Bryan College-Dayton Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Worldview and Community! Bryan is a small campus and the community here is strong. A student quickly becomes connected with the faculty and students on campus and Bryan truly becomes home. There's also a strong emphasis on worldview- defining what your worldview is and matching it up with what the Bible tells us and then using our worldview to make sense of the world around us and engage the culture.


Bryan College is known for it's rich heritage of training young people to view and interact with the world in a way that maintains a biblical perspective. This idea of pursuing a Christian worldview was established at the forming of the institution, which is in keeping with the ideas of the man who inspired the college, William Jennings Bryan. If asked what Bryan stands for, most students would answer with community in addition to worldview. Thanks to the small size to the campus, there is a sense of community that is hard to find in many colleges.


The music department and its focus on Christ.


People know Bryan as the "worldview" school. There is a big emphasis on Christian worldview and how to relate it to the world that we live in. There's also a big focus on community and fellowship. We are also a very academically rigorous school, so I can't really pinpoint one major that stands out above the rest. In our area in TN, we are also known for our surprising amount of school spirit in spite of our small size.


In our athletic program, we have an outstanding soccer team. Departmentally, the English, Theatre and Biology departments are excellent.