Brenau University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


"All I remembered was that I fell asleep and now I'm here. I don't know how I'm here, but I am. Isn't it so cool that only you, myself, can see and hear me and no one else can?" I said as I looked at the younger me from senior year in high school. "This doesn't make any sense. How are you here?" The younger me asked. I replied slowly, "Look, I've been stressing about school, homework, and fincanial aid in college and I guess I'm having this really awesome dream to send you a message: Be prepared for college in any way that you can!! As a matter of fact, apply for all the scholarships you can, get into a good habit of turning in your work on time, manage your time by setting your greatest priorities first, and most important of all, sleep. Have a good accurate sleeping schedule. I mean it; it will save you in college. Also, learn how to study! I can not stress that enough. FInd out the best way for you to know what you are learning or have learned. Trust me, this is important!" "Thanks....?"


The transition to life in college is a very difficult and very rewarding experience for all students that get the opportunity to go through it. One of the biggest pieces of advice that I would give to myself if I could go back into time would be to apply for more scholarships. Attending a Private university is NOT a cheap experience. Piggybacking off of that piece of advice I would tell myself not to completely load myself up every semester to where I am taking more classes that I can afford and more classes that I can handle at one time, making it more difficult for me to maintain my scholarships. Unfortunately one of the biggest stressors during college that takes the worst toll on students is money. That is why scholarships and maintining good grades is such an important thing for high school seniors to understand.


I would tell myself to get into the habit of studying hard and to work on writing essays. You have to write a lot of them throughout the year.


Janet, wake up! College is around the corner! There is so much to do and so little time. We need to look at schools and decide what you want to pursue. We are NOT going to spend time in college questioning your life’s purpose. Helpful tip, volunteer a bit more! It will help you decide your dream job. After you have decided and have done your research, apply at your top three schools. Don’t just apply because your friends applied. Meet the deadlines and requirements, turn in all your paperwork, and check the mail before Mom. You know how she is, sometimes she forgets about the mail. She gets better in the future, trust me! And honey, apply for scholarships! We are not rich! We have to hustle remember you’re a role model to our siblings. Make goals and keep that positive attitude! You will accomplish a lot with that. Take more risks and challenge yourself a bit more. It will pay off! Remember! It might be hard, it could be a long road but since you are determined you will get there and it will be worth it. One last tip, enjoy senior year!


Stop worrying about what those around me think or what they're doing with their lives. Once you graduate, these individuals will be a distant memory


First I would say Congrats for making to college. First in the family! Second, Work hard! This time in your life is easier to get ahead. Stay focused on your goals. Nobody will give you anything, IT MUST BE EARNED! You can do it. Go for it. Going to college is not "just a peice of paper" its a life changing accomplishment. ITs something that know one can ever take from you. ITs something your kids will be proud of you for and you can help them reach thier goal one day. Just becasue the world is hard, it doesnt mean its not worth going for. people try and fail. But I know you will not.


When one is a high school senior you are either classified as one that is ready and just wants to leave the nest and fly or the ones that still want to be with their mom and dad. In my case I was the one that needed to stay home. One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to continue my education so I enrolled in the local community college San Joaquin Delta College. I remember my high school migrant education advisor will always tell me to just apply that she knew I would regret the decision. I told her that I wouldn't that I knew I just was not ready. For the first year I thought I was right but the second and third year I knew I made the wrong decision. I started getting unattached to my studies. My last semester was definitely not my best. These last few months definitely made me realize that I made the wrong decision that I should of just flew away from the nest. So definitely I would go back and tell myself to just leave the nest and fly away because that will be the best for me.


I would tell my 17 year old self to save as much money as possible, so that when I get into my second year at the community college that I currently attend, I won't have to go in to debt becuase of school. I would tell myself to not procrastinate on my homework because sleepless nights are not fun when your catching up on your homework all night. I would tell myself to work extra hard and take as many notes as possible, and to pay attention to detail. I would remind myself that college if a very important part of my life, and the end result will be me having my career by the time I'm 25.


I would tell myself to keep on studying hard, college isn't like high school. You can't slack off and still expect to make straight A's or even straight B's for that matter. If you work hard your freshman year of college and keep up with it you'll succeed and go where you want to go!


If I could go back to high school I would have participated a little more in extra-curriculum activities and I would have departed to college right away. The fact that I am an older on-campus student can be discouraging at times, but it is never too late. Looking up scholarships and making sure you are doing what right for you and not the people around you. In my situation, I was not motivated and influenced to attend college. I being to surround myself to an older mature crowd that I can talk to and that guide me and as a high school student everyone should have someone they can go to. I would have not been afraid to ask questions I did not know. Knowing what I know today would make me a great mentor and wonderful aunt to the upcoming generation.


I would have to tell myself that it is the right choice for you and not to wait too long before making a decision on going to college.


I would tell myself that its the best decision I could take, that is hard and it takes courage to go throught all the rocks that cross your way, you really need to keep in mind what u want and never give up, no matter how hard or how long it takes, the effort is greater but the result will give you the best life possible doing something you love, there is an opportunity for everything and if you take in the right time, things might be easier in the course of life.


I would simply go back and tell myself to go to college right away, at least finish your general eduaction classes. Even though I thought I knew what I wanted to go for, it has changed many times. Also living and money expenses are more than what you think they will be, be careful with your money, spend wisely. In this world education is everything, if you want to have a family and kids and be able to support them you are going to want to have a good job, so go out and get a good education so you can find a job with plenty of benefits and that pays a decent salary to be able to support that family that you want so much someday. Never give up, times will get tough, always pray and ask the Lord for guidence, cause he will be with you every step of the way.


Focus more on the future instead of the "right now".


If I could go back to senior year at hightschool, I would tell myslef that colleg is a lot harder then you think. You really have to be prpared and expect to study and pay attention durning class. The professors do not spoon feed you like in highschool classes, so make sure you take a lot of good notes . Stay positive! You can do it!


I would tell myself to study hard, I know it doesn't seem like you will ever use this stuff but it is important. You're smarter then a 'push button' job and you wont be happy until you are working with your hands and your mind.


If I had the chance to go back in time and advise myself during my senior year, I would have only one advice. My advice to myself would be to appreciate the books more, which the school system provided for us students. Books aren't free or cheap in college, and I realise now that they have a huge impact on my grade in college than they do in high school. I am keen in reading my books every night to study, as I was told to do in high school, but I didn't pay them much attention then.


I would advice that I look into more schools instead of choosing the one that accepted me first. I should have visited more campuses and found out what I really liked. I would also look at tuition prices more carefully.


Life is full of choices and everything has a consequence. From the time you enter into the 9th grade until graduation you are preparing yourself for college. Parties arent everything and sliding by with a C want make it. College is a very fun experience, but it can also be hard. There will be times when you wanna give up, times when you wanna walk away. Yet when the hard times come always remember that success without hard work is no real success at all. Because when you get to where you need to be, you will realize that every obstacle you overcame motivated you and made you stronger. I know that when you think of college you think of fun parties and step shows, but college is so much more. This will be the best experience for you and your gonna love it, but always remember that altough its okay to make mistakes, its what you learn from those mistake that make the difference.


This is my first year in college and to be honest I was very afraid that I would fail. I never been away from family for a long period of time and I was not convinced that I would be able to survive here by myself. I did it though I survived my first semester of college and now I'm in my second semester. I'm really glad that I chose to continue my education and that I am bettering my future. Being here by myself has shown me how to be more responsible in my actions and decisions. I no longer have my parents who can get me out of trouble or tell me to get up for class. I learned that if I want to become a lawyer it's all up to me. I am my biggest obstacle and I know that I can overcome all this challenges. I will become an attorney and make my parents, family, but most importantly myself proud.


My college experience at Brenau University has been the best experience in my life. I fell in love with this school as soon as I had my first tour of the school. I have loved every minute of this school. The professors and advisors are so helpful in whatever you need, they are always willing to give you a hand with any subject you need to help you succeed throughout your college career. The people at this school are the ones who make thsi school valuable. Every one who contributes to this school really makes a difference. The education provided here I believe is nothing but excellance. The professors provide nothing but their best in teaching us there subjects. The staff at this school are always helpful and nice and go out of there way to meet your needs. I am blessed to be at this school with such wonderful classmates and staff that make the difference in students lives.


By way of the college experience, I have learned that time management is the key to success. One must manage their time wisely whilst attending college, especially if you are also trying to juggling a job or two in between classes, in which case you have to somehow complete homework assignments from each of your classes, study for upcoming tests or quizzes, and strive to do the best job you can at your place of employment. It can be a lot to handle, and I have heard many people complain of not having enough time to accomplish all of these things. Despite what other people say, I have carried out all of these activities and more by managing my time very carefully. College is educating me on the skills I need and the knowledge I require to become a successful individual in today's society, thusly making it quite valuable to attend.


So far I'm on my way to a degree to better mind life. Education is required for jobs now more than ever and I don't intend to be left behind. I'm planning to have many opportunities when I'm finished with college.


A college degree is something that will act as a pillar to keep people evolving. Since ups and downs in the corporate world are unavoidable, there will be times when people will need a back up to get through troubled times. Also, it makes life much easier just to have a college degree. Experience itself is good enough for a person to go to college since it plays a big part in the transformation process of a teenager turning into an adult. It is during this time students learn how serious and difficult life can be and how it is important to grow up. Also, experiencing the college life itself is great. The independence, friends, parties, classes, football games, night life, social scene, all of it is something that can be considered a once in a life time experience. It is the starting point of an adult life it is also the most precious time of a youngster. Most of the employers of the corporate world are looking for students with a college degree since employers are looking for students who have the ability to learn new things which is a necessity in order to work in the corporate world.


I have learned so much since starting college. My eyes have been opened to so much. Everything is completely different. College has taught me the value of hard work and having responsibilities. I view college as an investment toward my future. It has been very valuable. The friends and knowledge I haved gained are far more valuable than I ever would have thought.


I really grown up while attending college. Its everthing i thought it would be and more! Ive gained more appriciation for the environment and the diverse cultures im surrounded by.


I have learned that even at all girls school, you don't need guys to have fun! (as friends only, nothing more) Brenau has been valuable to attend, because you learn so much more, and you get to meet people from all around!


As a 4th year college student there has so much that I have gained from my college experience so far. As someone in high school that cared more about my social life then the grades that I received on my report card its hard to believe in yourself that you're actually good at school. But as I have stuck it out in college I have began to see a new light on the meaning of education and the meaning to believe in yourself. With this newfound discovery I hope to someday become a teacher and influence students to believe in themselves and their education and experience the feeling of applying themselves and reaping the reward of it. College has been a great experience for me and I look forward to the new chapter that I am about to embark upon as I continue to believe in myself and my education.


Out of my college experience I have gained more responsibiliy and the ablility to go ut in the work force with confidence and the opportunity to live an extordinary life.


I would tell myself not to stress so much. While college is the source of higher education and learning, it is also supposed to be one of the best times of your life. I would want to express to myself that every single assignment isn't worthing losing sleep over and getting stressed out about. If I made it all the way to college, I will make it through college. I would let myself know that the transition will be difficult but not unbearable. It will just take some time to get used to the fact that, in college, everything is up to you. You will have to make yourself study, know when to ask for help, manage your time wisely, and turn your assignments in on time. The last thing that I would tell myself is not to worry myself too much with financial issues. Focus on school and being a good student, and tuition and living expenses will work themselves out.


Start out slow- don't try to jump in the deep end your first time out because you may find that it's much harder to keep your head above water than in high school. Talk to your advisor- she knows what she's talking about and she is great at pulling strings to help you when you need it. Go to class. Let the professor know you're struggling when you first start having problems, not when you're totally lost. Dating somebody your first semester is probably a bad idea. Find out as much about a class as possible before signing up for it. Don't forget to talk to your high school friends sometimes- they're going through similar stuff and probably would love to talk about it. Don't buy the book until the professor tells you that you will actually use it. And remember that everybody else is just as awkward and nervous and excited as you are- you're not as alone as you feel. No matter what happens, just keep going.


" are going to do fine with the transition into college life, so don't stress about that. You are going to make tons of friends, and make life altering decisions that will help you grow as a person, as well as add new levels to your happiness. Ashley, what you need to do to do before you go to college is slow down and enjoy your senior year. Make time to see a home football game, to go to a senior class activity, hang out with your fellow seniors. Your lifestyle is non-stop, and it has worked for you, but don't burn yourself out. Work at your job, but also make time for play. Study for your AP tests, but also relax and hang with your buddies. Perform your little heart out, but also enjoy other people's passions. You're only a high-school senior once, so make sure when you look back on that time it is one that makes you smile!"


If I could go back in time and talk with myself I would tell her that all the hard work in high school was worth it. I would also tell her to work harder on her essay writing skills because college requires a lot of writing.


Looking back on my high school years up until now I would tell myself to venture out more into the cumminty to get and understanding of what job opprotunities that I could see myself in. I would have told myself to write down what i liked and what i did not like as a way to weed out what career would be best suited for me. I would also tell myself to apply for scholarships even earlier because I was involved in so much and high school and made such good grades. I would remind myself never to give up because you will become someone who does not follow the crowd but forges her own path. I would remind myself of all the potential that I have and that with the right guidance all the stress and details will work themselves out!


I was a pretty good high school student. I wish I would have taken some classes on test taking skills. I have had a hard time in college with taking standarized test, such as the nursing entrance exams. In high school I feel like no one really coaches you on how to be a good test taker.


I would tell myself to not mess around and try to get the best possible grades I could get and to learn to stop procrastinating now and not 3 years from now. I would tell myself to have fun as well and to stand up for myself and never go out with the jerk of a guy who was my boyfriend. I would have done so much better my first year of college had I never gone out with him. Most of all, I would tell myself to just be myself and not let anyone influence me in the ways they did.


Take every opportunity that you are offered. Grasp the wisdom and knowledge of those who have already traveled the journey that you are preparing to embark on. Don't ever become discouraged. Always have determination. Take life one day at a time. Never doubt yourself. Even when things appear hopeless, blessings always come. Be prepared. Know your heart's desire. Always be open-minded. All that glitters is not gold. Dont judge a school by its looks or by its amenities. Knowledge and a helping hand along the way are the only two things that matter. Have fun. Learn everything you can. Volunteer for your community. You get experience and an inner peace from helping others. Interning is the best way to discover what career path you want to take in life. Enjoy yourself. Find peace when everything around you seems loud and distracting. Respect yourself. Above all, live. It's the time when you leave the nest and learn to fly. Laugh. Find friends that will last a lifetime. You will need them. They will always have your best interest at heart. Find optimism in all that comes your way.


A college shold make you feel at home as soon as you step on campus....if it doesn't then you need to pick a new school!


Go with your gut instinct. It will make you the happiest in the end. Money, location, etc. may be a determining factor, but do not let those few things keep you from the school of your dreams. Also be aware and happy with life outside of campus. Pick a good town with lots of exciting activities for when your not in class or busy studying. Be happy and confident with your choice, because this place will be your life for the next four years and you want to thouroughly enjoy every moment of it.


check around before making a decision


Look at all of your choices!


Future Students: Find the college that YOU want to go to. The opinions of your family and friends are important of course but you are going to be the one attending the college and you need to decide for yourself which college is best for you. How do you do this? Take the time to visit the college's and explore the programs that each college has to offer. Choose the college that will best accommodate YOUR needs. Next, to make the most out of your college experience by letting go of your fears and just enjoying the college life. Take the time to make new friends. Sometimes balancing your social life and your school life can be difficult and your friends may be hanging out one night and your may have a test coming up and you can't go, but life goes on and you can go the next time. Just enjoy every moment you have at school because after school its work!


I believe that choosing the right college can make a world of difference in the end. If students are unhappy, I feel they will not succeed. When choosing a college, think about yourself, and what things you need and the things you enjoy. Will you be happy in a big city, or would you prefer a smaller community college? Do you play sports? Consider your degree and look at all the schools with that particular degree. Visit the schools you are considering because you won't really know what you are getting into if you don't. Talk to current students there, and find people in your major to get a good look at what will be expected of you. Most of all, find a college where you know you will be happy. I believe if it's the right college, you'll know!


The best advice I can offer is to research the school you are looking to attend. This includes planning for tuition, staff members of the college you'll attend, reputation it holds, activities you might be interested in, etc. These will be the best years of your life, so make sure you make an informed decision! It will be most rewarding in the end!!!


There are a lot of different reasons to go to college. Therefore the selection process is unique for each individual. The best thing to do is ask yourself one important question. Is there something that I already know I want to pursue after graduation? Things like dance and medicine, or like me theatre. I think a lot of students are lured away for where they need to be for their life's pursuit, by parents, peers, and teachers saying, "You?re young, just find a place you like and figure it out from there". I'm not saying this is bad advice, for a large amount of college bound students this is what they need. But for those of us that have a passion for fields that demand four years of training and whether or not you get jobs afterward depend on the quality of that training, you must recognize this in advance. Make this your top priority, not the night-life, or the campus, or the dorms. I care about this so much because I was lured away. I doubted where I was and left. I realized my mistake and returned, but I wish I had that semester back.


Think about what you want. How far away from home it is, how big it is, the schools reputation are all important. Visit the campus, if it feels like home then you have found the right place. Are there opportunities that you can use to grow as a person? Are you going to be challenged? Are you going to be able to focus on your school work? Schooling is only going to give you so much. It is all about what you put into it. No matter what school you choose, you should feel like a success. Just know that in order to be a success, you have to work for it. Nothing in college is going to be handed to you. What ever effort you put into your school is what you are going to get out of the experience. Make friends, put yourself out there, be bold, embrace change. Fight for what you want, help people along the way, greet the chance at a new life with a smile.


Thoroughly consider your options. Don't just pick the first place that proposes a sweet deal. Tour the campus; talk to the students and faculty; explore your options for potential majors. Haggle with the financial aid offices...Every little penny counts! Get a feel for what it would be like to attend each university of your choices. Once you have considered the details, then and only then will you feel comfortable and excited about your choice.


Make sure you plan ahead how you are going to pay and start the financial aid process early. Try to find a school that is unique to your personality.


know what kind of enviroment you want to be in and where you may wnat to spend 4 years of your life


Out of personal experience i would visit the campuses before i set my mind on a school. I would also attend some of the events the campus opens for the public to get a feel for the overall atmosphere of the school. Other great ideas would to set up an overnight weekend with one of the students on campus and if possible sit in on a few classes to get a feel for the professors and the academic success expected of you. Another great idea would be to visit the area around the school and find places such as walmart or other convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and other places that a student would normally visit as well as locating the nearest hospital and determine how long it will take to get to these certain places and the fastest ways to get there.