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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


High school and college differ in every aspect: teaching, homework, tests, and student life. If I was provided with the opportunity to go back and talk to myself , while I was a senior, I would inform myself about those differences and what I need to do to overcome those differences. For instance, I have discovered that college life for a student is very demanding, and, as a result, more time and effort is required in order to fulfill the requirements and expectations of a college course. I would tell my senior self, to dedicate more time and effort to school work, because the work load increases greatly and it is up to the student to be responsible for themselves and their grades. I would also tell myself that the teacher is there to provide information, but it is up to the student to run with that information and apply it to life.


First of all, I would tell myself to stop wandering around not knowing what to do with my time and tell myself to make something productive out of my free time. Second, I would tell myself that there are many ways to achieve goals that seem almost impossible to get to. The most important thing that I would tell my high school self, is that focusing on something as time passes by, no matter how tiresome it may seem, is far better than wasting my days doing absolutely nothing. I would also tell myself to start attending classes at the local community college, mainly because high school students receive twice as many credits when attending college classes. Lastly, I'd let myself know that times are about to change, and as much as I still don't focus on my own beliefs, I would let myself know that I should not take what I have for granted.


The advice I would give myself would be to open a savings acount and save money for college. Since I didn't know until now, im struggling trying to find ways to pay for my college since I currently don't have a job. I graduated high school and now I want to graduate college with a degree in nursing. I filled out many scholarships and still no luck. I would also tell myself to not leave Oklahoma until I finished Vo-tech and saved money so that it would be alot easier for me to pay for my classes.

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