, I would check out cost and see how safe the campus is. Check out their campus police, see where the nearest hospitals are and other things of that nature. Also, this is for students and parents, apply to more than one school. Have back up plans if you do not get into your first choice. College is a great experience and one that people should not miss out on!! Check out finical aid as well. See if you can get scholarships through the school and see if they offer large amounts of financial aid. Check with alumni associations at the school too because they are always willing to give scholarships to students that will be attending their university. Don't let anything hold you back!! College is where you find out who you are and make friends for life!!!


Be willing to try something new, but if a college or univesity is not something that you can see ourself doing well then it is ok to keep looking for a better fit. College is one of the greatest experience I have had thus far. Make sure you find a college that will be one of your great experience.


Finding the right college can seem overwhelming. First of all, the student needs to discern what they wish to study. Visiting a career counselor will help point the student in the right direction according to the student's personality and characteristics. Narrow down the college options to those which specialize and excel in areas the student wishes to pursue. Secondly, the student should look at affordability of the school and potential scholarships available. Many scholarships offered by schools can make college more affordable. If the student excels in a certain sport, the college may have scholarships available. Thirdly, the student should evaluate the school based on how well the school's "culture" meets their needs and desires. Does the student do better in large or small population environments? Does the school have any activites/sports where the student will feel comfortable and be able make friends quickly? How is the school's academic and emotional/social support? Are there helpful tutors and counselors to help the students? This is extremely important because most of the student's learning will be outside of the classroom. Focusing on these three areas will make what seems to be an impossible decision more achievable.


Make sure you visit the colleges you are interested in, and get involved in stuff. Don't just sit in your room studying, waiting for opportunities to present themselves.


Do a lot of research and even visit the schools of interest. Network and be open to new experiences in education. Keep your options open.


Take time to analyze each choice to the fullest. Don't hastely choose where you think you want to go. It is important to weigh the pros and cons for each college or university. Take into account what about college is important to you and choose the one that best represents those qualities. Once you have started your college career, don't sit and study all the time. Although your education is what is important, success will only come if you can balance your social and study time. Get out and participate in activities not related to studying. This will help you become refreshed and will ultimately help you get better grades. Lastly, try to understand that going to college is not about getting good grades. Rather, it is about learning the most that you can so that you can succeed in your field. If you genuinely try to learn as much as you can, the good grades will follow.


When choosing a school, I think cost should come secondary to other aspects. Find out what you or your child is passionate about. Going to a school where you have the freedom to pursue your passion in life in a manner that suits you is essential. If you are unsure, go to a school with a variety of options. From my experience, how comfortable and happy you are while attending college seems to be directly correlated to how well you succeed and the nature of your overall experience. The atmosphere that the school provides should be cohesive to your personality and style. Don't settle for less! When it comes to money issues, just remember, "where there's a will, there's a way. "


Make sure you look around and explore all options. It's best to look too much and be completely sure about your decision where you want to go to school. It's a lot of money to spend to not be happy at the college/university so find onethat will best fit your needs and wants. Once in the school of your choice, get out there and take chances, meet all the people you can because you never know what kind of friendships or connections you'll make to better further your life and career.


There is no specific test to use when choosing the right college. Everyone has specific areas that they need to focus on that differ from someone else. For example you may not care too much about whether or not the school has adequate handicap accessibility, but for someone else, this might be very important. You have to sit down and decide what you as a student need from your school. You are paying for this experience, and you should get out of it what you need. If a good School of Business is the main thing you need, start with that, and build on with the less important things. If you know any alumni of the schools you are considering, ask them about their experience there. To make the most of your college experience you must remember that you have to find a good balance. A good balance between your education and social life. You cannot let yourself become too overwhelmed with studies and have no social life as depression can become very real at this critical point in your life, and you need a good support system. Obviously you cannot neglect your school work for fun.


When entering college you need to keep and open mind. The world is full of possibilties that are ever changing and you need to find a college that makes you feel that way. It should also make you feel at home and relaxed. For students, always try new things because one day you will be able to say that i did try that or I did see that. College is an amazing experinence and everyone should try to make the best of it.


I think visiting as many college campuses as possible even those remotely possible for a choice is important. It not only gives you the "feel" of a university or college, but it gives you a sense and small experience on how college works. The best advice I can give is work hard to earn your degree, have fun while in college and make lots of friends, and don't drop your major because the work is too hard or there is too much work, only change majors if you no longer have passion for that area of study. College is hard but a lot of fun, and knowing how to balance those two will help you make the most of your time at college.


When searching for a college my advice is to go and experice that college; try to shadow a student and really get a feel for the university you are interested in. Also make sure to reaserch the activities available. I To make the most of your college experience you should live in the dorm for at least 2 years, you really form a community with the people you live with and campus is more accessable. Take advantage of all the activities and extra curriculars at you school, don't be afraid to get involved.


The most important thing to remember when choosing a college is do not 'follow your friends.' Often kids get pressured into attending the same college as their best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend, when it's not their best choice. Although much of the college experience is a social atmosphere, the most important is the academic aspect. A student's career goals should be the main deciding factor for college. The best way to make the most out of one?s college experience is to get involved and meet new people. My school, Ball State University, offers clubs and organizations for almost every interest possible from Greek Life to Intramural Sports and many others. I have been told by numerous individuals that ?you only get out what you put in,? meaning the more active a student is within his/her college community, the better experience he/she will have. I have had the best college experience so far, and it wouldn?t be possible without the organizations I've joined and the amazing friends I have made. I encourage every student to choose a school that no high school friends are attending, and get involved as much as possible.


For a great college experience, I would tell a person to make sure that the school they wish to attend has a good program for their major. I would also recommend to take a glance at the social activities on and off campus. If there are a lot, they will be more likely to meet new people and make friends that have the same interests as them. I would also strongly advise to look at the size of campus. Some people are not comfortable with a large school, and some may be uncomfortable with a small school. Taking a look and doing research on the campus that they wish to attend could be the best advice I could give to somebody who is looking for the right college for them.


Look more deeply into the college(s) you are interested in, do not believe what you are told about the school by staff or orientation leaders, and ask some current students who are not employed by the school to make it look good what their opinions are.


Parents should definately be involved in the choices that their children make for their future. They should ask questions daily before students leave high school. Ask what their goals are? Ask to keep them up-to-date with the choices they are thinking about making? Students should visit their future college or university more than once and be sure to ask plenty of questions about housing, transportation and financial aid.


Try everything once!!


Make a list of all the qualities you want in a college : academics,diversity,size,cost , class size student to professor ratio,location,amount of student academic resources. Research and visite all the colleges you are looking at. When visiting have some questions in mind you want to ask them like about the campus life and classes. Start filling out scholarships fill out alot of them too. don't foret to turn in your fasfa also because you really donot want money to be the thing that is keeping you from the college that you feel can help you grow and succeed academically.Get involved in campus activites but not too manybe cause you have to beable to balance you work load also and utilize the available resources at your college, like if they have study abroad try to do that because it can be a very eye opening, learning experiance.


To find the right college go with whichever one feels right. I visited multiple colleges and none of them felt like home and I couldn't picture myself actually attending them. When I got to Ball State I just felt like I belonged. Everyone was so friendly and it felt like they all wanted me to choose Ball State unlike the other Universities that I considered. To get the most out of college, get involved! Be outgoing and make friends. One way to make friends is to go around on the first night that you are in the dorms and introduce yourself to the neighbors and students on other floors. My room mate and I made some of our best friends the first night that we got to school. Be active and go outside to play games and sports with the other students. Everyone who comes to school is in the same spot, looking to make friends and wanting to have fun!


I believe students should make the decision as to the school they will be attending based on his or her research regarding the type of school they would want to attend. The school should have an excellent reputation in the field the student will be pursueing and possibly be near family if they believe the family ties may be difficult to be away from or far away if they need the distance. Parents should be supportative, loving and give advice if asked. I think a very valuable tool is to visit the school beforehand to feel the atmosphere for themselves and meet some of the professors in their area of majoring. Also if there is a particular sport you enjoy make sure it is available. Just go with your intution and it will usually lead you in the right direction.


Make multiple visits. Go to sporting events, eat the campus food. Just try to imagine yourself living there on your own.


Make sure you pick the school that is right for you, not just the one that is closest to home or gives you the most money. When you get to college, get involved right away--don't wait! Make sure your professors know your name, get an internship, volunteer--it will all be worth it when you start building your resume and looking for jobs.


I can't stress enough how important it is to get involved with things. The more friends you make, the better your college experience will be. When you visit the college of your choice, you will just know its the right one, so don't settle for anything less! I highly recommend spending at least one year in the dorm. It helps you really get to know some other students who feel the same way you do.


I would advise anyone looking at colleges to visit them before they decide because its not possible to know if you will feel like you belong there or not with out being there. Also, I would advise that they not choose the schools that they apply to based solely on what major they think that they are going to study because they are likely to change their major after a few classes.


The best advice I can give is to visit each college that you are considereing to see what it is really like. Looks can be sometimes deceiving and the best colleges don't always look the part at first sight. Definitely choose a college that has a lot to offer because it is difficult for most people to decide what they want do with the rest of their lives during their firstt year of college. Also, to make the most out of your college experience, be sure to get involved in as much as our schedule allows you to. That is something that I didn't take advantage of and wish that I would have. I probably won't get those same opportunities again for the rest of my life.


The best thing you can do is to find people like you - it's a long process but it's also well worth it. You have to try things that you like doing, things that relate to you. For instance, I love music, and there is an independent record store just off campus. So I started getting involved with that - donating music, buying music solely from there, helping to put on shows. It gets me out of the house and makes me active. And that is the kind of thing that makes college a unique experience - you find people who share the same things as you, and the fact that they were total strangers at first makes it better.


I would advise the students to really look into the major they are choosing. After that, look at the schools that have exceptional programs in the field of study. Visit those schools, and get a feel for what it will be like. As for parents, I suggest that you stay "under the radar", your child is becoming an adult and the school that they pick should be there decision alone. It is the start of their future, and while parents play and important role in their future, the student needs to know what freedoms he/she can begin to have as a college Freshmen. To make the most of your college experience, go to the school that YOU desire. If you have friends going there, then it may be easier to enjoy school. More importantly, GET INVOLVED. Most campuses have hundreds of student programs that you can be a part of. Being a part of one or two organizations allows you to make multiple life-long friends that will be there for you forever. Finally, make the most of college by being yourself, don't worry about what others think about you. Be smart, study hard, and have fun.


Get involved in the residence halls. Meet all of your neighbors and make the most of any free time you may have. Although college is about getting an education, have wonderful friends along the way makes it a million times more fun!


Take as much time as you need to decide which college is right for you. Do not let someone make the decision for you just because they may want you to go to the college they went to. Visit many colleges you are interested in and if you need to, make lists about what you did and did not like about each campus. As far as making the most of your college experience, get involved. If you are interested in sports, do intramural activies. Same with art club, or religion club, or whatever you like to do. Just don't sit around wishing you were out doing something when you very well could be. If you want to be a part of something, go be a part of it. College is about you finding who you are and your place in life. If you don't go out and try new things, you won't know what you do and don't like. So I'll leave you with this...try new things, don't be afraid to be who you are, and live! (But, please be responsible) Thank you!


I would choose the college that most suits you in size and whatever profession you are looking to pursue. Don't go where all your friends from highschool are going because you just wont make very many friends if you go that rout. I had a lot of fun making all new friends including my random roomate who i feel we will be friends till we are super old.


Take your time exploring the colleges you are interested in. Learn about their academics, campus, and extracurriculars. Make sure they offer several areas that you may be interested in. Talk to other students on campus and ask them what they like or don't like about the school they attend. Ask yourself, can I picture myself here? Most of the time, you'll know if it's the right environment for you. GO Cards!


When looking for a college first decide how close or far away you think you can be from home. Go on multiple school visits to find a school that you think fits you the best and then look into the department that you are the most interested in. Feeling comfortable on the campus will make you want to go class and help you enjoy the college experience. Parents always encourage your child to make the decision that will make them happy even if it is not what you would have hoped for. For a student to make the most of their college experience they must have support from their family and friends. College is a one time experience that you grown and learn about yourself. So make sure to take the time to look at other colleges and then become involved on campus. Being involved will help you meet new friends that you might not have met before. In college come out of you shell a little bit and enjoy these 2 or 4 years.


Find the college thats the best fit for YOU! (not what your parents want, or where your friend are going). You are going to have the best experience if you pick somewhere you feel comfortable and are excited about! Also, you'll get out of it what you put into it, so get involved!!


In order to find the school that really fits, base your decision upon more than one concern. If a school has a great English program, that's fantastic - but how is the dining? What are the facilities like? Will you be happy there? Education is important, but colleges these days are under so much pressure to provide a competitive education that you will be able to learn all you care to at any given school. What really makes the difference, though, is how you fit with that school. If you're unhappy at college, it won't matter if they're ranked number one in a certain discipline. Don't limit your college search to ranks and numbers, because each student is different and ultimately, the student is the one who must make the most of the situation.


make sure you visit first. it's more helpful if you know someone you can visit there. you get more of an inside look that way instead of just the professional, textbook tours.


Know that collage is not like high school and one has to work hard to succeed. The right collage has the classes for the major one needs and teachers and counselors willing to help. One can usually tell on a collage visit how well he/she would adapt to this school. To get the most out of the collage experience, get involved. Studying is hard and breaks are needed. If there is nothing to do, make something up. Most collages will allow new teams and clubs on campus.


College is not the most important part of your life. You go to college to prepare yourself for life afterwards, however everyone wants to make the best of those four years. For students deciding which college is best for them I'd say weigh your options, apply for scholarships early and always try for your first choice. To parents I would say leave the selection to your children. We know you want what is best for them, but they will be the ones attending the school for 4 years +. Let them decide and support them in their choice. The best thing about going away to college is knowing when you come back home your parents will be there asking you about all your new friends and stories, not telling them they made a mistake. Plan, Support, Love, and then choose what works best for you and for your major.


Taking a tour of the campus and making sure it is suitable for the students needs. Look closesly into the major you are planning on studying and what types of programs would most benefit you.


The size of the school is everything. It is important to find the right sized to make the most out of your education. If you prefer to be a small fish in the big sea then a large school is for you. Larger classes with hundreds of students makes it easy way to slide through school without making much connection. The plus side to a large school is there is the availablity to meet lots of people and join diverse groups. A small school is better for students who like to connect with their teacher and join in on class discussions. A class with about 20 students is more intimate and not intimidating. You can ask questions during class and stay after to chat with professors. The professors will likely know you personally and remember your name. You can also make intimate friendships. A downside is the lack of activities and different people to meet. A medium sized school has the best of both worlds. I attend a school of 20,000 students and I find myself with the perks of both large and small sized schools.


I would suggest going to a lot of different campuses to see which one really feels right. Don't always be so satisfied with the first one that you go to. Really sit down and think about what degree program you want to do because a lot of people end up changing their programs after two years and so it takes them longer to finally graduate.