Birmingham Southern College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who likes a smaller school. Anyone one looking for intimate classes and a very friendly environment.


The ideal Birmingham-Southern College student is dedicated to hard work and learning, open to all fields of study, and able to communicate with others in an attempt to better the college experience. Students at 'Southern are interested in the pursuit of knowledge and its applications to the business world. This college prepares its undergraduates to be competitive in the job market and to use their leadership and problem-solving skills to the best of their abilities.


The people at Birmingham-Southern College are hard working, talented, and creative individuals. Each student dedicates much time and energy to each class he or she takes. When a students begins to struggle he/she does not give up. They work hard to give their all every day. It shows in each future career that Birmingham-Southern College graduates pursue. Hard workers willing to make great effort and wanting to pursue great challenges should attend this school.


The kind of people that seem happiest here are those that are open minded and less scheduled because stuff happens on the fly everyday. People who don't mind being independent in a world of greeks or people who don't mind going greek. Do not come to this school if you are scared of walking, you walk everywhere here but because of the hills no one gets the freshman 15. This is a happy school everyone I have met seems like a truly happy person.


A student who would be great for attending Birmingham-Southern is a student willing to experience new activities as well as broaden their thoughts and re-discover where they stand on all things academic, spiritual, and social. A student not afraid to jump right in a try several things at once and maybe overload their plate every once in a while in hopes of discovering a new piece to themselves would be great for Birmingham-Southern.


Students who are committed to academics and their careers would do well at this school. The courses are rigorous and require a lot of time and dedication. The person should be very analytical and confident.


The type of person that should attend this school should be willing to challenge themselves as a person.; not only should they be willing to find their purpose, but also to implement that purpose in ways they might not have thought about at colleges and universities that do not teach the liberal arts.


Someone who can handle putting in a large amount of time to their school work and likes have a smaller enviroment in which most people on campus know who you are or see you often.


The kind of person who should attend BSC is someone who is someone who lacks personality because they will fit in perfectly.