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Describe the dorms.

There are a few dorms at Barry University: Kolasa Hall, Bennicasa Hall, D&D, MD, Sage Hall, Brown Hall & Holly House (to name a few). Most of the dorms consist of two to four persons per room. Kolasa allows two persons per room with two closests and one private bathroom. In Halls such as D&D hall, there are community bathrooms. However, single rooms are made available in Kolasa, Bennicasa and Holly House.

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The dorms are very balanced. Whether you're a loner or an outgoing person, you will fit in just fine. If you want to find some friends you will do so in minutes of moving in; however, it is not hard to keep to yourself and have some quiet privacy. I like to indulge in both sides of these living condition extremes. The dorm life is balanced.

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