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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Advice from the Future Me. Wow, if I could go back in time there is so much I would love to tell myself as a high school senior. I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science and am now going back to school for Nursing. The advice I would tell myself can translate to many high school students today as well. Many may have been where I was back then, unsure of what I wanted to do, just breezing along and not too concerened about the future. I would tell myself to make every grade count and give every class my all. I got okay grades in high school but they weren't good enough to put me at the top of the class. I remember being so envious of my fellow classmates who got full rides to college as i got waitlisted. To really get a jump start on your future starting now makes all the difference. Find out what you like doing and see if it can translate to a career field, knowing what you want to do before you have to make the decison can save you a lot of time, money, and sleep-less nights.


Don't go to the school you are now.


I would tell myself not to go right to Northern after highschool, because Bay Mills isn't as bad as what everyone seems to think; the staff makes everyone feel welcome; the tuition is much nicer than NMU; and I wouldn't have to go from living at home to trying to live by myself.