Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


No slackers.


BYU's positive reputation is undeserved. Elementary course work fails to develop critical thinking. I literally used crayons for homework. High School was harder. BYU does not provide University level education. BYU's mission statement is to promote Mormonism. Women are expected to drop out, marry, make babies, and serve husbands. Intellectuals, women, persons of "diversity," non-Mormons, and children of divorce are not served by BYU's community. If you are not simpleminded and don't fit into the "Mormon mold," you will be ostracized by the student body, professors, religious community, and isolated given the geographical location.


The kind of person who should attend Brigham Young University-Provo is one that highly values their own education and who can live the standards of the BYU honor code and uphold those standards. Also, it should be someone who is not expecting to have an easy ride through college. A person who attends this university, should be one who will be willing to work hard for their education and really gain the knowledge and skills that they will need to succeed in their career.


Anyone willing to work hard for their education. This school can get you to far places. But if you are not willing to put forth the effort if you want to succeed. The classes are big and the teachers expect a lot from you. It is all worth it though. Because if you can make it through the stresses of college. You can expect a great future with a degree from here.


BYU is exactly the place for self-motivated, honest and hard-working students. On-campus jobs are plentiful, an honor code is enforced and all grades and honors are awarded on merit alone. Many students are Mormon and have a pro-rated tuition, but all are welcome. Athletes succeed on the intercollegiate teams. Any student willing to work for good grades will succeed because professors offer office hours to help as well as the university-provided TA's and tutoring centers. BYU is for those willing to reach for their goals.


Those who enjoy being academically challenged


Students who want to attend BYU should definitely be willing to go above and beyond the bare minimum because the students at BYU are generally very driven and hard working. They should also have high moral standards and be willing to follow the university's honor code. If they aren't willing to follow it, they shouldn't even apply because it is such a big part of BYU. Conversely, they should also be pretty social and enjoy the random games and activities that are constantly around campus. In short, they should want to work hard and play hard.


Someone who wants to become a better person, who is motivated to work hard, and who wants to learn. Also, someone who wants to have fun and socialize will find that here too.


Students who attend this school should be very strongly academically driven. They should be ready to be part of an extremely friendly, upbeat, and conservative student body. They should be prepared to work hard and make sacrifices in order to keep up in school. They should enjoy being around people who are very religious and conservative.




Anyone who wants to succeed not only academically, but also physically, mentally, and spiritually.


People that are interested in being challeneged to get an education. This school trys your dilligence and determination to set goals and accomplish them, and i recommend it to anyone who wants to leave the university learning a ton, with great friends, and a better person.


Someone who wants to feel like they are appreciated. Like they make a difference. Someone who is interested in standing for truth in all its forms, and, amidst all the base practices and artifice that seem to govern too much of the world in which we live in, come away with a form of happiness in its purest, enjoying the peace that comes from nurturing a family centered on faith, and the success which comes from the simple merits of one's own two, clean hands. It is an honest success, with an equally honest happiness to accompany it.


smart, fun, attractive, dedicated, nice


Attend this school if you are serious about getting a good education and working hard. The work load is a little much at times, but the professors value you as a person and are incredibly understanding. There are constantly activities going on that don't have any (what I would call) questionable aspects like drugs, sex, or alcohol. The students in general are a little intraverted but super willing to help you out if you approach them; service is one of the main goals of the student body. If you are looking for a challenge and a friendly environment, come.


People with a high moral code. Most people came here for the Honor Code- no alcohol, no premarital sex, no cheating; and the student body remain staunch defenders of the Honor Code. Willingness to study hard is also important.


Someone who is willing to work hard to succeed.


It is totally worth it. BYU is the best university in the world. I love it there, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. No matter what your interests are, BYU will provide an amazing learning and social enviornment.


Anyone who is willing to work hard and abide by the code of honor should apply. Many may think of BYU standards as limitations or a set of "rules" but these are things put in place to protect and help students be more successful. If students are already living lives filled with values and responsibility, they will have no problem at BYU. BYU also has the title of #1 stone-cold sober school. I know that may turn many away from the school but just ask yourself, how well does "booze" and studies/academic achievement go hand-in-hand? Exactly.


Anyone who is excited to learn more, and has high standards.


You should only attend this school if you are serious about your education. The average age at BYU is a little bit older as is the maturity level.


Honest, dedicated, hard-working students who want a clean, friendly environment. If you want to be surrounded by good people who value family, education, and making healthy personal choices, BYU is the plae to be. People here are not perfect, but they try their best to be all they can and they constantely strive to do better each day than the day before. This is also an espeically great place for outdoor lovers because there are so many opporuntities to explore- from hiking, to rafting, to skiing/boarding, to swimming, biking, and even sailing.


Someone who has high moral values and is very intellectually inclined.


Someone who is a leader, who studies well individually and in groups, who loves to volunteer or be outgoing, and has high moral standards should attend.


One that is ready to work for what they want. They cannot think that they will be able to get by just by glancing over their notes before a test or quiz. They have to be able to work and work hard for this education, as BYU only takes the best.


Someone who is mormon.


Only those who are motivated and self-driven should apply here. It is a big campus and it is easy to lose yourself in it. But if you are here for your own education and you are determined to succeed, BYU has the tools to make that happen.


Someone who can have fun with out drugs and alcohol and would prefer an environment where that is the norm. The academic work is demanding, but not so much that you can't have a social life.


A student that anticipates attending Brigham Young University should be prepared to work and study hard in order to do well. They should be driven and ready for a challenge. They should also have the desire to serve their fellow students and the community. While most of the student and faculty on campus will be Mormon, they should be ready to live Christian standards and adhere to the honor code, a set of rules the campus has adopted and that each student must accept. BYU students love learning and supporting the various extra-curricular activities.


Conservative, mormon happy people and those who like a cheap quality education and have the strength of character to survive 4+ years in the bubble/hole of Provo.


Anyone who is looking to get a serious education in an enviroment of moral values. For those who feel they have a great potential this school will push to you reach a high standard of both academic and personal excellence.


People who attend my school should know how to have fun without the need for drugs, alcohol, or immorality. They should be inclusive and friendly, even to people they don?t know. They need to care about each other and those less fortunate, and be scholastically driven but socially compassionate. They should keep an open and optimistic perspective on life, which is not common at many other universities, and be ready to have a great time, because it?s seriously so much fun.


Since BYU is an LDS school it is very conservative. If you are not comfortable with being in a conservative environment than BYU would not be the best choice. Also, BYU is very competitive. It is important to be able to balance school and a social life. You must be able to practice self discipline in order to do well in your academics. Lastly, BYU has a pretty strict Honor Code. We don't drink or do drugs and we have a dress code. Personally, I am grateful for the Honor Code, but for others it may feel too restraining.


Honest and willing to work for what they want. If your looking to party this is not the school for you, having said that this school provides a lot of opportunities to get to know other people and there are many fun things to do all the time when your not studying.


The students at this school generally have a very strong determination to succeed, which makes the classes very difficult. This means that those who wish to attend BYU should have such a drive and a willingness to put in the effort that each professor requires. It also has to be someone who is willing to live by the guidelines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While you don't have to be a member of this church to attend, they do expect each student to abide the rules of The Honor Code.


At BYU you will not only be prepared to move on to a career, but also gain a meaningful, well-rounded education that will enrich your life. The classes are inspiring, and learning extends outside the classroom. In addition to academics, students have a lot of fun; there are clubs for every interest, and many exciting campus activities. BYU is perfect for anyone who loves meeting new people, learning new things and trying new activities.


Someone that wants a secular and spiritual education combined in one place. Someone who is motivated and has high moral values. Someone who likes a clean campus and who wants to make a ton of friends who know how to have fun in non risk situations. Someone who wants a quality education in a friendly, happy environment. Someone who likes to be around people with good attitudes and who like being able to combine God and Education as it should be.


someone who likes learning, likes football, likes a social scene, and is interested in having a good time while also preparing themselves for their futures


Some say college is not for everyone. I disagree. Everyone fits in somewhere. There are vocational schools, 4 year universities, private schools, and other forms of college that allow everyone to heighten their current status of knowledge. Anyone who has an interest in any area whether mechanics, hiking, math, even video games should attend college. Mechanics, try vocational school or mechanical engineering. Hiking, try an outdoor recreation major. Math, try physics or mathematics or even engineering. Video games, try computer programming. Just know this: there is no single definition of a college student. So everyone can and should atttend.


I think that anyone could go to this school if they tried hard and were focused and interested in learning. Students that have a passion for education and learning would especially fit in at BYU and would be a great asset to the University.


Anyone who is willing to commit themselves to challenging academics while trying to find themselves in a clean, spiritually-rich environment.


I think any person that is seeking to have a great education mixed with a diversity of students. Also students that are looking for a lot of extra-curricular activities.


I think an open-minded person should attend this school. He/she should be willing to learn and not afraid to make good choices. This school stresses something called the Honor Code, and so a person willing to adhere to certain rules should attend this school as well. It's a good school, but if you can't follow certain rules than it won't be such an enjoyable experience.


BYU students should be hard workers, friendly neighbors, and good in crowds. They must be willing to live by the Honor Code, which is strictly enforced; but if you are smart enough to get accepted, you are probably creative enough to find ways to have a great time within the rules.


If you're looking for a religious college setting, a fabulous social life, and a lot of hard, worthwhile work, BYU is the place for you. A person who attends this school need to be dedicated. This dedication is not only regarding academics and a career path. I'm speaking of dedication to making life in every aspect the best it can be. BYU encourages setting goals socially, morally, physically, and mentally. Improvement and lifelong learning is the ultimate goal here and if you want to grow, BYU is the college for you.


I think people that attend this school should be willing to work hard for their education. It's a great school with a great environment, however, typical college "partiers" wouldn't like it here.


It would be easiest if you were LDS to attend, since this is an LDS school. You need to be willing to work hard so you can do well in your classes and get ahead.


Brigham Young University is a school for people who are looking for a strong academic chalenge but are also aware that college is meant to be an enjoyable experience overall--both in the classroom and outside. An individual who's well grounded, modest, looking to make lifetime friends, to learn their butt off, and who does not use drugs or alcohol would feel right at home at this school!


Anyone who isn't blinded by the worldly stresses. This is for people to learn who they are and become someone great due to the education that is liberally offered here.


People who want to reach their academic goals as well as grow in other ways-- spiritual, emotional, etc.