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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school and give myself one piece of advice, I would simply tell myself, "Don't sweat the small things." Having gone through one of the longest and toughest years of my life, this would be the best advice that I could give my former self. On top of applying for college and scholarships, I also had my best friend pass away in a tragic car accident a week before my graduation. This is the main reason that I would tell myself not to sweat the small things. Also, begining college classes and taking a rigorous Anatomy course has taught me to not become obsessed and try to perfect the small assinments, but rather to work twice as hard on the larger assingments. Small things may seem important at the time, but a few weeks, months, or even years down the road, they will seem like minor bumps compared to the larger and more challenging situations that will be pushed in an individuals way. This is the only piece of advice that I would give to my former self. Thank you for the scholarship oppurtunity.


Be yourself, work hard, college is difficult, so learn how to study in high school. This will help you a lot when in college. Don't be afraid to try for sports in college. It is doable. The team becomes a support system in a lot of different aspects.


Although I expected to come out of my college experience with a great deal of knowledge and skills, the chief thing I acquired was discernment and perspective. Truthfully, I was not mature enough to know what I wanted to study or how to study it effectively. But, if my college had forced that upon me, perhaps I would not be as satisfied with the direction of my life as I am right now. Instead, I learned how to determine what is important and valuable, and I learned to see that pursuing the important things with all my energy is worthwhile and laudable. This is not to say that I did not learn anything in particular in college. In fact, I learned a great deal which is specifically helping me in my graduate studies, but the most valuable part of attending college was the freedom and responsibility that it gave me, which led me to the discernment and perspective that I desperately needed to succeed in life.


My college experience made me fall in love with the profession of teaching. It taught me the correct attitude needed for being successful and simple it is to establish that. I was a computer engineering major which is considered a considerbaly challenge field but I felt I breezed through my four years because of the fantastic support I had from my professors. Hence, one I was out of college I knew exactly what I wanted to do: to broaden my knowledge in engineering and share my experience so that other students may benefit from it and succeed in their academic lives.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to have a plan and make good study habits. I would tell myself to treat school as though it is a full time job and during school hours I should not be doing anything other than school. I would tell myself not to procrastinate because that will get you nowhere in life. I would also tell myself to make the library a second home because people are really helpful also it is a very good place to study and they have very little distractions.


Hi, Juliana. This is you as a college student, in the future. I am here to tell you a few things about college. I know that you are a little nervous and very excited. Let me tell you this: Bethany is DEFINITELY the right choice for you. You will make so many life-long friends! You will enjoy almost all of your classes. You will need to work very hard if you want to succeed. You can't have all fun and games. If you work hard, you will be very rewarded in the end. You need to not be afraid to talk to others that you don't know, because to be honest, they are just as afraid to start a conversation with someone, and they also are wishing just as much as you are that someone would start a conversation with them. Bethany is an amazing place to keep your faith strong. You will have so many amazing opportunities that can teach you so much. The education and connections you make will be priceless! Oh, one last thing, don't act like this is another high school, because it's college! Grow up and be responsible; have fun!


It's going to be scary. You may think you're ready to leave home, but no amount of thinking about it will prepare you for actually saying goodbye to your family for the first time. Don't underestimate how much you'll miss them. Living on your own is like nothing else you've ever experienced so far. But don't underestimate yourself, either. You can definitely handle college life. It's different, and it will take getting used to, trust me. But you're a tough cookie. Don't be afraid to make friends. Be willing to talk to people, and don't give in to the temptation to hole up in your room because you're scared to put yourself out there. It's scary, but it's totally worth it. You'll make friends the first few weeks whom you'll treasure forever. And remember the most important thing: God is with you. God has a plan for your life, and he works everything for the best. There will be times you want to give up because everything's going wrong. But know that nothing happens without a reason. Trust God. He has everything under control.


Knowing what I know now, being in the second semester of my freshman year, I would tell myself not to worry! I would reassure myself that I made the right decision in coming to Bethany Lutheran College, and tell myself about all of the wonderful people I have met. Of course there have been some rough times, as there always will be, but the people here have been able to get me through them. I would explain to myself what makes Bethany so unique - that not only the friends I would make will get me through the tough spots, but the faculty will as well. Don't be afraid to talk to them! One thing I would be sure to mention is about life in the dorms... it really is not as bad as I was expecting it to be. There is a strong sense of community in the residence hall. The final pieces of advice I would give myself are to not procrastinate, be self-disciplined, and BE YOURSELF! I would make sure I knew that people really do love me, and I need to finally show people who I am without holding back.


The first bit of advice would be to work hard and save up some money. I had a job through high school, but saving money was never my strong point. If that had been different, I would have lot less to stress about right now. Secondly, I would be advise getting involved with more activities sooner. I enjoyed theatre and drama in high school, but was too shy to try out once I got to college. Now, in my junior year, I have participated in various activities, but I could have been more involved earlier on and been even happier. Finally, the best piece of advice I could give my high school self would be, "Call your mother when you're off at school."


You may or may not have attachments to old high school friends. If they do influence you to go to the same university/college, be sure to know what you're getting into. Know what that uni/college has to offer for *you*. It's not selfish, but college will end sometime, and you don't want regret missing an education you could have had at another school, especially if that school was cheaper. Know what setting you want, also. It basically comes down to wanting to have one of two things: to have a tighter-knit experience of going to a school of town with 50,000 or less people, or wanting to be a part of an urban sprawl with much more to do(suburbs are relative and close to urban sprawls).


Go somewhere you feel comfortable and don't be afraid to try new things. This is the place where you find out who you are and you can't make find your true self unless you are willing to make mistakes. Remember you are paying for your education so don't waste your education time, but make time to meet new people. You can learn inside and outside of the classroom this way.


Pray about it. God knows more than you do where you are supposed to be. Explore your options, research several different schools. Where you end up may be much different than where you initially planned to go. Once you get to school, get out and meet people. Obviously, schoolwork is important, so manage your time wisely. But don't forget to have fun with your friends. The people you meet at school may be your friends for the rest of your life! Also, study abroad! It will open your mind up to the rest of the world and will change your life for the better. You will meet people that you never would have otherwise had the chance to meet, and they too will become wonderful friends.


Do research. Lots of it.


pick one that feels like a home you want to be in. pick one that has people you like to be around. pick one with EVERYTHING you are looking for, not just the latest technology or the best reputation. the decision should be based on YOU - not your parents, not the college, and not the price tag (although that can make a huge difference)


Students, don't be afraid to take a leap of faith and do something you've never done before. Parents, you're kid is going to make mistakes, no questions asked. Just make sure that when they do they learn a valuable and lasting lesson from it.


College is not just a series of buildings, professors, and students all centered around the world of acedamia; college is an experience, an experience that hinges on the choices you make. Any college will promise good acedemics and a nice campus, but what matters is the student's ability to fit into the enviroment. Finding a good fit will ensure a happier and more sucessful term. Searching online or in guidebooks for colleges with your intended major or area of study is the first step, then narrow your choices down to which colleges seem to fit your personality (i.e. if you are a strong Christian, a Christian College would be a big factor). If you go to a college soley for how good the program looks, but the college seems to clash with your personality or beliefs, it may actually do worse for you in the long-run. Visiting a college will give you a good feel for the place, but keep in mind that you are entering acedamia here as well, college is not going to be completely comfortable, but will be an experience with ups and downs, you will remember your whole life.


The most important thing that I discovered about finding the right college is to go with your gut. When going on college visits you get this good feeling about it and that was how I ended up at Bethany Lutheran College. Getting involved in at least one on campus activicty is a wonderful way of meet people and a way to bond with fellow classmates. Never go home on the weekends, its a good time to see your dormmates as they are outside the classroom. Always keep your door open, people will be more willing to come in and meet you, dont stay in the dorm room all the time. When stressed out from college in the first couple weeks, relax it is part of adjusting to the college life. It helps to know many freshmen are home sick too, so try not to think about it, by the time the month is up, the home sickness will be gone and soon by sophmore year you will be excitted to be going away to college and not be sad at all when the parents leave. its a good growing up process.


Be sure to look around. Every school, like every student, is different, and you need to be sure to find the one that fits YOU. Figure out what means the most to you, be it class size, student diversity, religious or political affiliation, and find the one that's your best match. Also, remember that freshman year is tough for everyone, and you will probably fall into one of two groups - those that loved or those that hated their freshman year. If you hated it, try giving it one more semester. Often you need that year to get adjusted.


Students should be allowed to go where ever they can be involved in what they love to do. A career will come after college. In my experience so far, I know I can find a job just about anywhere but the oppurtunities and relationships that I've had are far better than working only for one career goal.

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