Baylor University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


We're stuck up Baptist snobs.


baylor boys are here for business, premed, or prelaw. they are rich. baylor girls have big curly hair, and are getting thier MRS degree to marry a business, premed, or prelaw baylor boy. they are rich too. and everyone is a virgin. you must be married when you leave and have lots of baylor babies. we are all southern and very religious. also.... social clubs are a MUST!


-everyone is rich -everyone is stuck up -everyone is Christian -ring by spring


Everyone thinks that Baylor students are spoiled brats who have tons of money and everyone drives around in BMWs and Mercedes. People also think that because it is a baptist university, no one parties.


That Baylor students are all rich, snobby, and extremely conservative. Everyone has heard about "The Baylor Bubble"--where you're completely sheltered from the outside world and everything that isn't "Baylor-friendly."


Baylor has two basic types of people that attend: those who work for their goals and those who have their goals handed to them on a golden platter. For those who have it handed to them they are those typically in sororities or fraternities and their parents are the ones who pay for everything. On the other side are those who live off FAFSA and student loans to survive and typically work very hard for everything they have.


rich, spoiled, stuck-up


That they all are baptist.