Baylor University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Lack of economic and enviromental concern. In other Colleges and Universites I have noticed their books stores have t-shirts and sweatshirts from non-sweat shops stationed in the Dominican Republic. However at Baylor I have only seen clothes made in sweat shop capitols, such as Asia and South America. I think it would be beneficial for the students to open thier eyes to clothing made in non-sweat shops and the enviromental benefits it brings to not only the college campus but the world.


I wish Baylor University's administartion did not hesitate to become involved controversial news. Often, the university will instruct chapel services to become involved in world news so that the University seems to have been involved when the thruth is, they instruct them to do so once and contiue to shy away. I am disappointed that my University has chosen not to play a larger role in affecting change in light of current events.


Alot of people are very closed minded when it comes to political views and views on sexuality


I really couldn't come up with the worst thing, my experience at Baylor has been 100% positive.


Baylor's lack of tolerance is appalling. I've met a number of LGBTQ students and they suffer anxiety, because homosexuality is against school policy. To an LGBT student, daily life is lived in fear. There isn't racial diversity either. I want a Latina Profesora to teach me Spanish. The Mujerista theology lecture in my ChristianHeritage class was done by an elderly white pastor. After Obama's 2008 election, nooses were hung from trees. Any student that differs from the WhiteConservativeChristian mold will have difficulty making friends, forming study groups, and suceeding. That's just a fact about Baylor.


Baylor University's stance on homosexuality is disheartening. Christians should expand the kingdom of heaven, which does not include taking the place of God and judging others for their sins. Our job, as believers, is to love God and love people. We're called to hate the sin, not the sinner and Baylor's stance on LGBT community on campus is disappointing. The university prohibits LGBT clubs and gatherings; consequently discouraging students here to be openly gay. For Baylor to make students feel unequal to their heterosexual peers, I question their motivation as a Christian example in education.


The worst thing is they're is a lot of deception, or pretty much I've been lied to a lot. I was orginally a biomedical engineer and I researched the programs they had online, talked to an admissions counselor, and after orientation I was informed they didn't have a biomedical engineering degree but just a general engineering degree with an emphasis on biomedical. They then forced me to switch to mechanical engineering. Plus, they are always telling the less financially fortunate to transfer. Thus I am transferring to Texas A&M.


The "worst" thing about Baylor is the fact that many of the students here have a limited world view. They have little experience with diversity which can make it difficult to make them understand another point of view.


I think the worst thing about Baylor is that sometimes it can very much live up to its stereotype as a rich and snobby private school. Although there is such a great variety of types of students, this has rarely happened to me, but you can sometimes you can get caught up the stereotype of the "Baylor Bubble" where seemingly nothing bad happens. Not that bad things don't happen at Baylor or that we don't have normal college parties and problems, but an air of ignorance can sometimes exist within certain circles, so choose your friends wisely.


How focused we can be on sports. Yes, we have great teams, but departments like music and the arts get overlooked and are passed up for renovations when we are way overdue and in need of new facilities. I love that we take pride in our school, but I'm not here training to be an athlete, I want to be a music teacher and we don't have the proper facilities we need to help further our education, but we seem to have plenty of money to get new stadiums.


The parking situation. Living off campus can sometimes hinder your ability to get good parking spaces. You need to leave your house at lease 15 minutes early to guarantee you have time to drive to campus, find a place to park, and walk to class.


Because Baylor is so conservative, the faculty and staff as a whole have a hard time accepting views that are different from their own due to the university's traditional views. Also, the city surrounding Baylor was built with the university in mind, so Waco is also conservative as a whole. Lastly, the campus feels cloistered at times in that there isn't anything for the students to do on the weekends; so many students either travel up north to Dallas or south to Austin to find something to do.


The cost of attendance is very high. It is hard to find scholarships that will help me be able to stay there, which I need to do in order to get my bachelor's degree. Their meal plans are very expensive, which means that eating out is cheaper, yet not healthy. Money is a major concern when going to college, even more so to a private university.


The worst thing about the school is its location. Baylor is loacted in Waco, Tx. Waco is not the safest place to live and there really is not much to do here. Many of the college students here rarely venture out past Waco's small downtown area unless they are volunteering around town. There are many campus police cars and emergency buttons all around campus so the campus itself is safe.


Perhaps the least ideal thing about my school is its textbook renting system. Though Baylor offers a great and affordable way for students to use textbooks for less money by letting students rent them, the process to return them is sometimes time-consuming.


Students are not encouraged to explore other perspectives or worldviews, nor are they asked to extend grace and understanding to those with different ideas. It is a very homogenous student population, which does not present easy opportunities for growth in self-awareness.


How conservative it is. I am by no means a liberal, but certain views are pressed on you whether you realize it or not. It is just in the atmosphere.


Unfortunately, Baylor University's strong Baptist are often viewed as a henderance on our national rankings and success. While some may consider this conservative atmosphere a negative aspect, I found Baylor University to be an incredible welcoming, comfortable, and friendly campus because of their religious ties. I think the academic and atheletic success found in Baylor students can be in part accredited to the embracing community created at Baylor.


My least favorite part about Baylor is the less-than-amazing entertainment scene in Waco. There is not much to do in Waco itself, but Dallas and Austin are so close that it makes up for it.


The worst aspect to Baylor is the expenses. The high cost to attend makes it most difficult for a low-income student, like myself, to stay in such a school. Everything would be great if the tuition and overall costs to attend this university were significantly cheaper.


Something I wish Baylor could promote more around campus would be awareness for current events around the world and being more active as students to help with world issues. I also believe that Baylor can improve the quality of the student activities it offers for students throughout the year.


The worst thing about Baylor to me is the parking situation. The university charges for parking without enough spaces for the students to move around campus. Most of the students that have cars on campus leave their cars parked in one spot only to walk or cycle to most areas on campus.


The worst thing about my school has to be the dorm that I am staying at. Baylor requires all first year students to live on campus and have a meal plan. While I do find it really convenient to live on campus, and having food readily available on campus to me, this is an additional expense that is uneccesary. I have already calculated the cost of living off campus in an apartment with my own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, and the savings are in the thousands. This mandatory residency rule should be changed to accomodate students with financial adversity.


As stated before, the lack of diversity is ridiculous and a big turn off when it comes to Baylor.


I'm not sure yet physically, but the worst thing is the lack of financial aid opportunity for incoming freshmen.


The worst thing is the financial gap amongst students. Most students are quite wealthy. And though they do not disclude you if you're unwealthy, it is impossible not to notice and compare your own situation.


Tuition! It's really high includes a lot of things I don't even use.


The worst thing about Baylor University is the attitude of some of the students here. A lot of the students here involved in sororities or fraternities fit the stereotypes one may find in films about college. A good number of them are stuck-up, and believe they are better than their peers. From the outside looking in, one may not see it right away. After staying here and observing their behavior throughout the semester, you can see through the facade that is put on for visitors and events.


Students seem to leave the campus over the weekend. This means that sometimes there aren't very many activities on campus over the weekends.


The worst thing about my school is that many social activities revolve around greek organizations. If you choose not to join an organization, it can be difficult to integrate into the community.


The worst thing about Baylor University is the dining options on the weekends. On the weekends all the dining cafeterias are closed except one- Penland. Penland does not have the best food or the best service. The dining area itself is also no the best.


The cost for Baylor is SO expensive. It really is outrageous. And most people assume that because you go to Baylor you must be rich and stuck up, which is not the case at all.


There is too much emphasis on "going green" when there are serious problems that actually exist, rather than a problem (global warming) that hasn't even been proven.


That they are not very open to people who completely disagree with Christian Values


They do not offer online courses. Online courses would work better with my work schedule.


We don't have Greek housing. Other than that I have NOTHING bad to say!


The worst thing I would say about Baylor is that the cost is ridiculously expensive. While the scholarships they offer are very generous, they often still leave huge gaps of money left for the student to come up with on their own. I think that Baylor should make it more possible for students of any socioeconomic background to be able to come and provide for assistance.


The worst thing about this school is the town. It is in one of the poorest cities in Texas, and at night it is not safe to go anywhere alone. Baylor is very costly and it would be nice to see some of that money be put into making a nice, small town that college students could go to without feeling unsafe. It would be beneficial to the students, as well as the residents of Waco because it would get Waco's economy going.


The worst thing about Baylor is the city in which it is located. Waco is a big change for someone from a big city that has a lot going on every weekend. I am from Austin so I had to get used to the fact that Waco is very different from Austin. It is much smaller so there is not as much going on and it becomes difficult to find things to do with your friends or on dates.


There really isn't anything that I would consider to be terrible about my school. The only thing that really bothers me about Baylor University is that we do not get the credit that we deserve. We are always labeled as a stereoptypical "boring Christian school", but I will have you know that these are all wrong. Yes, we are a christian university but that does not mean that we sit around and read the Bible all day everyday. It simply means that we have values and morals that are important in our education and life.


The worst thing about my school is the high cost of tuition coupled with the limited financial resources for students who need the aid.


There is less diversity in Baylor University than I expected, and for the most part, various groups tend to stay with their own groups. The surrounding Waco community is also very poverty stricken, and there is not much to do outside of campus. However, Austin and Dallas are only about 2 hours away.


The worst thing about my school is the little financial aid offered to only children with married parents, such as myself.


Unfortunately Baylor is one of the most expensive schools in Texas. Although it's ranked and a private school many students struggle trying to make it successfully through their four years. Financial aid is very hard to contact and it's a struggle to increase the aid you recieve. The financial counselors advise students to get loans when money doesn't add up. Many people I know have had to leave because they can't afford the school after attending for one or two years. The majority of the students know people who have had to leave because of finances.


The school does not really listen to the needs and or wants of the students. I understand we are a religous school but there're students who attend that are not religous. I believe Baylor could be more excepting of those facts. Also I think we need to stop being concerned about the 2012 plan and start thinking of other item to improve on such as the FCS building needing updates and the older style dorms. We pay a lot of money to go here and we would like to see improvement its building we already have.


The worst thing about the school is the price tag. tuition is very high, and definately not affordable for the average U.S income. Tied in with the cost of the school is the people attending this school, most of the students here have vehicles, cell phones, apartments, and all the newest gadgets and fashions. A large percent of students come from upper class families, so for me coming from a family who live below the U.S poverty line it is hard to see their waste, ignorance and carlessness when dealing with money.


My school doesn't always accomodate all the different ethnicities that attend.


I believe the close-minded individuals who run the school would be the worst thing about it. Because of the school's size, its location and the classes it offers, it has the potential to be an amazing university. However, the board members, as well as some of the faculty and staff have created a "Baylor bubble" that keeps Baylor students from enjoying or helping the city of Waco. They are set in their beliefs and refuse to change them.


The worst thing about Baylor University is definitely it?s cost of tuition. Baylor tuition varies between 35,000 to 40,000 a year with room and board. It?s an expense that many students? families can?t afford with today economy, even though Baylor does offer many scholarships and financial aid. I think that Baylor being a private university has a lot to do with its high tuition however, I feel that because of the tuition cost many students wont be able to attend a school that might maximize their college education dramatically.


The drinking water is very hard and has a different taste.