Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is about Brigham Young University-Idaho some teachers allow students to get away with certain things and get better grades then they deserve. not all classes need to be extremely difficult, but I wished some teachers were more strict and expected more of their students.


I can honestly say there is not one thing that I dislike about my school.


The worst thing about this school is that it is its own little bubble. The culture and lifestyle students live are completely different and alien to anyone that has not attended an LDS school. Once you step into that bubble, it is like stepping into a completely different world and I feel that anyone who is not of the LDS faith may feel uncomfortable or pressured to be something they are not. The school has an Honor Code and the students and faculty follow it strictly so a prospective student would be adivsed to review it before applying.


The worst thing about BYUI is the cold, but it's not so bad if you dress right. It's worth it to be at such an awesome place!


The worst thing about this school is the harsh winters, the cold is simply unbearable!


the fact that it's racially imbalanced. i want more people from different lacations other than the western side of the US. It would just be nicer to have more diversity to have more people like you to relate to.


I think the worst thing about BYU-I is the cultural diversity. The campus is mainly white with very few other ethnic groups. This is primarly because of the religious background, but I believe the school would benefit from more diversity.


the campus could be bigger and more teachers so that more people could attend. this way no one has to miss out on the experience that you gain attending BYU-I.


I think that the worst thing about our school is that it is too cold here in the winter, and sometimes teachers dont take the time to help and answer questions.


The city its in. It is basically a small town with a university in it. This makes it difficult to find work and if you do, it's not going to pay much more than minimum wage.


Like any school you go to, some people haven't yet fully matured beyond high school.


The worst thing about my school, is how people decide not to live as well as they could. I don't like it when they feel like they are above the rules, and because they probably won't get punished, they don't obey them.


I do not think that there is a worst part about my school. I love every aspect of it.


There is not very much diversity here.


It gets really cold in the winter. Also, there aren't many big sporting events to go to.


I do not consider anything bad at out school. Its a wonderful place to be because a majority of the student body population have the same morales.


For most people the worst part of my school is not the school itself, but the area it is located. The winter in Idaho is really cold and not many like it, but it is worth dealing with to attend this school.


Though I like being surrounded with people who share my same moral standards the thing I like the worst about my school would have to be the lack of diversity. It being a private Church school all most all the students are the same in many ways, crating a community that is lacking in self development.


It gets REALLY cold there in the winter!!! It can be very windy and have lots of snow! But the summer's there are BEAUTIFUL and make it all worth it! Oh, and the track system can stink sometimes. There are three semesters each year so when you are accepted you can be accepted to Fall/Winter, Winter/Summer, or Summer/Fall. Sometimes it stinks cause your friend or roommate is not on the same track as you are, but on the other hand it gives you an opportunity to meet more people and make lots of friends!


The worst thing about this school is the dress gode. No flip flops are allowed, and no shorts. Also if you are not married you have to stay in approved housing. I also dont like the curvew. You have to be in at mid night every night. Also there is not a lot to do in this town.


The Weather


We don't have real sports teams so there is not really school spirit.


How conservative it is. Rexburg Idaho is this big protective and naive bubble. There are good things out in the world too, that a lot of people seem to think don't exist. They also press for early marriage. And it really isn't for everyone.


The worst thing at my school would be the construction on campus. They are adding on to buildings and this makes it harder to concentrate at times.


There are not enough jobs available for students.


The worst thing about the school is that you have to deal with the COLD winters.


The Location is my least favorite part of school. Only for the sheer fact it is a 30 min drive to get to a larger city that has more to offer.


The weather....


The surrounding area and town are not quite up to date yet, we dont even have a mall! But it's growing..


It is freezing in the winter


It continues to grow each semester. They are allowing a lot more students in, but campus is only so big. I think they should finish the construction and planning before they add another 500 students each semester. Take care of the ones you have first, then add more.


Transfer credits are very specific.


I love it! It is perfect for me!