Bethune-Cookman University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have obtained not education, but also a change in mind, body, and soul. College is not just a place of partying it is a place of independence and character building. The experience you gain from college can be very helpful in your future. From changing your lifestyle to accepting new things and new people.


As a teenager, it is often that I heard my parents, teachers, and many others talk about the importance of college. During those final two years of high school, I focused on college aspirations because I thought that was the correct thing to do. As I satated earlier, that is the main topic during your junior and senior years of high school. However, since I have completed one year of college without my parents breathing down my neck, I have come across many trials and tribulations. Some were difficult others minor, but all I had to fight through without the support of my parents. I must look back on those junior and senior high school years and thank all that constantly reminded me of the importance of attending college. Your freshman year can make or break you: it is how determined you are at being successful that will take you to the next level. My first year of college has made me a much stronger young man and I have learned to take my academics very seriously.


Bethune Cookman University is a great school and wouldnt change it for the world. Very simple as that!


I came from a very small town where we did not look at education as a worthwhile tool. I did not attend often and recived very bad grades. After moving away and raising my children I took a huge leap and returned to school at the age of 44. This was very scary, I lurned nothing in high school and knew nothing about the computer world. I am doing very well in vet tech school and have been on the honor roll and deans list! This is a very huge confidence builder for me and has opened up my world. I love the knowledge I am gaining from attending school. Animals are my passion and now I can start a career doing what I love.


I feel that I have gotten so much out of attending college. I have felt myself grow up and be able to handle things in a mature manner. I have also discovered that nothing is impossible if you maintain determination for your goals. I feel that college has made me into a responsible and valuable member of the community as I now enjoying volunteer tutoring work to help children who are not as enthusiastic about school as I am excel in academic areas that interest me, such as mathematics and science. Attending college continues to be valuable to me because I intend on using what I have learned to benefit the community or, if possible, a larger area. When I graduate I intend to have an extensive expertise in microbiology and genetics and use it to do further research in plant genomes that could be beneficial to the medical field. Any help, including this scholarship, would directly be used for this purpose and will not be a wasted opportunity.


After surviving my first year of college I can truely say that i have obtained a great abundance of experience. Throughout my college experience I have gained a great deal of maturity and self control. College has also taught me alot about myself that i didn't take the time out to notice before i arrived here. For instance, I thought i knew what I wanted to major in and what i enjoyed before i got here, but when i became exposed to certain things, it changed my views. It is very valuable to attend college because you need to be away from your parents and in this environment to learn who you really are and how you act and react in certain situations as a young adult. Finally, in addition to these other reasons, maturity and education are also big factors in attending a post educational institution.


Although i havent graduated its a great school to attend because the education you receive is well worth the money spent.


The best experience that I have gotten from college was the independence. I am on my own. There is no one over my shoulder telling me to buckle down and study. I feel as if this is preparing me for my future. I have to be my personal influence. If I am not willing to stand out and do everything that is possible for me to achieve, then who will? I have learned alot, such as study skills, time managment, budgeting, etc. Basically, everything that I will have to do in the world on my own.


Out of my college experience, I have gained lots of knowledge. I have grown into a more mature woman and learned to take responsibility for my own actions. I have gotten a deeper knowledge and understanding on life itself and the different obstacles that may stand your way. Overall, knowledge would have to be the most valuable thing that I have gained since I have been enrolled here at this great University. It has been valuable to attend because while in college it teaches me time management which is a major key point in life. Before college, I was careless and unaware of the different skills and abilities that I have and my being here, has helped me enhence my knowledge of them. I grew up poor and not having everything handed to me teaches me how to value the things that I do have as well as the things that I hope for in the near future.


I would advice myself to not get caught up in all the drama and unnecessary things that go on on campus. I would also advice myself to stay focused and make sure that academics come first and for most.


If I can go back in time knowing what I know about college life and making the tansition, the advice I would give to myself is stay focused. If you do not stay focus in school you will not get far in life. Staying focused and working hard will help you ear your college degree and get the drem job you always wanted. Another piece of advice I would give is be yourself do not let anybody influence you to do anything. Always Remember you are your own person.


I would tell myself to start getting used to being on my own because nobody is going to force you to do anything and I'm not only referring to school work but cleaning up after yourself. Your coming into adulthood so be sure to take responsibility for your actions because for every choice you make there are outcomes. High school is fun but college is a experience of a lifetime because of the broad range of diversity and all the activities. There are so many clubs, not to mention sororities and fraternities which might one day be that extra advantage when you are seeking work. You meet people from all walks of life and its so interesting to learn about where they come from and their culture. Don't ever give up no matter how hard things get because that is what's going to lead to you to getting that degree.


View the school as a shadow student, before choosing.


I would ave told myself to be aware of time managment and attandance. Those two things are essential to successful college years. Time management show in every assignment that you complete and turn in. Attendance is very important because if you don't attend class how will you know the material of the assignments given.


I would tell myself to visit any colleges I'm interested in applying to and if thats not possible get in touch with current students to get a true idea of what campus life is really like because college recruiters have on goal in mind: to recruit.


What If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior? I would say, Naomi, remember you are the first generation to go off to college. Therefore you must take it upon yourself to excel in all your courses in order to get a good education, and move your family out of the ghetto. I would also inform myself that if I am going to go to parties 50% of the time, then I am going to have to give my studies twice the amount, 100%. In conclusion, If it were possible to turn back the hands of time and I would be a junior majoring in Biology(pre-med) at Bethune-Cookman University with a GPA of 3.8, but realistically I do not have that GPA.


I would tell myself to take it serious, try not to get too caught up in the freshmen actvities, even though they may be tempting. Do not take advantage of the fact that your room is on campus, and become lazy causing you to miss out on class. I would also say that college is a true inestment, that you should take serious, no matter how hard or boring the classes may be.


Decide first, How Bad Do You Want It! and stay focused on your goals. Don't get side-tracked by frivolous social things and people. Remember, time propells your life faster than you think, you start out so young and then you blink twice and you are 40+ years old. Make the most of your time, your opportunities, and especially your teachers.


If I could go back into time, I would tell myself to take highchool more serious. I would have joined more clubs, get more involved, and took my classes more serious. If I knew this information back in highschool then I would have a higher GPA, received more schoarships, and would be a better student overall. As a result, I have to work twice as hard in all of my classes so that I can receive good grades.


Keep studying over the summer, and keep up with math


Stay Focused and manage your time


As a high school senior I was very focused and determined to be what many people told me I was never going to be, something sucessful! If I could go back and talk myself I would first and formost pat myself on the back for almost completing the first major step in becoming the case worker. Now a junior here at the great Bethune Cookman University, as I look back on my experience in the past 3 years, I've learned many life lessons. Those life lessons include, knowing who you are and staying true to yourself. If I would tell myself anything I would most definately tell myself to stay true to who you are because at the end of the day only you can make yourself happy. I would also tell myself to stay motivated and regardless of those trying to distract you, stay focused on your path of sucess. Attending college was one of the best decisions of my life. Since being here, I've grown into a woman whose determined to make it this crazy world. Determination, motivation and inspiration are the three words I l ive by and have gotten me here today!


The advise i would give me self is first off leave all that childish stuff back in high school. Trust and believe what you did back then will only set you up for failure. You suppose to leave high school with the knowledge that will lead you on to the next higher step. Which is college. Another would be is to carry your self with confidence because how you carry yourself tell's alot about you. Seeing how i am a lady me coming in class dressed inappriate only gives people the impression that i dont care about my education. Now if i come in dress appropriate that shows that i am about my education. Make sure you always talk to your professors because they might joke and play with you but at the end of the day they still have the last say so in your grade. Those would be some of the advise i would give myself.


Advice for my self... 1. Look at the cost of the college of your choice. ( even though people say finacial aid is readily availble, your parents may not qualify) 2. Make sure the college of your choice offers some sort of internship program. 3. Check to see if the college of you choice is accredible 4. Don't choose a college because of the "name". Make sure it has a sufficient program for the filed of your study. 5. Be prepared to loose old friends 6. Try not to get caught up with the wrong crowd. ( the people you hang with, will have a bigger influence on your life than you think) 7. Stay focused. ( it's easy to loose sight of the ultimate goal) 8. Have fun ( this is a time to experiment and find out who you are and what you stand for) 9. Consider your parents finances 10. Be yourself !!


I would tell myself to go to a school where I know the campus and I know at least a coupe people who went there. I would also tell myself to be sure of the descion about going to a university instead of a 2-year community college.


you can do anything if you put your mind to it


I would tell my self to study hard,stay focused, prioritize and to follow your priorites. I would also tell myself to pray and to never give up.


Since attending college and having this experience, I would have definitely applied for more scholarships. I think it is extremely important for high school students to know that once you arrive to college things are much more expensive. When I was in high school, I had no idea how difficult it would be on my mother just to make ends meet as far as household bills as well as my tuition. There are time when I don't even know if I will have a decent meal for the day. I knew that it was important to do well in my high school courses so that I would be eligible to enter a university and I certainly had superior grades. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of how difficult it is to pay for college and if I could give myself advice back then it would be to apply for as many scholarships possible.


If I were to go back to high school knowing what i know now i would have been way more focus on my grades. Because just because you go through grade per grade what matters is your high school GPA. The better your GPA is the better your chances are to get into a college or university that you wnat to. Making a transition from high school to college you really have to sit and think about what college you really want to attend and is the insitution the right one for you and only you. If I would of known the stuff I known now I would have advised myself to have done better in high school.


i would tell myself to always stay strong and whatever happenes throughout you life college is a good opportunity to better yourself


Going back in time and talk to myself as a high shool senior I would have told myself to stay on top no time for slack because it is not an option. I have always been an a good student and have outstanding grades so that was not a problem. Knowing what i know about college I would have said it is nothing like how my teacher told me it would be. Going back i would say strive for higher never settle for less, stay focus, prepare for every judgement and critical thought. I would have told myself as a higher school senior never takes someone words and twist them, always have refrences, and information to back uo a staement. Never just go off of what someone says because they are not always right.


I know that it must be extremely difficult to except. The fact is,that I am you from the future. Whether you believe this fact to be true or come to the conclusion that I myself consist of fragments from your fictitious enchantments of the mind is entirely your decision. My only request is, heed my warning and act as you see fit. You have three main goals and life right? The first is to graduate high school. Done, although I believe we could have done better. The point is we succeeded. Second goal is to get into collage. Well we?re almost there, just a major pot hole in the middle of the road that leads to the compilation of this goal. MONEY, see the collage that well except us is three times the amount we expected. I knew that you are trying to get a scholarship and that you figure if you can?t get one now, you well later. Let me tell a little secret that plan?s not working. All that I ask of you is for you to try harder. As for the third goal; see you when we get there. To the future, Diamond




If I could go back in time and talk to myself while I was a high school senior there are a couple of things that I would say that differ from what I actually did. The first thing thing that I would do would tell myself to find a college that is not as expensive. This would be done so my future would not consist of having to pay off so many student loans. I would have considered going to a community college first to get an Associates degree, then transfer to college/university to complete my degree. This would be because saving some money and possibly some time is very important. I would also find a college that is well advance in the area of interest that I would be pursuing in the future. This would be done so finding a job would be as easy as possible I would also pick a different route in finding monies for school so if I could get a "FREE" education, I would. If I could talk myself again while being a senior in high school, this is what I would do.


I would tell my self girl worl harder now when yur in hight school get the best GPA that you could get. Because you will need it when your trying to get in to college. When you take the placement test take you time dont rush threw it because you dont wont to be stuck in the college prep class it a wast of time an it will hold you up in the long run


The advice I would give myself is to manage my time wisely. Don't wait until the last minute to start working on an assignment. In High school it was easy to complete a paper in 1 to 2 days. College requires a lot more research and effort.


I would tell myself to study hard,improve my test socers, and become a member of ROTC.


I word try do much better in school and make the right decusion.


If I could give myself any advice it would be to make sure I look for scholarships all year round and never wait around. There is so much unused scholarship money and it's up to me as the striving college student to make sure that I try my best to get them. I waited until March of my high school senior year to look for scholarships and came up unsuccessful. When I came to collge money was such a big issue and I now have loans and worries that could have been subsided with some hard working searches. I have learned my lesson since then and now will do what I can to make sure these next 3 years are as smooth and effective as I can make them .


I would give myself more studying time to allow myself a good grade point average.


I would tell myself to work more hours at work an d watch out for the mail everyday, because right after you enter into your first year of college, you find out that your mother took all of your college money that you saved up and destroyed your scholarship awards. So, Glennerica from the past, be careful and put your money somewhere safe so that nothing can conflict with your education and your success. Be strong and God will see you through this.


Take every moment seriously, not lightly. What you give is what you get in return. You have to go out and get what you need, its not given to you all the time.


Some once said it "Your decisions today, determines your tomorrow? If I could go back to high school, I would advise myself to dig deeper to reach higher. I considered myself to be a good student, but I don?t think that I have maximized my full potential. I believe I could have better prepare myself for the national examinations, which would have opened up many doors for scholarships and great educational pursuits. Moreover, I believe that I should have developed better study habits, like a daily routine, instead of studying for exams only. I am so convinced that of the wise saying ?Practice makes perfect?! As a college student I sometimes struggle with maintaining good study habits, but if I had developed this habit during high school, I would master this vital discipline today. Lastly, I would have advised myself to makes the most of it, not to rush but to enjoy and savor every moment as a student that doesn?t need to consider ' How will I pay for my education?? Instead enjoy and pursue with intensity knowledge and greatness.


Get a job sooner in high school and save all of your money because books are expensive!


The advice I would give myself is to figure out your purpose in life. Know what you want life to give you. Know what you want to give back. Know that you will fail before you succeed. Know that you cannot give up on yourself because you're all you got. Know you are here for a reason and you are somebody's future. Do not let the influence of others stir you away from your goal. Never lower your standards for success. You have the power to exceed you knowledge beyond what your elders have and to enstill what you know in your future generation. Do not let anyone tell you, you can't or you won't, but rather you can or you will!


Stay focused and never give up.


My advise is to make sure your finances and college agenda is in place before going to that particular college. If that is not posible just make sure that the school you plan to attend is heavily researched.


This school is not a party school. You can meet wonderful teachers and students. The classrooms are small and lots of hands on activities. Its a very quiet school. The teachers are more than welling to help any student in need. It is a lot of campus activities and fun stuff to get into. This school is a great school.


Go with your first mind unless there is no way to go with it. I am not from florida but I moved to attend college there and going away for college was my initial plan. Although this was scarey and tough to do, I did it! It was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made in my life just because I am finding out more about myself by becoming more and more independent.


Write down what you want out of a college and don't compromise because that could be a bad expereince for you. And always stay positive and have positive friends and falcuty around you.