Bethany College-Bethany Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about our school is the internet. It is not very reliable and it is sometmes hard to get work done without it. There are some places on campus that you can not access the internet.


The worst thing about living on campus at Bethany college is that their is absolutely nothing to do. The closest mall is 40min away and nothing is in walking distance. There are no metro rail trains, buses, amtraks, or cabs. It is almost vital that you have a car or try to carpool.


It is so small and there is nothing around us at all. If you don't have a car you are stuck on this campus with pretty much nothing. There is a bar and a very small convenient store and the college itself. Nothing else around us at all.


Alcohol and Drug abuse. The administration focuses on sports more than academics.


There is this vibe of negativity that most students and professors carry around. I've observed that this vibe is also a unifying factor in our small community. People love to complain here and it certainly does seem that misery enjoys company. Most complaints are about grades, professors, course work, cafeteria food, weather, or any little thing that's found unsavory. I think most students here come from upper class families and are used to being pampered. Bethany is not paradise for them. Also, it could be the result that most kids today seem to have a sense of entitlement.


The worst thing about Bethany College is security. The security team here is awful. They take over 25 minutes on average to answer a call from a student. They ignore students calls when they are "taking a break." They break into sorority houses and spy on sisters (dressed only in their underwear) like common peeping Toms. They have even been known to lock students in closets for up to 6 hours in closets, during a mock disaster that the students were unaware of. They care about their image only, not the students that pay their salary.


There are about 820 students currently, so the social life is much like that of high school.