Benedict College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that should not attend Benedict College is a person who has plans on transferring. Being as though, Benedict College has their own course catalog and curriculum it makes it very difficult and in some cases impossible to transfer because another institution will not accept all credits coming from Benedict College, leaving that person to have to take some of the same classes over or even start over as a freshman with less than 20 credits.


Founded in 1870 by Rhone Island native Mrs. Bathsheba Benedict , Benedict College was an 80-acre plantation when purchased as the Benedict Institute.The investors "powers for good in society". 139 years later, Benedict College has been one of the fastest growing of 39 United Negro College Schools of the 20 independent colleges in South Carolina, Benedict has the highest undergraduated student boby and the second largest overall. I personally feel that if you don't want that to be apart of this great history, then you should not submit an application.Knowing the history will motivate you to excel.


Personally I beleive that if you are a very Religious person and its not baptis or christiant then you should'nt attend this school because many people who go here are of these religions. This college don't really get into the fact of what religion you are but sometimes they may have meetings inside of a on campus church. Some people who are Muslim don't go in churches at all so i wouldnt advise this opportunity for them.Overal this is a very good school and is what you make of it.


drug dealers


A person lacking in self-motivation should not attend this school


a person who believes that they are just going to get by will not be very will need to put forth great effort and hardwork to be successful at Benedict College.


i wouldnt say that anyone shouldnt attend this school because her at Benedict College there si a future for anyone that applies themselves to what is at risk. Many student tend to make their futures more academically because many came without parents, friends, or money but because of the grades they achieved in high school, the school focuses on the student and not what they should make but what they can apply themselves to do.


Someone that can't handle the ignorance of black people. Someone that can't handle gun shots, fights, and constant drama.