Baylor University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


How expensive it is, because sometimes it feels that it costs more than it is worth.


Baylor's greatest downfall lies in its attempts to sharply restrict students' activities and instill a rigid sense of morality in an increasingly diverse student population. While it is respectable that an institution so old has maintained it's Baptist roots, the concept of enforcing such heritage on students from varying religious backgrounds stands to explain the nearly twenty percent of undergraduate students who do not return for a third semester.


I'd say that it is probably that amount of financial aid given. My school is very expensive and every year the tuition seems to increase. This puts a strain in all the students' pockets.


The worst thing about my school is that it is very expensive.


The worse thing about Baylor University is how they push and force Christianity on everybody. If you have a different thought on Christianity, they will work their hardest so that you have the same mindset about God that they do. It is an extrememly Christian school.


The price of education, because it turns away students that would be really good for the school and for the students that are here it makes it hard for them to keep going because there are not enough financial aid opportunities


It seems hard to get to know other people without joining a fraternity or sorority.


The financial aide department is very lacking in communication when it comes to lettng students know there are problems with their aid files.


It is a little expensive. Well, a lot!!!


I love my university and my campus. It is very historical and the campus is beautiful. I would say though that the worst thing about my school is the town where my university sits. Our students volunteer many hours to help the town of Waco, but it is not a thriving and safe town. It is not what I would consider a "college town". It is located half way between two large cities, but it is not an easy and affordable city to fly in or out of for the cost-conscious student.


The worse thing about Baylor is the cost of tuition. The tuition is really expensive, and many students do not return because of the cost.


The worst thing about Baylor is the cost. Since it is a private school, the tuition is more than public schools. However, it is not unreasonable and the school provides a good amount of financial assistance. Baylor is definitely worth the expense in my opinion.


There are University requirements which are time consuming and are not part of many peoples major. Professors of these courses give an abundance of work for those classes which affect the student negatively. For example, a requirement would be two religion courses. They assign around 60-80 pages of reading a night. This is stressfull for student's like me who take 17-18 hourse a semester.


The worst thing about Baylor would have to be the tuition cost. It cost a lot to attend this university so do all you can to keep your scholarships. As far as the location of the school is concerned, there is not a lot to do in the city.


Honestly, I don't see anything that is bad here. Sure, problems are always around, but one that has greatly effected my college career, none.


The fact that sometimes the administration is more concerned about promoting our school and building it up to become better for the future that they forget what students need now. They have such high goals for our school that they forget to start at the bottom and fix the "less exciting" things first. If they changed this, students would be happier and the goals would still get accomplished.


The mass majority of students are extreme upper class white people. Some have no idea how it feels to work for a living and most are inconsiderate.


Too conversative.


cost; money; scholarships available


it It is mega conservative. And the typical student is usually a southern belle or baptists. People are (of course of their own voliation) segregated.


I really don't have anything that I don't like about the college.


The worst thing about my school is the cost of attendance, and the lack of racial/ethnic diversity.


Too Conservative


People are very narrow-minded, conservative christians with not much openness to diversity


The lack of diversity. There is a lot of talk about it but hardly anything is getting done. We had a lot of controversy after the presidential elections. It was sad that some people are still so narrow minded.


The "worst" thing about Baylor University would be the fact that we don't have sorority or fraternity houses. As a member of Greek Life, I would really like to live in a community with the people from my organization. Living together for a year or two really builds strong friendships and teaches you a lot about relationships.


The price. Baylor is extremely expensive. Even with financial aid, I'm paying more than I would to go to a state school without any aid.


nothing major, I suppose there isn't much to do in waco, so entertainment off campus isn't good except the movies.


When it comes to varsity sports, Baylor is on the lower end of most sports. However, we are growing a new powerful football and mens basketball team, and the thing i dislike the most about Baylor is how few people come to support our teams. I understand we are not the best, but we should still come and support them, simply because they are our team.


The financial aid provided is very helpful, but there is definite room for improvement. Also, the financial aid counselors are not helpful, and if you have a problem with your bill, you will not win. Also, the diversity at this campus is somewhat lacking. Finally, the male to female ratio concerning students is completely off, so you cannot come to Baylor and expect to date if you are a female (who is attracted to males).


I feel like there is too much emphasis on sororities and fraternities. It makes me feel excluded from certain friend groups.


The worst part about Baylor University are the students' unwillingness to accept unorthodox and unusual viewpoints and beliefs. Most of the students that attend Baylor are strictly set in their ways and hold others of different religions and political views to be completely wrong. It is very difficult to be accepted if you are an atheist student or any other religion besides Christian.


The huge emphasis on sororities and fraternities.


While I loved the school and felt completely satisfied in my educational experience, it did occasionally make me uncomfortable in regards to race and religious separation. Baylor claims to not impose any religion upon any student, which I feel is true, but there was a seemingly natural separation of students. I rarely had any African American students in my classes and I did not hang out with them socially. It was not a matter of choice, simply a matter of lack of intermingling between ethnically diverse students and the majority consisting of conservative, caucasian students.


The lack of parking right now, the unability to schedule classes at a proper time, the lack of housing for upperclassmen. and the lack of acceptance for the other religions on campus.


My school is a little too religious.


The culture revolves around fraternities and sororities which makes it a little boring for those not involved. And if you don't have friends after the first week of school your freshman year, it seems like you never make anymore.


The worst thing about my school is the distance from home for me. I live in Kansas City which is ten hours away, and a lot of the students are from in-state and so the can visit home frequently, where as I don't have that same luxury.


I believe the worst thing about my school, Baylor University, is the Student Life Center. THe fitness center is way too crowded at every point in the day and has people waiting around for machines or classes all day long. I transfered from Texas Tech University after my freshmen year and I guess I got spoiled because their recreation center was amazing. When I came to Baylor I can honestly say that was the only thing that disappointed me.


The parking a lot of people are lazy and do not ride or walk to class and take up unnecessary parking places that a person who doesn't live on or by campus could use.


The forced meal plan the first year isn't a very good idea. In my personal experience it was a waste of 2,000 dollars a semester when all I wanted to do was store in the refrigerator home-cooked meals. I felt like I had to utilize the food in the cafeteria in order to get the most out of the money spent.


The worst thing would be the lack of cultural knowledge an diversity.


The worst thing about our school is that they are so focus on athlets, giving them money, that the people who work hard are struggling to pay for this school and they don't do as much to help them with it.


the professor's office hours aren't always accomodating


As a private Baptist university, most of the professors are Baptists and fit the generic Baptist stereotype, which obviously means less diversity. However, the professors are incredibly educated and ask insightful questions and get the students thinking hard about new ideas. A few professors are very "Baptist" and conservative in their teaching, but most don't let it keep them from being wonderful professors, academically stimulating and engaging. I do look forward to more diversity in the faculty at Baylor, but feel that the current status is not detrimental to our education.


The wosrt thing about my school is the fact that the majority of students are either engaged or married by their junior year. Sadly, we have one of the higest divorce rates out of most schools in the country. I do not believe it is healthy to get married so young. All these students know is college life, they have no idea what the real world is like. Our society does not need any more divorce; our children have had enough experience dealing with broken households. Divorce should not be something we strive for the young to become accustomed to.


The worst thing about Baylor University is that it is small enough to feel like a high school; sometimes I feel like I know everyone and that can be a good or bad thing.


This is supposed to be the largest Baptist University in the world, but there are some religious standards that are hypocritically ignored here and others that are taken to extremes. For example, there is a lot of cursing and drinking and fornicating going on here and the administration turns a blind eye, but a teen can be expelled for being pregnant and unwed.


The worst thing aboutmy school would have to be the STUPID rules that the regents have placed for us. Like no alcohol, and the closed minded ness of at least half of the students.


The university is tailored far more to texas native students rather than out of state students, like myself. For example, they might give us a three day holiday, and most students go home, but I have a day of flying on either end, and it's not worth the money and travel time for one day back home. Accomodations during these holidays are also lacking- the dorms closed so quickly.