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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My first set of advice goes out to the prospective college students.Stay on top of your grades and SAT/ACT scores. Also, apply for as many scholarships and grants.Recieve all the free money that is out there. It's always a good idea to go on college tours. This goves you the opportunity to get a feel of the campus and what to expect. This will help you in making the right choice of whether or not this college or university is right for you. Also, while on these tours find out about financial aids and what themselves have to offer. Get to know a few of the counselars and upperclassmen on campus. Make them show you ropes. Get to know all about the organizations on your schools campus. Go for the ones that will benefit more towards your career path. Have them give you advice and guidance throughout the year. For parents, make sure to support your student. Help them in their quest of achieving their goals and dreams. Let them go off on their own to become more independent. Also,teach them the correct way of saving and how to budget their spendings.


Make sure you do alot of research about the school before you attend!!!


To parents and students, the advice I would give to them about finding the right college or university for themselves or there child can be summoned up in a couple of sentences. First, you would want to make a list and narrow the list down to your top five choices. You would then want to visit these top five choices, and ask as many questions as possible about the institution during each of the five different visits. Next you would then want to sit down and think to yourself, or talk to your parents about what you saw and heard when you visited these institutions, and you will then want to weigh the pro's and the con's of each institution. With that said, you would then for a lack of better words want to do a process of elimination, to narrow the choices down to one or two choices. After this is done, then you might want to go back and give these institutions a second visit to better help you make your choice, and that should then be all you have to do to be sure you have picked the right institution for yourself or your child.


Make sure the student visit the campus first before attending! Many of collegeaus always say if they knew that's how our school looked the would've never attended. It's very important that you as a student feel comfortable in where you will be living. It can decrease homesickness and your parents will feel a bit more secure having you there. You want to love your school for everything that it is.


I would say that if a student is unable to get into the right college fresh out of high school, go to a community close to home until you are able to get into the right school. Getting loans is not worth it if you are going to a school that will only give you a degree but everything you should receive from a college. Things such as financial aid, school scholarships, internship opportunities, and mentors within your field. Although I love my school, I feel as though I deserve to have more scholarships, I shouldn't have to take out loans, and there should be more to the "college experience" I've heard about. Be wise and think about your decision carefully.


make sure that when your looking for the right college, its a place that feels close to like home and that that way you will be comfrontable where at.


I would tell parents and students to have somewhat of a plan for life before enrolling in a prospective college. College education is a great responsibility that if taken advantage of could go directly to a deadend. Students could easily be lead off track if not focused and have a goal to want to finish college. Be aware of what life could give you, as well as what you expect out of life. Success should be a priority not an option.


I realize that every parent wants the absolute best for their child, but this is the time when they need to let go. Students should choose the college that they feel is right for them. This is the first big step into the adult world. Choosing a college should be based on many things including, but not limited to location, size, cost, programs, extra curricular activities, sports, clubs, and your first impression. Many students will know what school really suites them. If your first choice doesn't work out, you can always transfer. But atleast you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you made this important choice on your own. As far as getting the most of the college experience, that depends on what you want to get out of college (besides a degree). I know plently of people who are very involved in clubs and social events and they are having the times of their lives. I didn't pick that path, but I don't regret it. I work full-time and go to school, basically just for the classes. In all, college is what you want it to be and what you make it become.




If you want to know the truth about a collegego visit the school and talk to the students... The brochure is sugar coated...


Plan carefully and choose wisely.


Students should make sure that the financial aid and scholarships appeal strongly and highly to their situation.


make sure you go to the college, make sure the parents go with the students. have their parents there with them helps out alot.


First being a student you need to decide how far away from home you may or may not want to be and for parents they have to let the children grow up believe that you have rasied your child right. College can be some of the funniest time of your life but you have to balance the play and the work because if you dont you will end up back home with mom and dad's money wasted. College is not cheap at all student to student this is come of the brokiest time of our life but treasure the friends you meet because your not the only one going through it we all are it part of being a college student. As for your work and classes you will have to be responsible for getting up and going to class and knowing when your dealines are because the professor will mention it once or twice but its on you to get it done on time.




That you should let your son or daughter decided weither or not they want to go too college. Also let them choose the college they want to attend, because they are the ones going to school not you.


Make sure you feel comfortable when you visit and make the best of whatever you decide to pick. Also, pick a school where you know you will be focused and will get the best help, if needed. Thank you!


Understand that most stundent stress when away from home,so give them a break the first term.


I would tell them not to listen to what the institution tells them but listen to students that attend the school. Ask them about there experiences, social life, and cost of living. Check out the environment around the school, the living conditions and food quality. these are some things you may not think of until it is too late. I would tell them to take random surveys of students about class size, learning resources and teacher quality.


The advice I would give is the colleges that you are looking to attend go visited the college. It would give you a better understanding of the college.


Make sure that you visit as many schools in person as you can. Think about if the size of the school is for you.


Make sure you choose the right school for YOU not for anyone else. Your freshman year be aware of what you eat, you do not want to gain those infamous "freshman fifteen". Choose the right crowd to hang with. YOU ARE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION. Attend class regularly, most of the people that you start school with will not finish with you when you graduate. Most of all have fun. Join an organization or greek life. You will make life-long connections and friends. Always remember though that it is the beginning of the rest of your life.


The best adivce I can give to someone about choosing the right school for them is making sure that is the major they're shooting for and do reseach on the major, find out the tutition, and visiting the school.


Parents that are concerned about the school their student is going to be attending should research all schools that interest the student with their child and make sure that the school they choose is in the best interest of the student. A parent forcing a child to go to a certain school limits their educational abilities. Always make sure the school has majors that you are interested in studying and per suing after college. I also would suggest narrowing your options down 3 to 5 prospective schools and take a college road trip and visit them before making a definite decision, you never want the first time you see a school you choose to be at registration because you might be disappointed. Always make sure that you are going to be satisfied with the facilities beforehand. If parents and future college students take these steps, they should have no problem choosing a school that?s right for them.


In order to truly get a genuine college experience, the student must be allowed to attend the college of their choice.


Make sure they have your Major. Talk to some of the students already attending. Go on the tour of the college. Make sure you can afford it, or you are willing to take out loans to pay for it. Make sure they have any organizations you would like to join. Look at the social life and make sure its compatibale with your personallity.


For the students, I would advise them to apply to all of the schools that they may want to attend or even thought about attending. By doing this, the student will have plenty of options to choose from rather than having to rely on one particular school. I advise the students to thoroughly research the different schools to see what degrees, extra curriculum activities, class sizes and programs that are offered. If a parent feels that his or her daughter may not be able to handle the work load in college, then I would advise the parent to start the student off at a community college to see if the student is capable of keeping up with the work being done at a community college.If the student shows great progess, then sending him or her to a university would be a good choice.College should be one of the best times of your life. Get involved in different campus organizations. This is how you make new friends. Learn all that you can learn, but at the same time enjoy your college life. Make the most of your college experience. Study hard. Party some & get involved!!


Students should know what type of school they want to attend such as a private, vocational, or public school, etc. I would also strongly suggest that the students as well as the parent/guardian go on a tour of the school(s) of their choice. The parent should know about the school and its surroundings but most important, the parent and student must understand the financial aid process and how the can receive scholarships and grants versus applying for loans. In making the most of the student's college experience, it would be helpful if the student gets involved in some kind of campus organization or activity. It may seem difficult at first but as the student gets more accomodated to meeting new people, college life won't seem as overwhelming.


In order to truly get the most out of your college experience, be sure to attend a university of your choice. By making the decision without influence from any outside factors, you will enjoy college because it will be based off of your own intent.


Have your kids to start thinking about college there first year in high school. One can never start too early when it comes to college. Have them to start looking for scholarship money for college. In researching, colleges first find out what you want to do in your life. Then find a college that has your major.


What I would suggest is to enter knowing your goals and don't let the unneccessary distract you.


Follow your heart. don't go somewhere just because someone else think you should because then you might end up somewhere you really don't want to be wasting money that you could be applying yourself with. education is everything and you should ve somewhere you know you're going to be proud enough to say "that's my school, or i went there."


Be prepared to be home sick and get accustomed to a new living style. College is a very fun experience and can make or break you. Books come before partying and extra activities that go on so always study and expect weekeneds where you can't go out because you may have a paper due. Have fun and stay focused!


I would say to students saty on campus to get the full exsperince and work hard for what you want . Dont grow up too fast.


Go and visit it. Talk to someone who is attenedinit and get their feedback on it.


I would have to say make sure you have all the factual data on your future college. Because if you don't you will be left to go to a school where you will just end up settling , which is not good to do all the time. Since its your life and future career that you are going there for , so make sure its your final thought in consideration . Not to mention being at a local college isn't so bad in most situations, but it does currupt you goals to taking your eye off the prizes.


Be resources and take college campus tours to help make the right decision


When choosing a college, consider your interest, such as the type of enviroment you would like to live in , if the school caters to your major and provides you with great resources, also consider visiting the school before enrolling, when you visit the school check out the living conditions, food, and how helpful the faculty and staff is.


In finding the right school, make sure you do your research so that you know exactly what you're getting into from the beginning. Always visit college campuses before attending any school. Always check the reputation and the surroundings around the school so that you and your family will know that their college student will be safe at all times.


Make sure you choose a college that is accomadating to you as well as your major so you don't waste precious time, effort and money.


CAREFULLY review school choices and decided which is best financially, academically, and socially.


I feel that you only get to have the college experience once, and to take advantage of eveery moment. finding the right college or university depends on your own prefrence.


my advice would simply be to choose the right facility that best fits you and your shedule. whatever place thats you find accurate to begin your study, should be the one you choose.


I would tell parents to sit down with their child and listen to what their child wants. Have them to tell you what kind of college they would like to attend. Have them tell you what kind of sports, activities, and organizations they would like to become involved in. Then have them to tell you what the want to major in and have a career in. Then explore the colleges that offer these qualities. Choose colleges that your child may feel more secure in. If the they feel campus at the college they are more likely to fit in, make more friends, and accomplish more. Make sure that you do your research about the college. Look at the average class sizes because smaller class sizes can interact more with the professor and that is very important. Make sure you explore the campus for a visit before attending so that they can see the environment of the campus. Other than that, make sure the student is making the right desion when choosing a school because that school will be the school they will spend the next 2 or more years.


To make sure you make the right decision.


Always tour the school and be sure to speak with actual students that live on campus and get their opinions in a private conversation.


Make sure that you do your research. Make sure that you choose a school that will cater to your educational needs as well as your extracirricular needs. Another thing is to try not to be naive. If you choose a school that is rumored to be a party school, more than likely it is a party school. Finally, know your strengths and weaknessess. If you know that you like to party, you probably don't want to choose a school known for partying, or if you know that you are uncomfortable in large groups, choose a smaller school that would be ablt to help you in your pursuit of higher learning. More than anything you should go into college determined to get the most out of yout institution, teachers and yourself.