Blackburn College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Due to the student led work program at Blackburn University, I was able to learn time management skills as well as managerial skills. I had the opportunity to be a leader in the work program, as well as working for my instructors and learning more about my major while gaining work experience. The university is small enough that everybody knows everybody by name and the teachers are on a first-name basis with most students. Students are able to get the individual attention from their instructors, while learning on an independant level.


I usually mention the fact that Blackburn just built a very extensive science building.


Tuition at Blackburn is extremely low, and the work program provides excellent work experience, besides defraying costs.


My job in the work program is to tutor students (college freshmen/sophomores) in academic writing and they receive college credit for my teaching. This makes me feel like I'm truly part of the teaching faculty.


The college is one of seven in the United States that is a work-program college. The professors are always available to the students whenever they are needed. There is an unlimited amount of resources and activites available to the students.