Barry University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It is a great school


Barry University is one of the best universities in the state of Florida. One of the major benefits is that the school is well accredited. The classes at Barry University are small (about 30 students max per class). The benefit of having small classes is the one on one assistance from the professors which allows you to learn and understand the material even more. There are not much parties that happen on Barry Campus. However, there are a lot of Barry Pride events such as basketball games, comedy shows, movie nights etc. The one thing I would change about Barry are some of the staff members. While there are a lot of helpful faculty on campus, there are a few with somewhat of a bad attitude.


For me, my overall opinion has been good. Since the school is private, you really do get a one on one type of experience with the faculty and they are always open to help you. One of the downfalls though is the price of admission. It is a bit pricey, but Barry does offer scholarships as well as other aide. The surrounding town is not the nicest place, but you are relativley close to the Miami Beach area, which is known to be fun and lively. Most of my time is spent probably in the computer labs and in Lehman which is a building that houses the gym, the cafeteria, the grill, and the comuter lounge. I have also been involved in the newspaper which was a fun experience, and there are many groups and events that students can get involved in.


The best thing about this school is the small class sizes. There are usually about 20-25 students in a class which makes it an easier environment to learn in. The campus is a good size, taking about 15 minutes to walk from one end of the campus to the other. The only bad thing about the campus is the neighborhood in which it is located. Its not a very good one. Overall, the professors are pretty decent, just a few that are bad. I spend most of my time in a building named Thompson Hall, where an Einstein bagels and Starbucks is located. As a commuter, if I am not in Thompson, you may find me in the commuter lounge, which is a place just for commuters where you can study, nap, eat, and watch television. When telling people that I attend Barry University, the response is usually a positive one.


Personally, the two best things that Barry University has are excellent academics and amazing student diversity. I have had the opportunity to make friends from all parts of the US and the world, and have learned so many things regarding cultures and way of life, just as many of them (I hope!) have learned from mine. Many people, when they hear about this university, always raise their eyebrows and exclaim, "Barry? That school is expensive!" Although Barry can be on the pricey side, the education and resources it offers is well worth it, and, additionally, Barry is quite generous with aid and scholarships for deserving students. Two places that students need to be careful with, though, is the Cashier's Office and the Financial Aid Office. Students who have not quite realized what financial responsibility means will learn fast in competently assessing statements, keeping records, and warily watching account additions, as the office tends to delight in adding unnecessary dues to pay and being unreasonable with working with students.


The best thing about Barry is its location. Yes, the area surrounding the campus is a tad bit run down; however, the university is only five minutes from the highway. The highway can take you to tourist attractions, such as South Beach and famous night clubs, with in fifteen to twenty minutes. Also, one of the most prestigious malls in all of Florida is just right around the corner in Aventura. At Barry you are never far from a good time, which is beneficial when you need a break from your studies. Campus is great though. It is very laid back and the scenery is beautiful with the palm trees and warm weather. I spend a lot of time working out in the student gym, at the campus cafe, and soaking in the welcoming environment outside of my dormitory. The size of the university is perfect. The teachers don't have to attend to enormous classes, so Barry students have the luxury to get a lot of one on one time with the college professors. This is a nice, efficient asset to have. I previously mentioned Barry is laid back. This is because the students and teachers are mellow and easy going, which is a joy. However, this could result to campus seeming a bit dull at times, but like I said before, you are never far from witnessing the energetic "Miami Night Life." The only thing I would change is the absence of a football team. I think if Barry had a football there would be a lot more school pride to indulge in. This is the main complaint amongst students. Other than that, Barry is a great university to be enrolled at. I'll never forget all the great friends and attractive women I have met while being at Barry.