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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Finding the right college can be hard, but once you have found the right one, you know. When you go to visit the college, making a list of what you feel are the top things you are looking for in a college helps. That way, you can make a checklist and knock colleges off the list that you don't see yourself attending. To make the most of your college experience, you must be willing to open up and try new things, or else you will not enjoy it. You find out who you are in college and what you have to offer the world, and so it is very important to come out of your shell and enjoy yourself.


Look at all the colleges you can. Do not limit yourself.


I would tell parents to help their children in deciding where they want to attend college by helping them research potential colleges, but not to push them into attending a college that only suits the parents wwants and wishes and not the students. It is very important for a student to choose a college that they will feel comfortable at, and also help them bring out their academic and social strengths to the best of the colleges' ability. I would tell students to seriously think about what their strengths and weaknesses are to help decide what they would like to do when they get out of college. Then take those things and figure out what school would best suit their future careers. Having a social life is a big and important part of college, but what you do academically and networking wise is what is going to make the difference after graduation. Choose wisely and really take some time to feel your potential colleges out. Start looking early!


Find a school that makes you feel comfortable. You are going to live their, learn their, and have fun for several years of your life. Decide if the campus is welcoming and if the students/staff are friendly. Chances are, if you have narrowed your decision down to a few schools, you could probably create a happy student life at any of them. Choose one that could not only provide you with a great social experience, but also professional experience and opportunities. Also, examine their extra curricular programs. Chances are, if a school has hundreds of groups, organizations, and clubs on campus, the students are generally involved and love meeting new people. Once you schoose the school that suits you best, dive into the college experience. Get involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations. Allow yourself time to focus on school work and studies, but also grant yourself the opporunity to meet new people and have a good time. The "college experience " is something you create on your own, and have complete control over during your limited years at a university.


I would have to say that during your senior year in High School know what kind of job you want in the long run. Then research TONS of schools that have the courses you will need for that degree as well as places you'd like to go to school (ex. in-state/out of state). Know what your financial situation is (that way you know if you need loans or any type of aide to help out), SAVE SAVE! SAVE!, b/c loans will kick in VERY fast after graduation! Just be prepared! Also experience as much as you can while being in college (go to sport events, get involved on campus: join groups/frats - sororities, etc.) and make as many friends as you can because you can NEVER have enough!! Most importantly, value everything you've learnt because it will help you out in your furture career!! :-)


It is important to give yourself room to grow while you are in college. These will be your most formative years; explore your passions. Take a wide variety of classes in different subjects that interest you. Don't feel pressured into choosing a major too early on; it's alright if you don't know what you want to do by the end of high school. Make the time to investigate new interests and really get to know yourself. Try lots of new things. Read books more than you watch television or play video games. Get out there and explore.


Just go visit the colleges and look around at the students. See which colleges have the most smiling people. Is there anything else less impostant then working for a smile? I feel as if to make the most with my college experience, I must do what ever it takes to follow my dreams and succeed at finding a career that fits my personality. No matter what school you choose. I feel as if the small school of Bowling Green State is a perfect fit for me.


In finding the right college, you want to look for a few things. You want to think about the location of the school, does the student want a large or small populated college in a city or smaller town? You also want to look at cost of the schools depending on how much youre willing to pay. You don't want to base your college choice on where all your friends go, but on where YOU want to go. Attend college orientations. It will give you a better idea of that college. Choose a college that has a friendly staff that can be helpful to you. To make the most of your college experience you want to just have fun! Introduce yourself to as many people as possible. The friends you make in college are most likely to be your life-long friends. Join lots of clubs (there are so many to choose from in college), but not too many that will effect your academic schedule. Try different intramural sports, you can meet a lot of new people, while staying in shape. And most of all have school spirit! Go to the football, hockey, basketball games and cheer them on !


Find someplace that you'll fit in both academically and socially.


If I was to give a parent or student an idea for finding the right college and making the most of that individuals college experience it would begin with basing your decisions on your own wants and to get involved. Choosing a college based on your friends or peers is not always the most benefitial. An individual must visit multiple colleges and choose which one they could find themselves at one day. I had looked at many colleges, some extremely nice ones, but when I visited Bowling Green I knew that it was a place where I saw myself at eventually. Also, keep your career path in mind! Find a college that meets your career's needs and has an excellent and organized curriculum. Also, when you arrive at college get involved. It does not matter if you join a club, sorority or fraternity, or even a job. It is amazing how many new people that you will meet just by getting involved in something on campus. It will make your adventure much more enjoyable and allow you to have memories that you will cherish forever.


Look at all aspects of the school. Like extracirricular groups, diversity, class size, not just the obivious. Visit during normal school hours. Talk to stuents that go to the school you want to go to they will tell you the truth! Prepare yourself college isnt a brezze and being away from school can be difficult. Know what you want ahead of time and stick to it. A lot of people drop out freshman year, so be prepared to work hard and know what you are getting yourself into.


I would say make sure the college of your choice has a diverse group of majors and people because it makes the college experience a whole lot more interesting when it is. Also,I would tell parents and students to ask lots of questions so that they have a general idea of how secondaruy education works.


When looking for the right college, choose one that is the best size so you are comfortable, and make sure they offer your desired major and some other fields that you are interested, should you decide to change majors. As a freshman, I strongly recommend living on campus in a dorm. You will meet a lot of people, and will be more likely to go to campus events or join campus activities. Be open to new experiences, and be considerate of other people and their cultures. Take classes in things that interest you, and don't worry about the cost of your major (I changed my major from aviation to criminal justice because it was cheaper, 3 years and some bad grades later, I changed back to aviation, because it was what I loved, and knew I wanted to do, regardless of the cost). If there is some activity you want to do, give it a try, no matter what your friends have to say about that organization (i.e. fraternities or sororities, etc.)


Find a place where one can easily adapt and fit in. A place that is open to ideas and does not put too much pressure on students. A place that has a multiple activities for one to get involved in, keeping the student activity and allowing them to meet interesting new people. A place that is a friendly environment in which the student mix the right amount of social time and school work. A place like Bowling Green State University. Its small enough for one to meet and know many people, large enough to keep things interesting.


The advice I would give to students who are trying to find the right school for them is to make sure they make at least one visit before enrolling. This allows students to get somewhat of a feel for what is in store for them and a sense of if that is where they see themselves. I think another thing about college to keep in mind is that there are plenty of opportunities to come out of your shell, try new things, and interact with new people. It is important to be open minded and tolerant of others because no one likes to feel like an outsider, so it is always good to give all sorts of people a chance. Getting involved on campus opens up many doors for meeting new people and helping out around campus and the community. Most people only get this time in their lives to attend school so it is ideal to get the most out of their education and social life while they can. College is a big investment so it is crucial for students to take their classes and schoolwork very seriously, but to also make time to get out there and socialize.


In order to make the most out of ones college experience, it is important to make sure that you as a student and your parents are on the same page. You need to feel comforatable about your decision and well informed. Choose a college that meets your wants and needs. Focus primarily on academic standards, however, also make sure that it is a place that you will enjoy living. Be aware of the activities and job opportunities provided in order to make sure that you are able to live out your desired life style. Ask too many questions and inquire several different resources. In order to find the right college, you must feel as though you are going to be able to experience the college life in a way that is appropriate for you. Don't sell yourself short or take more than you can handle.


Before you choose the college you want to attend visit the school, go on facebook and add students that attend the school already as friends and ask them about their experiences. Shadow a friend if you have any that attend the school. Visit schools that you never thought you would like because you may be suprised at the turnout. Don't be afraid to go far away or stay close to home because living on campus or near campus is different than living at home. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Most of all make sure you balance your time equally don't work so much that you become stressed but don't party so much that you don't do any work. Try to do all your homework and studying during the week so you can hang out with friends on weekends.


Look for a school that has interests the student is interested in pursuing. That is the most important aspect to look for in a college. Which also implies that prospective students should try to figure out what their interests/life/career goals are for the future. Doing this can save a lot of time and money. I was able to do this in high school when I was applying and because I never had to switch majors or anything crazy, I was easily able to graduate in early in the span of three and a half years. For making the most of it, I really think students should feel free to question methods and values all around them. To know the motivation behind course/techniques is important, especially if you are not getting anything out of them. At the very least, you can then help to improve the experiences of future students.


An important thing about going to school is feeling that it's right for you. When you're looking at all of the brochures, write down what it is you are looking for: sports, arts, intended major, academics, small school, weather, internships, etc. It will help narrow your search and point you in the direction of the perfect school for you. Once you get to school, get involved. There are so many clubs and organizations, there's bound to be something you wrote on your list. Apply yourself to your studies, but don't forget to live a little. College will shape you into a new person. It's up to you to make that person someone you want to be. College seems so overwhelming, but if you make sure you are getting what you need for your school, then the time you spend there will be worth everything. And remember, you're allowed to make mistakes. Just keep in mind that you need to learn from them and make yourself better from them.


Choose a school that provides adequate requirements for your major and one that feels right when you visit it


Visit the college first. Instead of just taking a tour, let your student hang out in the student union for a while. People watch. It gives you a better veiw of the campus and community than the pre-written speeches for the guided tours.


your future is in your hands, no one else's. only you know what you want and it is time for you to decide. i aspire to make films, to change the outlook of american people, to fight apathy to world problems. my girlfriend wants to teach children the beauty and outlet of expression music is comprised of. figure your life out, have your own ambitions in mind, but look to help humanity some way. only you can make a differnece.


My advice for a STUDENT (not Parents decision even if they are paying )about finding the right school and making the most of the college experience is to; 1)know your finacial limits, do not go to a school you acn not afford 2)make sure schoool has the program your interested in or a broad range of majors that you might be interested in 3) wiegth the pros and cons of each school While in college 1)as a freshman go to as many organizational meetings as possible to see what you are interested in 2) in your major classes talk to people for these are th people you will see the most 3) get to know the people around you in your dorm


-Find the school that does what you want to study the best. And parents- let the kids decide! This is their experience, not yours.


What students want out of college is different depending on the person. I wanted the experiance. I really did have the best years of my life during college and picked a small town school not to far from home to do that. While in college I gained work experiance and traveled the United States. It really was exhilarating. Upon graduation, I am sure I will find a great career however, I will not reap the benefits of having the best career for me due to expenses of colleges. The best advice I can give you is SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. College incurs enormous amounts of debt. I wish my parents would have planned for it or would have told me to...


I would tell the parents to push their children to research the schools that have high esteem in the areas of study the student is interested. I would also tell them to apply for scholarships and financial aid if and when it is available to them.


It depends on what you're looking for. I think there's a stringent difference between the academics and career preparation sides of getting a college education and it's important to know which side of these two categories are most important to you. Make sure you know if you're more concerned with getting a well rounded education as opposed to a narrow field of study.


My advice to all of those looking for Universities to attend is to visit as many possible. Be open minded! I came from a big city and attended a small town University. Of course it took more than a semester to get adjusted. But after 4 years, I have made life-long friends and truely enjoyed my experience. I encourage everybody who will be attending college soon to stay relaxed and enjoy the time they go to college. Don't be afraid to change, try new things, but be smart with your choices. You can learn as much as you are willing to apply yourself at any school. There are unlimited opportunities to meet new people and set yourself up for a great life if you get out there and use the resources available.


Do two years at a community college first, then transfer to the school you want your degree from. You'll save a LOT of money, and you certainly won't miss out on any education.


I would tell parents and future students that it is so important to visit colleges and really spend some time thinking about where the student wants to go to school. It can be a tough experience being far from home so the student must be ready to go through that if they choose a school farther away. It's also very important to get involved at school. This is how someone will make life long friends and it makes the college experience so much more enjoyable.


First of all, wherever you decide to go, make sure that you visit the campus ahead of time. The right college for you should be impressive both on paper and visually when you take a campus tour. Certain places just feel like "home," and if you find a campus like this, strongly consider it among your options. Go to a school that will challenge you intellectually and force you to work hard. Find a school that has many opportunities for involvement on campus and take advantage of them to the best of your ability. And finally, don't commute to school; going to college and living away from your parents may be more expensive than commuting, but the amount of maturation that comes along with it is priceless and is an experience that I would not trade for the world.


You will get out of college what you put into it. If you try hard and have a little fun, then you will succeed and it will be enjoyable. Find a college that suits you; the environment is very important as well as the educational aspect. If you (the student) are funding your own education, like I am, then you really want to get the most out of it. Be social, meet people, but also be careful. Campuses have lots of activities for students and there is a club or organization for everyone!


look at as many colleges and options as you can, and make sure you feel good when making the decision of where you are going.


If i was to talk to parents and students about finding the right college for them i would first ask if they would be more comfortable in a larger school, a middle size school, or a small campus. i feel that this would be a good question to start out with since this would be able to narrow it down. after this i would say that the best thing to do is look for what you want to major in. whatever school has your best program and the size you want that probably where you would want to begin. the next thing i would suggest is to visit those places. that is very important, pictures can be made and things so you definetly want to go on the campus get a feel for it, ask questions, try and soak everything in to see if you really want to be there and if that is the place for you. if you found that then that is where you are destined to go. you also just need to go with your gut because that is another big sign. you know what is right for you. you just need to find it.


For finding the right college, it is extremely important that you apply to as many schools as possible so that you are sure to find one that is best for you! Check out each school's website for information and try to visit campus if possible - take a parent to help you remember details and ask important questions. Take some time to think about your decision - don't decide based on something minor, such as friends who attend. Make sure to conside factors such as cost and whether or not the school has your major. In order to make the most of your college experience, it is important that you make friends! I would say that is the most important thing that you can do. Be friendly and open to new people, and attend social events oncampus! Get involved with extra-curricular groups that you are interested in - having something fun to blow off steam is important and this will also help you meet other students with similar interests. Acadmeically speaking, it is very important to keep on top of your schoolwork and I would definitely recommend meeting with an advisor to make sure you keep on track!


I would tell them to visit as many schools as neccessary until you feel like you're at home. You don't want to go to a school where you feel that you will be very uncomfortable with your surroundings. Also stay active in as many things as possible, especially those that relate to your field of study. Make sure you get to know your fellow classmates, chances are if they are the same major, you're stuck with them all four years. Don't let upperclassmen intimidate you either, most of the time they are very kind and really just want to help you out. Don't be afraid to attend a sorority or fraternity simply because you're afraid of the stereotypes; you might surprise yourself. Another important note: College is meant to be some of the best years of your life. Don't let your school work and social life get you down. Most importantly, remember that this is no longer your high school. You have a chance to be everything you always wanted to be, but were afraid to because of how your high school was. Become who you want to be, not what others want.


Take everything as it comes. Do not have any expectations. Find a place that feels right when you visit it, and make sure it has extracurricular activities that fit you well. Jump in and get involved, because the people are the best part about college!


Finding a college is not about finding the perfect school, but finding the perfect school for you. No matter where you go it is up to you to make the most of it. Decide what is the most important aspects of a school before you attend. No school will be perfect, but one will feel comfortable, like home.


First find the college that you think fits you best. Always make sure that you explore all your options and weigh them. However, you also want to explore the campuses of the schools you're looking into. Most schools do offer campus tours or visits and even information sessions, so that's something to look into. A school should have someone that can answer any of your questions or at the very least someone who can direct you to the right information. Definitely ask questions because tour guides eventually get tired of hearing themselves talk so that will be a welcome reliefe to them; keeps them on their toes. Make friends and look into groups that share same interests because it makes your time on campus fun. Keep in mind that you're going to college for a reason though and that degree is the ultimate goal, so make sure that academics are also a key in your life.


Students do not need to start college with a set degree, so parents should encourage their child to explore a variety of classes their first couple of years. Also, many individual programs at colleges offer scholarships, so there are many available resources that can help pay for college. I would go out and have fun, because it is a quick experience, but to remember that the better your grades, the more possibilites of scholarships awards and job opportunities. Also, don't be afraid to use the career center to find a job.


While choosing a college make sure that it is your perfect fit. An individual definetly does not want to rush while picking what school they would like to attend. Make sure to visit the campus so that you know it is safe and comfortable. One should try to talk to alumni or students that already attend the university so they can get a better feel of the schools atmosphere. Parents and furutre students should also go to the schools website so they know what programs and other things the school has to offer. Also, I would advise for the students to join an organization, it keeps you occupied and it allows you to give back to the community. Make sure to study hard, and not to get caught up with binge drinking and other unhealthy lifestyles that will put you in harms way. All students should be prepared for the heavy work load, and students should try to make smart descions, since college is extremely different from High School.


Find the location where you can see yourself having fun and learning. Visit campus when students are there, not just during the summer or on preview days. Pay attention to the amentities of the dormitories, you'll be spending a lot of time there. Pay attention to your RA's, but know when to bend the rules a little, they were college freshmen too and they'll understand. Don't give up a chance for scholarship or activity if you enjoy it, you'll regret it later when you're paying the loan bills. Don't forget your parents, they still want to see you and believe it or not you aren't completely on your own since you don't live with them anymore. Take advantage of your summers, don't just laze by the pool, work hard (maybe even harder than you did during the school year). Take classes or work full time so you'll get a step ahead in school or even be able to skip taking out that extra loan in the Fall! Trust me, that's a good thing.


My advice would be to start searching for colleges early, and not wait until the last minute. Take your SAT or ACT early in high school and start looking for the right schools. Take advantage of campus visits, and go to as many as you can so that you know what college you will feel safe at and comfortable.


I think that finding the right college for you can be a bit tricky, but there are many ways to help make it easier. Visting schools is a big thing that I wish I would have done. I had only visited one school and not that I don't like where I attened, it just would have been nicer to see what other options I would have. Think about all of the elements that you think of when you think college and have lots of options. Students at schools would be glad to answer questions that you have about that school and ease any of the worries that you may be having. When you do pick a school, get involved in activities. It helps you make friends and can make the transition from home to college a bit easier for you. Anything on campus that looks interesting to you, check it out. You never know what you might find.


Find a college that best suits for child's likes, and one they will greatly enjoy. I would also recommend one that is very strong in their field of interest. Also remember they are adults now, you have to let them make mistakes and pick themselves right back up.


Finding the right college is very important because it will be the student's future for the next 4 or so years. Student's, choose the college in which you want to go, not your parents, nor your friends, nor your boyfriends or girlfriends, because the decision is up to you and only you. In addition, before you pick a school make sure you visit it the place, and make sure you do some research as well. You do not want to attend a college and waste your money on a school in which you do not now know anything about . Lastly, college is a place where you will meet people from all over the world, different races, and just different backgrounds, it is just a place where you will broaden your views about the world, and it is the place where you are beginning your future career. I am only a sophomore, and I can say that I have matured in just over a year at being at school, and your friends and family will notice as well. Choosing the right college is an eternal decision, that will have many great rewards. Good Luck!!


You can make most any college right for you. Find a place you like and get to know people and you'll love it.


Talk to the students when you go to visit, they can give you the best idea of what the college is like.


The right college is the one that you visit and realize this is exactly what you are looking for, it tends to be similar to to the social connections that you have near home.


look at all ur options