Bowling Green State University-Firelands Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The dorms or "residence halls", are pretty good. As with any college, the dorms cost more or just as much as an apartment, but you are required to live on campus for the first 2 years. The dorms vary in size depending on the price you pay for them. The current prices range from $2,335-$2,800 per semester for a double room and and $2,840-$3,300 for a single. There is a 2 movable desks, 2 bookshelves, 2 closets and storage cubbies (which are fairly large, almost 4ft deep) and a bunk bed in each room The bed can be de-bunked, raised and lowered. There is carpet in MOST, not all, dorm rooms. BG is really big on fire safety, you can't have personal heaters, heat lamps, stoves, pizza ovens, etc. in your room. If you have hair straighteners or hair dryers, use them in the restroom only. The fire alarms in the dorms are very sensitive. There is usually a pool table, air hockey table, and ping-pong in the lobby. You need to have a personal entry device (PED) to enter the residence part of every hall. your Resident Advisor will plan programs for the floor to participate in, and several times a semester local eateries will sample food in the lobbies.