Bethel University-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


brothers and sisters in Christ!


Wonderful- in major specific classes everyone helps each other out and bonds very quickly.


They are all friendly and willing to help others who do not understand a certain topic.


My classmates vary greatly; depending on the classes you take there can be a wide range of perspectives or a very small one; some like to really explore the topics of the class but it seems the majority are content to sit and do what is necessary to pass the class.


My classmates are driven but friendly and willing to help.


My classmates are friendly and wililng to get to know new people; they treat their classmates and teachers with respect.


Many of my classmates are serious about their work; their persistence has encouraged me not only in class, but also in my relationship with God.


With a couple exceptions, most of the students here want and are willing to learn. I think that's key in getting a good education


My classmates are all very respectful and kind students who love to learn, discover, and live their lives to the fullest, while being concientious of their teachers, their classmates, their families, and God.


The average Bethel student is a upper-middle-class, white, conservative, evangelical Christian and from the Midwest.


Classmates are fun, energetic, easy to get along with, have great attitudes, but also are hard working, disciplined, and work their hardest for a good education.


Mostly conservative, some open-minded, many ready to learn.


A large portion of them come from fairly well-off families, and they are largely fashion conscious; I believe that the current trends right now are flannel for men and the Ugg boots with leggings and a sweater dress for women, which leaves a population that is not so much trendy as...herd-like.


My classmates at Bethel are relationship oriented, driven, hard working, caring, willing to help others, will maintain friendships after a class ends, and are interested in investing their lives in other students and others within the community.


My classmates are all very strong in their faith or they are wanting to get stronger and want to achieve in school so that they can get far in their work place after college.


White kids usually from a wealthy family.


The classmates at Bethel University are students of integrity, and live in such a way that is pleasing to God, and are working to be vultured and stewards.


Here at Bethel University, each day I walk into class, my classmates bring a smile to my face. They challenge me to think differently than I have ever thought before. The diversity of minds in the class causes me to think more creatively and deeper than I have in the past. Most of my classmates are working hard, and when I see them, it reminds me to do the same. Those I spend time with each day in my classes always make me smile with their originality, creativity and love.


My classmates are inteligent and engaged in class and society.


My classmates I would describe as conservative and close-minded; they tend to be very stuck in their views and will not deviate from them.


I feel my classes give me a opportunity to make friends for life giving me the privilege to work and learn from their ideas and experiences on a personal level while at the same time giving and recieving support from them.


They are hardworkers who love what they are doing and are will to have fun along the way.


My classmates are inspiring, kind, and interesting people who actively live out their faith in numerous creative ways.


My classmates are very bright and intelligent.


Studius, fun to be around, agreeable in attiude and temperment.


My classmates are loving, caring and helpful in any situation I may need them.


My classmates are engaged and focused during the class time. They know what they pay to be here, and majority take class very seriously. They want to get the most out of their education.


They are caring, helpful, and encourage your growth academically and spiritually.


They are the streotype of "Minnesota Nice", a mixture of rural and urban students, most of which were raised in a Christian family, who have a variety of passions and interests.


Cool people I like to get to know.


My classmates are very much from the city or suburbs and take alot of things for granted.


My classmates are more than just associates or people that I see during the day. They are people who truly care and who I share my life with. They are people who I live with and want to be with. I couldn't ask for better classmates; or should I say friends?


They are indeed the complete definition of a college student; those who study into the nights, sleep in front of lecture halls, dine with new friends they have made, walk through the library appreciating the education surrounding them, and stroll across campus with faces determined to learn, and much more to absorb all knowledge toss their way no matter how challenging.


They are helpful and encourging to the learning enviroment.


They are typically hardworking and opinionated.


Fun, outgoing people who are all excited about life.


My classmates are all white, mostly wealthy with common views.


THey are usually interested in learning and are always willing to have a good time with it, in class and out of class.


My classmates are great, I'm not really afraid in any class to say what I would like to say, or how I feel about a subject or what I think because for the most part everyone is open to new ideas, and not just their own.


They are friendly and kind.


Friendly, engaging, bright young adults who really want to make a difference in the world.


They are self-confident people who have the desire to learn and further themselves through their studies.


Very freindly towards new people.


Fun and outgoing.


Ambitious and excited to learn


My classmates are mostly local friendly, white, Christians from upper-middle-class families and suburban homes.


My classmates are generally friendly and outgoing.


nice, accepting and nice to work with.


Either think they know more than they do, or sit back and let others do the work.