Barry University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Initially, what attracted me to this school was the big scholarship that they offered me. At first, it might seem a bit superficial - considering a university for a scholarship, I mean. But it was quite a scholarship I was offered, and, being from a very low-income neighborhood, I set about to finding out more about Barry. After a couple of visits and talks with professors, I came to the conclusion that this school was the school for me: I saw the caliber of the professors that came my way. One of my literature professors has five degrees; another professor, one of economics, holds more than ten titles - you bet they they can teach, too! The school may not look so pretty on the outside, but inside the walls and classrooms of Barry lies the university tradition of excellent scholarship to students.


I decided to go to Barry because of it's location and also because of the class size. With a class of about 30 and under it allows you to have a one on one contact with your professors about any problem you may have. The people are also friendly!


I decided to go to Barry because of the location. Barry being located in Miami would put me in a very vibrant area if I attended. I did not want to be located in a dull area because on the weekends I like to go out and experience some fun. Also, my family does not live too far from the campus.