Belhaven University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


This school is known for their religion, sucessful graduation, and sports.


Belhaven College is best known for the center of the arts. This means that it is famous for its departments of dance, ballet, drawing, painting, sculpture, and mosaic classes. Although I am not apart of any one of them departments or majors, they do very good work and perform very outstanding plays and scenes.


My school is best known for having a great Christian atmosphere and for its arts in music, dance, and theater .


Belhaven is one of the only private Christian institutions accredited in all of the Arts. That is what most people seem to know about it, and initially that is why I chose to go there.


Belhaven is best known for its ability to incorporate scripture into lessons. It allows its students to not only get a deeper and fuller discover of subject matter, but it also allows its students to become more intuned with their spirituality.


For it's academic programs, dance major, and being a CHristian COllege.